Caravan water sterilisation

hi everybody welcome back now a few

videos ago I did a video on how to drain

down your Caravan in that video I used a

bit of kit called the flow and it uses

air to push out the water out of the

taps now in that video I mentioned that

I was going to sterilize at the carand

pipework and indeed I am and I've had

lots of questions about the best way and

the best products to use about

sterilizing the taps and the pipes and

the aqua rolls etc the whole water

system in fact so I thought today well

why don't I show you how we're going to

sterilize the water system ready for

another cleaner season now this is the

end of the season admittedly but we

don't really stop we carry on

caravanning right throughout the winter

so this is as good as time as any to

sterilize the water system in fact we do

it twice a year we do it at the end of

the summer beginning of autumn and we

also do it in the spring time as well so

we do it twice a year and it keeps the

pipe work nice and clean now unlike many

people I have seen we actually use our

water system we actually drink from our

taps I see no reason not to it just

makes it far more convenient to be

honest with you and we've had no

problems with it we don't get any nasty

taste we've certainly never caught any

bugs from our water system so it means

that whatever we're doing seems to be

doing ok seems to be doing the right way

and yes that's us all sorted so first of

all let's go through some of the

products that we use to sterilize the

system there is two of trains of thought

here when dealing with sterilization

some people will say use Milton because

there's a sterilizing fluid and other

people will say use pure clean now

there's a really good argument as to

which one you should be using the

argument ultimately is you should be

using pure clean where Milton actually

can be corrosive to metal surfaces even

so so on the back of the packet Milton

works best when it's operating on a

clean surface so it's ideal for

sterilizing baby bottles or home brewing

equipment the other thing it will not do

is it will not remove

known as biofilm if you go home and you

put your finger inside a hosepipe for

instance you can sometimes feel it's a

bit slimy

well that is biofilm and this will not

remove it pure clean however is

specifically designed to do that eat

both sterilized is and it cleans and

it's designed for water tanks as well so

this is the product that we use and this

is the one we've been using now for

three years or since we've been

caravanning we've not had any problems

with it let me show you how we use it so

the very first step we need to do is we

need to fill our aqua rope we're going

to be sterilizing the equal role the

pump that pipework the taps we're gonna

be sterilizing a whole freshwater system

so the first thing to do is fill out

equal role right the way up and then

we're going to put the pure clean

straight into the water

now what I tend to do here is I fill the

Aqua role up about half way and the

chemicals in and then fill it right the

way to the top what dosage you need to

use well it's quite simple it's one

teaspoon per four and a half liters of

liquid so for a full role you look in

between eight and nine teaspoons

personally we go for the eighth teaspoon

dosage and that seems to work absolutely

fine so once it's all mixed up

give that Corolla a good shake and leave

it to rest for a couple of minutes for

it to start dissolving and acting inside

the echo role now the next step you need

to do is you need to also connect the

echo roll up as if you are going to fill

up the caravan water from dry but here's

a crucial step if you have a filter like

a charcoal based filter we have one here

we've got a true Matt ultra flow and my

house the charcoal based water filter

drop out any filters take them out from

the system because this stuff will make

the filters break down so with the water

hooked up to the caravan the filter

dropped out the next step we need to do

is pour water through the taps so make

sure that the drain down tap is closed

make sure your taps are closed make sure

you shower is closed as well and then as

per normal just prime all the taps is if

you had just arrived on site so that you

have water throughout the system if

you've got a hot water tank make sure

that's nice and full as well but don't

switch on the hot

to leave it cold that'll be absolutely

fine start to then use the water through

the system so pull some water through

the taps one by one so that everything

is nice and wet and then very simply

we're going to let the system sit now

the instructions on the packet here

actually say soak between 1 and 12 hours

we personally leave it for four and

we've not had any problems with that

what that gives us is enough time to run

around and do some jobs around the

outside for instance cleaning the

caravan down or if you'll have to glue

the roof clean the roof that gives you

enough time to leave everything to soak

now once you've let the system rest now

is the time we need to start flushing

through so what we do is we use up the

entire aqua roll through the taps so I

use it through the kitchen tap the

bathroom tap and the shower we're

pulling all the water through all the

taps just to pull out any biofilm

so once the aqua roll is all used up

what we need to do is refill the aqua

roll once again now we're going to

repeat this process two or three times

it depends on how dirty the water was

originally how long you left it and I'll

see how long you need to leave it

standing for once you have pushed

through two aqua rolls worth of water

about 80 liters it's now time to see how

the water tastes so the first thing to

do is just voice up a small glass have a

smell see if it smells a little bit

chemically if it does you'll probably

need to put more water through the


so another two ocurro's worth of water

will be fine if it smells perfectly fine

have a small taste see if you've got any

acrid taste there as well if that's all

okay then your completely sterilized and

you're all ready if not like I said put

more water through the system now

another great thing about doing it this

way is that you can actually sterilize

down your waste pipes as well because

you're pulling water through your taps

you can push it through your wastewater

system as well and it may be a good idea

to connect up your waste master or waste

containers as well that way you can

clean out the inside of those at the

same time so once you are all clean and

you're all sorted obviously the next

thing we need to do is to drain down the

system once again and as I said at the

beginning this video I showed a video on

how to drain

water system completely do that and

you'll be absolutely fine and then of

course not forgetting to replace any

water softeners or water filters we keep

one of these in the caravan at all times

just in case we need to replace it but

with this at the system when you're

sterilizing it you'll have no issues at

all so replace a brand new one of these

after sterilization and you're good to

go for the season ahead so that's it

from us this week so in conclusion it's

pure clean it's not Milton replace your

filters use lots of water in doing so

and you'll have no problems at all and

hopefully you'll be able to use your

taps in your Caravan like we've been

doing for the past three years and you

won't need to buy any bottled water any

thoughts or any comments that you may

have let me know put them down below so

that's it from us thanks for watching

guys we'll see you next week

take care now bye bye