New Xbox App update is a DISASTER! Achievements, Activity Feed, Redeem Codes, Profile Pictures GONE!

what is going on guys hope you're doing

well as you can tell by the title we're

going to talk about the xbox app update

that happened about a week week and a

half ago

and just how we've lost every feature


like we really used it for i mean

for the people that love achievements we

can't see our recent games we can't see

achievements we're working towards the

progression all you can see is just your

overall gamer score which you

probably always know in the back your

mind not even my own achievements i

can't even see my friend's achievements

there's nothing that makes me more happy

than seeing a friend progress towards a


and then on the activity feed i see that

they pop into achievement i'm like oh

they they did it all right there

that's that uh friends list part that

you actually need to feel like

you're part of the community another one

that kind of rubs me wrong

is the captured clips portion that's how

i make youtube videos that's how i

save clips and put them onto twitter

instagram facebook you name it and all i

can do now

is just click and expand it but there's

no way to actually download it

and i know there's like the xbox dvr app

but we've already had

what everything we ever needed that was

on the app anyways

now this next one's kind of a bigger

deal for other people i don't change my

profile picture that often

um because my profile picture is just

mega blaziken

but for a lot of people they seem to

change their profile picture a lot and

the app made it really easy just picking

photos from your phone you have to go


all the the bs of going through the

website and all that

so i feel like this is just another


uh format that we just lost completely

now this next one i could have lived

without but it was actually really

convenient to have and that's redeeming


anytime i got a code for dlc or anything

i could just go in the xbox app and it

would you know go ahead and sync to my


but now i have to go through the store

and type it in manually through my

controller which

we all know how slow that can be so this

one is the

one of the last ones on my list but it's

still kind of annoying that we lost such

a cool feature

overall guys it just blows my mind about

the amount of features that were taken


all for cloud gaming apparently and

if you if you've never used the app i'm

sure the app looks perfectly okay to you

but for the people that have been using

it for years now

this is just kind of a slap in the face

especially now that we're

a week and a half two weeks away from

the new consoles

like it's such a downgrade and i do not

understand why this decision was made in


if you go to the app store right now and

look at all the most recent reviews

there's a lot of people that are in the

same boat as me that are just upset

about the just lack of awareness that

there was put into place for all this to

even happen

so xbox microsoft if you're listening

please change it back give us the option

just do something because it's just not

usable right now