Why is the Winter Weather So Warm?

it's January and I'm wearing a t-shirt

it's kind of weird to be walking around

outside like this

it's crazy tonight it's like 60 degrees

the warm weather has been awesome I love

it it's a lot better than the cold

weather here it's noon and the

temperature at the New Brunswick weather

observing station is 59 degrees that's

more than 20 degrees above where it

should be at noon in the last week of


I've been state climatologist for 20

years and been studying the weather

since I was a little kid growing up in

North Jersey and I've not seen a run

like this January marks the 12th

consecutive month New Jersey

temperatures have been above average

we've been keeping the cold air at bay

up in the polar regions this year

something called the Arctic Oscillation

and what it's in its positive mode we

have mild winters when it's in its

negative mode we can be very cold I kind

of like the four seasons that we have in

Jersey I don't remember it ever being

this warm and person I don't really like

it it is very weird but in the end I

still kind of like it because going to

Rutgers you know with the snow and stuff

it is kind of tough to walk around so

having this nice weather is actually

kind of a break I'm not a big snow

person so I'm I like wearing hoodies and

t-shirts I'm really waiting for the true

winner to come the snow to come could go

snowboarding and everything and that

would be amazing

February is climatologically the

snowiest month of the year in central

New Jersey so there's still plenty of

time for it to snow long-range

forecasting is exceedingly difficult and

the National Weather Service far more

often than not determines that it's

indeterminate in terms of what our

long-range forecast might be so a cop

out or just the honest truth choose it

as you wish