20 Reasons why the Xbox One is Shit

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any reasons why the Xbox one is a piece

of number 20

shitty surround sound support enough

said I mean really Dolby Digital is not

here and HDMI audio is still in beta

like what the were they thinking

launching a console without with with

shitty surround sound support like they

have number 19 size of the console yes

the console is an ugly piece of but

it is also a large ugly piece of

and it is ugly I don't know why it's so

big doesn't really make sense uh can

somebody explain to me why the console

is so big considering that the power

brick is external doesn't make sense

number 18 design of the console yeah

it's kind of ugly um like I said before

but uh uh the design is off-putting I

don't know what they were thinking it

looks like a VCR like many others have

said and I guess there will be some

people who enjoy the look of it

me personally I think it's kind of ugly

and I would not want it sitting in my

living room because people would judge

me for it and they would think it's ugly

and I don't want ugly things in my

living room number 17 price of Xbox Live

why are we still paying for online in

this day and age when PC gamers do not

have to pay for online services to

access their own internet connection um

Sony is doing this now too

but at least there's is $10 cheaper not

making excuses it's that we

have to pay for online either way but

you still get more for Sony's PSN

service than you do for Xbox Live number

17 price of Xbox Live I just said that

number 16 Windows 8 UI knockoff

yeah the UI is a knockoff of Windows 8

it's just like a bunch of blocks put

together and I guess you can arrange it

and change the colors and like that

but I can't believe I actually said

like that

um but yeah like that it just

doesn't really look attractive to me it

just looks like Windows 8 and they say

but it's like they put very little

effort into the UI I actually prefer the

Xbox 360 you

over the Xbox one UI number 15 AAA

batteries why why are we still using a

batteries in 2013 4 controllers why like

um the ps4 controllers charge off the

console the ps3 controllers charge off

the console and no getting a

cable to charge your a batteries it's

not an argument it's that we

have to use AAA batteries and it's not

like the cable that charges the

controller comes with the console

because it doesn't so why are we still

using AAA batteries it's in comedians

number 14 the dudebro device with the

Call of Duty audience this is the

ultimate dudebro device um it's

yeah like enough said right there I mean

call of duty call of duty um halo and

more call of duty and FPS games LTS and

sports games everywhere and yeah like

really like I don't know like it's not

even a pure gaming machine at this point

which um isn't exactly a bad thing but

it's just the audience they're targeting

isn't really purely the gaming audience

it's the entire entertainment audience

and it would be fine if they didn't just

do it so poorly number 13 power

brick why why why do we have a huge

external power brick why

isn't it built inside the console look

at how big the Xbox one is

compared to the ps4 and yet if the ps4

has a power brick built

internally inside the console while the

Xbox one has a huge piece of

ugly power brick that is just

disgustingly large and inconvenient and

yeah and even the console temperatures

as you can see in this picture are

pretty close and similar so it's not

like having this power brick built

outside the console really helps with

the heat the overheating problems both

consoles run pretty cool it's not like

heat is a big issue here number 12

sharing many exclusives with PC why are

like like it's like Microsoft wants to

I like how I said why yeah why like

seriously why I mean what's the point in

buying on Xbox one when you can go get a

PC and access half the Xbox library

along with tons of other

exclusives and so you don't get to play

Halo big deal it's not a I wouldn't pay

five hundred dollars to play Halo I

don't know why you would pay

five hundred dollars to play Halo I

don't know why anybody would pay five

hundred dollars to play Halo so I'm

sharing all your exclusives like

titanfall with the 360 and PC is kind of

and it's a bad decision it

makes it I think it's almost like it's a

pretty good reason for why why would you

even waste your money I mean go get a PC

number eleven they went back on the DRM

which is a good thing except for they

also lost some of the features the

console was initially going to have and

it's the fact that they were gonna go so

heavily heavily on the DRM and then just

take it away it kind of makes me not

trust them and their intentions I think

Sony was doing the DRM too at one

point and then they didn't announce it

after the initial reaction from the Xbox

one DRM I'm pretty sure that's what

happened so I'm not giving Sony an

excuse for this either but it's stupid

that they went back on this and it's

just another reason why it puts me off

of the Xbox one alright so those are the

reasons eleven to twenty um these are

the top ten reasons why you should not

buy the Xbox one I think these are the

worst of the worst and the worst of the

worst yeah so they're pretty bad um in

my opinion and these are the main

reasons why I won't be getting an Xbox

one number ten the hard drive is not


so you can't change the 500

gigabyte hard drive you're stuck with

500 gigs for life have fun number nine

paywall you have to pay into Xbox Live

to access Netflix and any other online

services so Sony doesn't do this on the

PC doesn't obviously do this the Wii U

from what I know doesn't do this it's

it's a the paywall is disgusting and it

needs to be removed and it's a huge

it kills like it totally

destroys any reason like how could they

call the console the Xbox one when to

access any of the features that it

supposedly does you have to pay out the

ass Tom these are things that should be

free in my opinion in many others

opinions too and it's paywall

sucks number eight the controller design

is shitty in my opinion I've held it I

fled with it the triggers are too soft

the analog sticks are too small the

bumpers are a downgrade from the 360

controller I think everybody pretty much

agrees that it's sort of a downgrade

from the 360 controller I guess the

d-pad is a tiny bit better but if the

d-pad still sucks either way so I mean

the only good d-pad I can think of on

any console is the Sony d-pad for the

ps4 controller is really good on

Microsoft's attempt at creating a better

d-pad is like it's only a little bit

better it's not like like a lot better

it's just it's it's there but it's not

amazing um and the controller is one of

the most important parts of the console

so I don't yeah it's not like they got

it wrong it's just like it's not like

it's a terrible controller it's just

like they had a better controller last

generation so kind of sucks I guess

number 7 this is where we get into

hardware on the RAM is gddr3 the slower

Ram it's not the GDR gddr5 ps4 the RAM

the ps4 has this is a big thing in the

long run in terms of optimization and

stuff you're gonna see better-looking

games on the competitors console which

is the ps4 because of the significant

hardware downgrade that the Xbox one has

compared to it

number 6 GPU this is pretty

self-explanatory I mean I think it has

around um what is it I trying to think

of it off the top of my head it's

something like seven hundred and sixty

two or seven hundred and fifty two


while the ps4 has like eleven hundred

and something shaders which is like huge

um I mean you're gonna see this in games

you're gonna see this with the

resolution of games you're gonna see

this like it's it's gonna get worse and

worse as time goes on because there will

always be better-looking games on the

ps4 with the current hardware so which

leads me to number five multi plats will

look better on the competitors hardware

I've already said this but it's it's a

pretty big thing um it means pretty much

every multiplayer on the ps4 so number

four console is more expensive than

competitors hardware this is a huge

thing the ps4 is $399 the Xbox one is

$499 considering reasons 22 this reason

why would you get a xbox one at this

point go with like if go with the

cheaper console it's not only cheaper

but its superior um when it comes to

hardware objectively superior on this

isn't like just my opinion um in terms

of hardware the ps4 is superior so and I

think it's it's I'm not trying to be a

Sony shield here

but uh I'm not trying to be a fanboy

either um pc mustard race um but it's a

big thing it is a big thing um anybody

who says it's not a big thing or it's

just a tiny little thing um they don't

know what the they're talking about

this is pretty it's pretty big so number

three the console sort of haves a crappy

post-launch lineup um in terms of

exclusives so you get halo 5 you get

fable um and yeah fable legends I think

and um I can't remember the

table name of the game and uh like one

was last time fela was relevant

in gaming it's been shitty series ever

since fable I would like to say table 3

was once was when it went downhill but

whatever I mean you got halo 5 in fable


force' i guess and yeah dead rising 3

those are including the launch titles so

post launch lineup isn't that great also

considering that um a lot of the

exclusives are being shared with the PC

and 360 so yeah I've heard you went over

this number to the Kinect sensor now

this was a big one for me it was either

the Kinect sensor or the number one

which I'll mention after this um

Kinect is kind of gimmicky it still is

gimmicky after using it on the Xbox one

it still feels pretty gimmicky it still

does things I don't want it to do it

still can be an annoyance and I think

it's not necessary the fact they force

it down our throats um you in order to

get the Xbox one you must get the Kinect

currently which sucks because if you

don't want the Kinect that's too damn

bad for you I'll leave it in your box

but the big thing is is even if you

leave it in your box

the Xbox one still reserves like 10% of

the I think it's CPU or GPU I can't

remember or by Ram I don't know but it

reserves 10% um a certain performance at

all times so you're losing 10%

performance for gaming base because you

have the Kinect whether whether it's

connected or not so that's pretty um and

number one this is more of a media

center device not a gaming central one

which is a big deal for me because I

don't need one like one device that does

everything sort of shitty when I could

have like separate devices that does

them all really well so I'll help the

ps4 that's my main gaming device off the

PC which is another main gaming device

and set up for like most of my home

entertainment um I don't need one

console that kind of half-asses

everything and doesn't really even do a

lot of things right um it doesn't do

gaming as good as the ps4 it doesn't do

media as good as the PC or

even as like a cable box the video

quality from what I hear from certain

people is terrible I heard that there's

compatibility issues um so yeah I don't

know like its it if it doesn't do

everything great how can you call it the

Xbox one you know what I mean it's it's

not the one device you're gonna want to

use for everything um it doesn't do

everything good enough to justify it and

that wraps up everything those are the

20 reasons why you should not buy an

xbox one 20 20 reasons why it's not

worth buying an Xbox one and hopefully

hopefully you guys learn something for

the nice obviously I'm gonna get a lot

of I'm gonna get it on pretty

hard in the comments bye Xbox one

fanboys I think the gaming media has

done a really really shitty job at um

really presenting the facts about the

Xbox one a lot of them will say yeah

it's a good console it's whatever but it

really isn't in my opinion it's not a

good device in my opinion it's just

looks like a half-assed attempt by

Microsoft it seems it's like they put

very little effort into it um like for

something that's been in development for

so long it just it feels like it's if it

wasn't well spent

it's like I don't know like there's just

so many things I don't like about it um

I won't be buying it um I'll stick with

my ps4 my Nintendo Wii U even the Wii U

and in my opinion is kind of gimmicky

too but at least it's got some good

titles behind it um currently and has a

decent exclusive launch lineup so it's

worth getting and it's cheap

whereas with the Xbox one it's expensive

as and it doesn't really it's not

really worth the price so that wraps

everything up um feel free to call me a

shill and a fanboy in the comments I'm

sorry if your ass is hurt from what I

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um yeah I don't buy an xbox one don't be

a and yeah he so I guess