DAY 3 Into the clear water of Maldives for Deep Sea Snorkeling


hey guys good morning there is our third

day um yesterday it was pretty chilled

out we stayed in in our own beach pool

villa and then the nine just sat down in

the beach food made a lot of people

yesterday so it was really great today

we have a little trip now you see the

turtles I'm already late







yesterday we just stayed in the pool in

our our beach in a beach pool villa and

we just spent the day relaxing in the

room and then going out having dinner

and then just really passing out today

we went for we went for snorkeling in

the sea and it was a crazy experience

the water was very very clear and it is

something that I would like everyone to

try out in Maldives and definitely it's

definitely it's worth it I mean if you

come to my lives you don't go in the

water that's something that you don't

want to do and I don't want to miss out

but yeah this is something that these

guys in Canada market arrange that for

you and it is really really a good place

to do that and as you see the water is

really clear

guys this so let's go check it out



definitely come on and check that out

it's music so it's really really good

for slap seems amazing I mean I've seen

some people come down over here and take

a lot of photographs I mean this is such

a visionary face these are people do all

day long just go and take pictures and

obviously have this amazing over here

it's a beach it's a beach club so the

food also go down into the pool that's

awesome pool like one of the other cool

things I've seen here is actually this

which is you know the hop on and hop of

service usually you know in one of a lot

of resorts and hotels you have this you

know you have to call in and you have to

wait for the buggy to come down and take

you to one part of the island to another

part of the island

well hear what they have done they

complete change that they have the bus

going on all day long from one side to

the other side and it takes around like

you know if they leave they'll probably

come back over here like in 10 minutes

or 15 minutes maximum so that's one was

the same time you have to wait for your

buggy or maybe longer if they are going

to be you know request on the buggies so

I think this really works they have the

service and they have the small bus

stops everywhere around the island so I

think it's a cool concept and it

actually works so you know even if

you're you want to go somewhere just

leave your room and just start walking

it probably the bus will stop anywhere

for you and pick you up I mean the staff

is so cool that they don't mind doing

that so yeah that's something that you

know under seen anywhere before hey

today we're gonna come down we came down

over here this place it's called smoked

and we're gonna check out how it looks

like from inside and try the food and

see how the services






I think someone should try this