Samsung Smart TV - Youtube App fix

okay folks just found a issue with the

YouTube app on any Samsung or most

Samsung Smart TVs today's date is Friday

December 16th and as of today it isn't

working well yesterday on the 15th on

Thursday was working fine now it isn't

now it has nothing to do with the

Netflix app here it mean but I'm pretty

sure it doesn't we're gonna navigate go

press the home button navigate over to

YouTube start up YouTube as you can see

it starts up the problem is here is you

can you can pick any anyone you want go

left go right go up and down and even go

into the home and the side menu and

stuff like that the problem is the

minute you pick a movie or a something

to play you can't and I'll show that the

app the remote here I know if you can

see it you can't press this back button

it doesn't do anything as of yesterday

it did do something so the workaround

right now I guess it's got to be a

YouTube thing because there's been no

update to the Samsung software so the

workaround right now is two workarounds

you either hold this button down the

back button just hold it down what it

seems to do is it crashes the app for

some reasons turn the volume down here

it crashes the app so let's go press the

home button again and go back into

YouTube and I'm assuming it crashes the

app because it goes right back into it

and it starts over it doesn't resume

from where it left off the other C as

you can see there we're back to YouTube

the home home but home page so if we

pick another show here or another movie

and I'll probably play the beginning

there's another workaround that was

workaround number one I showed you here

is workaround number two you can press

down and keep pressing down here's the

show you see it brings up the

it brings up the scroll they keep

passing down it goes to the pause is

highlighted keep going down you've got

more suggestions keep going down keep

going down and then you get to search

and home the very bottom right over as

you can see it right over here

you press home and it'll bring you right

back to the home that so far that's the

only one of two workarounds I can find

either like I said I'll show you again

so you either yeah you either press this

until this back button and hold on to it

with your finger until it kills the app

and goes back right back to the cable or

you keep pressing down this down button

until you get to the home screen and

you're able to select the home screen

for now those are the only two

suggestions that I could make if you got

more leaving in comments below

YouTube's gonna have to fix this because

I don't like I said I'm pretty sure it's

not a Samsung issue it's a YouTube issue

thanks for watching