Fix Youtube App Not Working On Samsung Smart Tv | YouTube Not Opening Black Screen Fixed

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So today i will show you

how to fix

youtube application not working issue

in your samsung smart tv's.

So when i try to open this youtube application

always it shows that loading message

And after the few seconds

my smart tv screen is going to black.

Which means that

it doesn't shows any error codes or notifications.

So how to fix this issue?

And here i show the steps

by using my series 5 based samsung smart tv.

At same time

this trick works for all samsung tv's

so anyway

let's goto our tutorial...

First of all check

if your smart tv is connected with the internet connection or not.

So once you check it

just goto "Apps" store

so by simply tab one by one

now in this section

you can goto "Settings"

And this setting is placed at almost top of right side corner

And then it shows my all installed applications

so here you can locate that youtube application

And then once again i try to reinstall that youtube application

so after this process completed

just close this app store.

And one more time i try to check it

by simply access this youtube application

because i try to check it

if this method works or not.

Finally my youtube application is opening very smoothly

now this time it doesn't shows any other issues.

So this is the way

you can easily fix youtube application not working issue

by watching my tutorial.

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