Here's Why The U.S. School System Is Broken

throughout much of the 20th century the

United States education system was

extremely flawed teachers weren't

trained schools were heavily segregated

and the curriculum was overly focused on

subjects that were quickly becoming

irrelevant like Latin and Greek a half

century of reforms have mitigated some

of these issues however US public

schools are still widely regarded as

inefficient and standardized test scores

are considered not up to par with the

rest of the developed world so what's

going wrong here is the u.s. education

system broken while US public schools

are in a unique predicament because

they're largely funded and controlled by

state and local governments this

combined with varying demographics mean

that schools in some states like

Nebraska and South Dakota struggle with

low test scores and enrollment while

others like those in Massachusetts and

Connecticut outrank much of their global

counterparts as such it's difficult to

render a one-size-fits-all explanation

for why the country schools are failing

some say that the u.s. is struggling

school system is a product of inadequate

teachers who have little incentive to go

that extra mile because of their

excessive job security endowed by unions

and tenure laws of course there's no way

to prove that this is motivating

educators to underperform but there is

evidence that job protection keeps bad

teachers from being let go in 2009 it

was reported that less than 2% of LA

Unified teachers were denied tenure

after their mandatory two-year probation

period and these tenure track teachers

are very rarely terminated according to

a 2014 study over the course of a decade

just 47 out of 100,000 teachers were

fired in New Jersey almost none of which

were from the City of Newark which is

said to have some of the lowest

performing schools in the country some

experts argue that inadequate teachers

are simply a product of low salaries as

skilled professionals are less inclined

to take a low-paying job high school

teachers make an average of $50,000 a

year compared to roughly 95 thousand for

higher ed professors another common

critique of the public school system is

overcrowding this is particularly common

in urban areas where populations tend to

grow faster than schools

momaday for instance in Chicago's North

Side growing enrollment coupled with the

closure of more than 50 schools has led

to massive overcrowding with some

classrooms accommodating up to sixty

students or twice their capacity the

issue has reportedly gotten worse since

2002 when the Bush administration's No

Child Left Behind Act went into effect

the Act allowed parents to transfer

their children from low-performing

schools to higher performing schools

thus causing imbalances within school

districts and there are a number of

other factors at play many have argued

that learning standards like common core

forces teachers to solely focus on test

prep thus discouraging any incentive to

innovate others say poor schools are

simply a product of underfunding however

the u.s. actually spends roughly one

hundred and fifteen thousand dollars per

student placing it fifth in the world

what's more recent studies have shown

that public education may actually be

improving many studies show that

standardized test scores have risen over

the last four decades particularly among

black and Latino students and the

percentage of high school grads heading

off to college is at an all-time high so

although there is undoubtedly room for

improvement American schools may not be

as bad as we think poverty is also a

huge problem for schools and

disadvantaged districts but a

superintendent in Missouri has taken an

unconventional approach and transformed

one of the poor and lower performing

districts into one of the highest

achieving see how in this video if all

you can do is make it to school we'll

take care of the rest food clothes shoes

health care when kids knew that we cared

there was almost like this light bulb

one this willingness to try thanks for

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