New Xbox App Refresh Update - Oct 2020

okay so hopefully this video gets

outdated pretty quickly right now

it is october 20th 2020 and i'm making

this video in response basically to all

the comments that i'm getting

on a video that i created back in

september about the new xbox app that

was coming to mobile

um you can and also on windows 10

tablets phones

all of that um they had a big overhaul

we saw the split out of like game pass

and family settings and all that stuff

were on their own app cloud gaming you

can now stream

to your app from the console anywhere

you are and there's lots of cool new

features there

one of the main concerns though uh was

what happened to all of my stuff the

answer back then was well it's in a beta

you know things aren't finalized yet um

you know and we'll wait until it

releases well

released and it seems as though those

features are still missing

so obviously that's going to be a little


to think like well now it's out this is

it um but that isn't the case

so i figured we'd make a quick video

about it and we'll go over a few things

i'll answer a few questions

and let's just take a look and see what

we can do about it

okay remember this back when you had the

customize button underneath your gamer

tag you could click that and then just

change your gamer pick from there

um or you had the thing over here at the

top where you had things like activity

feed achievements and clubs

um those things are missing now but um i

have the beta which i'll show

right here we can see that there's quite

a bit missing

um you know from before but that's what

we're gonna address it would be nice to

have that customize button right here

underneath my gamertag

but if we click on this cog in the upper

left uh upper right hand corner

and scroll down here to the bottom it

says give feedback

and then summarize your feedback and

tell us what happens so one of the best

thing that you can do

to summarize is just put a short blurb

like i miss

changing profile pics or something like

that or just something to call attention

to it doesn't have to be

anything too detailed and then down here

where it says required you got 400

characters so that you can say

um you know how a missing feature

affects you or what you liked about it

or what you wish was back or whatever

the case may be

you know because not everybody is in the

same situation we all don't have an xbox

anymore you might be a cloud gamer now


you know maybe the tablet and this is

your only link

that's very possible in the future is

that's what it's going to be like and so

want to make sure that this app has

everything we need it to have

and this is the way to do it so make

sure you're be courteous in there and

don't complain you can go leave a review

or whatever in the app store if you want

to but this is really going to be a good


to get all of that information to the

developers i'm sure they probably


know most of it and it's just kind of

the way things worked out that it didn't

get integrated into this update

but i'm pretty confident that it will

come back because xbox if anything has

been crazy good about listening to this

fan base

and it's through an app like this where

you can give the feedback directly

that that takes place and so we've seen

that with

smart glass going to the xbox app you

know it wasn't the greatest when smart

smart glass was so much better and had

so many more features when the xbox app

came out and now the xbox app is

something we wish we had back this will

happen again as as this new iteration

and you know the different architecture

gets built so that it works better with

series x

use this feedback let them know what you

want and i'll probably have another

series a little bit of videos or

questions i'm going to go through some

of the comments here and

and and maybe address some of the other

things that people have been talking

about missing features that are

available here

um maybe they're just not as easy to


because it's not second nature yet or

it's not clearly marked or whatever the


so that being said if you guys have any

questions comments or whatever

feel free to leave them down below on

this i do read them and i do make videos

by responding to them as you can see

because this was obviously spawned from

from the other video so if you have any

questions or anything like that

feel free to drop them down below i

definitely love connecting with you guys

and i will see you all in the next video

where three and a half weeks

three weeks two and a half weeks it's

not that long it's just a couple of

weeks away from the new launch and i


wait to celebrate that with you guys so

have a good one and we'll see in the

next video