Why The World Is Such A Bad Place?

hey what's up guys so I wanted to do a

video today on a comment I got on one of

my videos but Terry Thompson left this

comment and I thought it was a little

bit jaded so I wanted to sort of you

know correct thought behind behind some

of the truth that he actually revealed

here because there's a lot of truth in

what Terry has to say but I think the

perspective is a little bit jaded and I

think there's a better way of looking at

this that allows you to understand some

of the truths that Terry is talking

about here but not have the sort of

pessimistic or or negative viewpoint of

this so he said here people who have

been routinely harmed by others see only

the bad in people which I agree with I

have been guilty of this also it's true

though we do need to focus on seeing the

good in people more often Society is

partially at fault for fooling us about

how people are though when we get angry

that the world isn't really how they

taught us when we were children because

that misunderstanding put us at a

massive disadvantage furthermore those

of us who believe their lives ended up

being relentlessly punished for being

good and moral by ruthless exploitation

of other humans who were disgusted by

our weakness even worse it is many of

our own faults for being doormats

those of us who were brought up to be

weak believing that the world is a

collaboration are shocked to extreme to

the extreme to find out that we're

actually competing when even our own

quote friends try to defeat us or even

succeed it isn't a nice world I am

grateful for the very few friends that I

have that I agree with a lot of what

tarea said here I think the world is not

a nice place in general that we are

competing ok that we are a species and

you know genetically we're programmed to

compete we are programmed to fight to

win to conquer - to weed out weakness

we're taught to some degree that the

world is a fairy tale

a fantasy that you know the whole Disney

story you know princess and and Prince

story and all of these kind of things

were talking about these these

ridiculous kind of concepts of romantic

love that don't really

in reality not that love doesn't exist

but the way that it's it's portrayed and

we get angry when we find out the world

is not a collaboration that it is this

competition and and you know people that

are routinely harmed by other people

sure they see the bad and then okay I've

been guilty of that at points too right

in my life but what I want to talk about

here is sort of this idea that yes the

world is a hard place it is harsh okay

there is competition but it's not

malicious okay it's not that people and

the world is out to harm us and that we

should try to protect ourselves

and we need to guard our hearts and that

we need to watch out for the bad people

and distrust everyone okay it's not that

it's just common sense okay and it's

just being smart and and being the kind

of person that can operate in the world

giving people the benefit of the doubt

giving people you know judging people by

their intentions and not their actions

kind of what you'd call being the bigger

man at the same time not being gullible

right there's this balance here where

you can live your life and you don't

have to be jaded see because the thing

is you can have this perspective and you

can realize the truths of life that life

is a hard place that nobody

cares about your feelings and you can

guard yourself right and I've lived that

way before right I you know my story

coming growing up was I believed all the

fairy tales okay I believe this I got my

heart broken I was stomped on I was weak

okay I was taken advantage of I was

picked on I was treated like a doormat

because I acted like a doormat okay and

then what did I do in response what a

lot of people do is that they become

somewhat numb they start to say you know

I don't care the world these people are

them I'm gonna live my life I'm

going to ignore them they can't hurt me


and you sort of sort of like shrug off

everything it's not really living okay

it's a jaded viewpoint it's seeing

things it's negative it's seeing the

and the jerks get the girls

right at that viewpoint

all of these negative things that you

you associate right and that's what I

did for a while right until I discovered

something better which was that I didn't

have to have this jaded viewpoint in

order to accept reality once I started

to accept the reality of look there is

nothing personal

once I stopped having expectations on

people and stop playing them put

expectations on me and I just said you

know what whatever comes comes whatever

comes comes this is just the ride that

I'm on and reality is what it is

once I start accepting reality then I

didn't attribute like malicious intent

to people or to reality itself I didn't

say the world is out to get me I didn't

say I need the guard in my heart I said

you know what I'm not gonna be stupid

I'm gonna play this game smart I'm not

gonna be gullible but at the same time

I'm gonna live my life I'm gonna live my

passions out I'm gonna love without

restraint but I'm gonna do it in a way

where I know that there's a loss coming

that that is a very likely to be but III

don't hold that against fate or anything

else and I'm just willing that's just

part of life there's just part of what

happens right I'm willing to get my

hopes up knowing that they maybe - I'm

willing to invest myself into a project

into a person into things knowing that

they may be destroyed because ultimately

at the end of life everything is going

to be destroyed anyway everything that

you build will be destroyed except for

one thing which is you the person you

become and everything that you're doing

is in pursuit or should be in pursuit of

who you're going to become and those

experiences those rich experiences in

life those loves that were lost okay the

heartache the pain the hard workouts

right the the mental toughness that you

develop all of these things that you put

yourself through

now you allow yourself to experience the

joys and the and the downs those all

shape you and and and how you interpret

those things determines who you become

the kind of person do you become a

stronger person to become a person that

can take the pain and keep on walking do

you become the kind of person who has

wisdom to teach others and help them

along the way

right which is perhaps maybe the most

noble goal

can have it in our lives it's right to

help others along that path yes the

world is a cruel is a hard place it's

definitely you know walking dead you

know and and we're dressing up society

to make it look a lot prettier and nicer

than it is girls are cruel your heart

will get broken you know people don't

give a about your feelings all of

these things are true but they're not

malicious and you don't need to view

them as that you just need to be aware

of them okay and you need to be willing

to experience life not to hold yourself

you know an arm's length and not get

close to anyone be close be the kind of

person you know I mean I talk about this

all the time

that can be detached but attached be the

kind of person that can give themselves

100 percent knowing that they will

probably suffer a loss and be okay with

that and suffer the loss and and let

yourself feel the pain and the suffering

of the loss and then let that go as well

right acceptance pure acceptance no

expectations on people no expectations

on yourself just living your life and

experiencing all the flavors all the

colors of life not just black and white

all the colors which some of them are

not pleasant and some of them are very

pleasant but that spectrum is what what

would actually is life okay and so

that's that's the key here it is is to

be smart to be to be the kind of person

that is aware of the cruelties and the

the reality of life to see reality

clearly but to accept it to not fight it

not be angry about it not be bitter

about it and you know your life will go

better everything will be smooth for you

when you do this and you'll appreciate

you know the the spectrum that that is

in life and you'll have the full

experience of life you know it's not

just gonna be pleasant but it's not just

gonna be paying either so all right that

is all that I have for you today

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