CCT - YouTube TV's Buffering Issue Explained, AT&T TV NOW Adds Channels, & More

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alright let's get into the news

yesterday we reported on youtube saying

hey we're tracking down some issues with

buffering affecting Roku owners well

rope or YouTube has not posted an update

about this and it's not just Roku owners

it seems to be buffering issues tracing

back to spectrum era net so if you're a

spectrum internet customer you may be

experiencing buffering this explains in

part why so people say I'm having a

horrible time of YouTube TV and other

people are like hey I have a problem not

getting any buffering according to a

statement posted by you one of YouTube's

official reddit accounts on reddit that

the buffering started on Friday the 22nd

reading this quick quote from him real

quick or her and it seems scoped

specifically to our web and living room

playback son spectrum slash Charter

Cable customers only seems to be

affecting our TCP traffic not our qu IC

hence why mobile playback is okay so

technical terms there the short end of

it is the standard of how they

communicate with their your laptop or

your TV smart Roku whoever it is is

what's being affected here it seems that

they according to them that they chase

this back to spectrum now a few people

have said they've had buffering and

other internet services but the vast

majority soon be spectrum so there seems

to be some type of issue with YouTube TV

on spectrum systems here and they are

investigating I wish I had additional

details right now sadly I do not other

than to state that YouTube TV is

investigate than this and is looking

into it so let me know are you a

spectrum customer are you experiencing

this weird buffering when you're

streaming on your TV or your laptop or

pair whatever it may be and um are you

on another service are you experiencing

buffering now a couple quick tips

buffering is typically an issue on your

end there are exceptions like this case

right here but the number one cause of

buffering is weak Wi-Fi try your best to

make sure your TV has the most powerful

Wi-Fi signal possible Ethernet is always

best but I understand that's not always

possible you can't run Ethernet cable

throughout your entire

it may not be practical but if you can

that's great if not try to give it as

strong of a Wi-Fi signal as possible

because if you're right next your router

you may be getting a hundred down let's

say but if you're on the edge of it you

may only be getting 10 down because the

Wi-Fi signals weak it's the low was down

the internet because it's struggling to

maintain a connection to the base

station so keep that in mind if you're

struggling with Wi-Fi um check or with

offer and check your Wi-Fi make sure you

have a powerful enough Wi-Fi router

that's not being overloaded you know

Wi-Fi routers actually have a maximum

amount of devices and if you have a

cheap low Wi-Fi router on today's age of

smart doorbells refrigerators

dishwashers everything is connected to

your Wi-Fi network you may find yourself

with 30 or more devices connected to

your Wi-Fi system if that is the case

you may want to seriously look into a

bigger Wi-Fi router that can handle more

devices you go here Wi-Fi settings to

see how many devices you have there but

I did find that it is true that when you

if you have a cheap Wi-Fi routers is

good for like 20 devices if you start

having 3040 devices you can overwhelm

that it's another big issue there too so

keep that in mind those are just a

couple quick tips of some of the more

common issues I see with buffering and

let me know again if you're a FET being

affected by any buffering with YouTube

TV well for one live TV streaming

service to the next play station view

yesterday's shut down it's on demand

section and it searches currently


no idea what's happening here sony has

not said but Sony did shut it out so if

you go to the place they should view app

for many devices you may notice the

on-demand section it's gone the contents

they're just a lot harder to find you

need to go in if you want to watch a

show you need to find its channel look

at that channels page and then surf

through its on-demand content there

unfortunately um using the search is no

longer good so you got to scroll through

everything now you may see the search

block still there at the time I'm

recording this when you executed a

search it just said nothing could be


searching for CBS or ESPN or stuff it

should easily find

returning in your results right now

hopefully Sony fixes this issue soon

right now they have not said what's

happening every comment it on it a lot

of people are worried that you know

Sony's just going crippled PlayStation

View here

I don't think Sony's gonna do that there

may be a technical glitch maybe they

don't have all the staff monitoring the

system like they used to

I don't know but we are keeping a close

eye on this if you notice any changes

with PlayStation view other than the

on-demand and the search networking

leave us a comment let us know help us

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all right there include as much detail

as you can if it's a like a link to

something on the web include the link

that makes it really easy for us to find

it sometimes people say hey I'm the Sony

website there's this page and we have to

spend 20 30 men trying to find that page

so send us a link it's a huge help but

see it but Sony is seeming to be

struggling right now with a few glitches

hopefully the glitches hopefully they

deliberately disable search that seems

weird to me well Wayne see alright back

to YouTube TV real quick if you are a

YouTube TV customer you've never had u2

premium our YouTube music you may want

to check your email because YouTube TV's

been emailing customers to offer them

three months of free YouTube premium

which allows you for offline viewing

ability download videos all kinds of

different features and add free youtube

watching now to regular youtube down on

youtube TV plus youtube music with

access to thousands of me tom songs for

free if you're a YouTube TV customer now

to get this deal you need to have to

received a targeted email that email is

only good for you you can't go share

that with other people and see your

email tied to your account but this is a

pretty good deal you just need to

remember to cancel if you don't intend

to keep it but right now you can get

access to the YouTube premium which i

think is $11.99 last time I checked and

YouTube music premium which is I believe

is $9.99 a month for free for 3 months

you have a little bit of time take

Evangelos but I would highly encourage

you if you have it give

try it what great things buy for cutting

is all the free trials out there alright

next story about the day Sony crackle is

ending support for some devices recently

Sony posted a warning on their website

saying on December 11th 2019 they will

be ending support for crackle on soon

Sony blu-ray discs I believe DVD players

too if they still support those and not

Android TVs in the United States so if

you have an a Sony Android TV TV you're

fine the Android TV have for Sony

crackle will continue now just call

crackle since they sold it to the

Chicken Soup for the Soul entertainment

but older Sony TVs predating the Android

TV user interface will no longer get it

blu-ray players and believe that also

includes some DVD players too don't

count me on that hope they'll try to

double-check that will also be losing

support for Sonic crackle kind of weird

Sony soap um a majority of crackle over

to the Chicken Soup for the Soul

Entertainment Group they have experience

in streaming it's not the first

streaming service and now they're just

saying hey guess what we're going in

support for the app on a bunch of

devices be you know it's kind of a weird

move for Sony because I believe they

still have a partnership with crackle

and they crackle the new ownership of

crackle has been very complimentary of

them so hopefully there's some

workaround again though it's one of

those warnings of why I don't like

proprietary Smart TVs you know I if I go

and get Smart TV I want one that's like

a Roku or a fire TV Smart TV because

when let's say the TV manufacturer stop

supporting the TV Roku continues to

support that TV or Amazon continues to

support that TV we've seen that with

Roku in the past it's a great feature

there but is the reason why I am Larry

of Smart TVs and I am a bigger fan of

the idea of I'll frame a Smart TV with a

Roku built in or for our TV or a

separate Roku or supper fire TV good

news is some if you're losing crack when

you want it get a cheaper oku get cheap

fire TV this weekend and you're all set

alright last story up of the day 18 T TV

now has added three channels and you

know the first time I believe they've

ever been on a major live TV streaming


QV c QV c - and the home shopping

netwerk HSN are now available on ATT TV

now i believe in all packages including

the grandfather packages and the current

ones and this is the first time now you

have been able to watch these channels

for free through their dedicated app but

now you get to have it all in one place

I know this is kind of on those channels

that words like most people probably

could care less but there's people out

there who love it so check this out 18 T

TV now now includes QVC QVC to in the

Home Shopping Network as part of your

package check that out link in the show

and some below Thank You to a reader

again that was a tip sent in by a reader

and I really appreciate it

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cutting deals out there so hope

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