We Made Willy Wonka R-Rated

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a

seemingly innocent story for children

yet contains gruesome industrial candy

accidents that one by one takes children

out of the running for that Golden

Tickets prize but the end they show that

they're all okay and everything worked

out what you know what that's the

coward's way out through new visual

effects newly shot scenes new edits new

sound design we want to present to you a

reimagined version of Charlie in the

Chocolate Factory for each one of these

scenes shows what really happened let's

take a look at how we make it we're

joined here by Ian Hubert Peter France

both VFX masters guys we wanted to look

at this with you guys and take a look at

smooth shots and brainstorm together how

can we make this really crazy what kind

of things could we do to it let's vote

the movie I watched it for the first

time last night like I've connected with

these characters you know and now we're

gonna have to put them down it's gonna

be such a cool set so this thing it

shrinks it transfers the chocolate bar

and shrinks it down I guess Mike teevee

is tiny now he got turned into

particulate and then reassembled what if

we pulled a Galaxy Quest and Mike teevee

was reassembled wrong dude

yeah dude that could totally happen to

Mike teavee she faints at the end of

that scene - lets go - Gustus gloop

this was like the most disturbing in my

opinion like the reason the scene messed

with me as a kid was because it was so

claustrophobic horrifying dude just the

red smear as he moves up the pipe I

don't know I'm from that shot where you

could just see you said you have to have

the stream just go straight through

sculpt this like inflate up against the

glass Oh Oh pressure just keeps building

and he just bursts dude this grows the

worst yeah all right wailed

Veruca Salt


this one kind of feels like the

producers are just like yeah one more

time for gifts drop her in a box trap

door gig done so I was thinking this is

a great opportunity just to do the human

pachinko machine so she falls through

that then it cuts to a rag doll of her

knocked all over the place we'd

basically be paying off what the

audience has always been fighting to see

we also have the fan scene and that's

just waiting to be violent yeah

eventually they get up there

oh dude those fingers feel like might be

a little tricky compositing wise with

all those bubbles in the foreground oh

yeah you're right though those bubbles

are gonna be hard to deal with though

what do you guys want to get fancy on

here anything involving soft buddy

physics this is my game what he said but

the exact opposite rigid body physics

pick any scene claim it for yourself go

for it lame augustus Gloop all right key

you're stepping up to the gloop

challenge very happily do that bubble

one okay okay great

well I would love to try the rag doll

okay and then I'll grab a Thomas TV

what's his name Mike TV Mike TV

gentlemen right look at that look at

that synchronization every entertainment

the fact that Peters in the middle of a

hike yes okay so you can see here we got

our shot of mr. gloop but you know I'm

not sure that I buy this performance in

theory he has chocolate shooting up

through his butthole and so I imagine

that would be a bit more painful than

he's expressing here so as with most

things I decided to recreate this in CGI

I use this great software a free

software called make human basically it

gives you a generic person model and you

have all these sliders for gender age

muscle weight that gives you a whole

skeleton you can work with what I did

was I projected the footage of gloops

head on to the 3d model of glue since I

didn't really believe his performance I

decided to do my own so I did a little

janky home motion capture of just

recording my face with my cell phone

bring that into blender and then go

through frame by frame using these face

bones to match the performance of me to

the mall

I've taken some artistic Liberty with

the eye rolling and shaking of the head

but for the most part it matched my

performance from then on it's pretty

straightforward we just bring our render

into After Effects overlay it over the

background overlay it's in glass overlay

the pipe we're good to go


for the second shot we're not mixing

this with no live-action footage I took

a wide shot of the whole environment and

I painted out to the bike we got that in

blender and what I'm gonna do is use the

knife tool to cut out some little

doohickeys extrude it to give our

background some depth we get this a

super janky but usable background out of

focus totally works

I also went ahead and recreated the

pipes in blender put it around mr.

Augustus to show his body inflating with

chocolate I decided to use a displace

modifier which basically takes the

geometry of his body and just pushes it

outward he's been inflating with

chocolate eventually there's gonna be a

breaking point a simple fluid simulation

you just set the z-axis velocity to like

10 feet per second and just let it shoot

up into the atmosphere do you get a

fluid simulation like this then to top

it all off we add a material we have a

nice mixture of blood and chocolate here

and there you go Wolfe has successfully

been exploded killing Charlie Bucket and

Grandpa Joe Wow what a dream come true

so my thought was the grandpa Joe would

be excited to be flying and so he would

fly straight through the family and then

the sphincter opens and the fan comes

out and it chews up some Charlie paste

down below in a spray of exactly 100,000

drops of grandpa blood grandpa was easy

just cut out an image from the movie and

attached a few vertices to control

objects so yeah good bye but Charlie's

trickier I put a few textures from the

movie onto a human shape and he looks

kind of like a nightmare but I stuck an

image at the top of his head on the top

of his head and it looks like the top of

his head so that works but how to

animate I have a Rococo motion capture

suit so I was gonna use that but first I

have to get inside his head

what is Charlie like what is he thinking

in these final moments fear sure but

also shame at the theft of the fizzy

lifting drinks and acceptance of his

punishment for reaching above his

station with that in mind I acted out

Charlie's final desperate moments first

one leg then the other

we're done okay so while all the guys

are working on their respective the

effect shot it's my job to edit together

a piece that can kind of string these

the effects sequences together into a

story I have to make the setup for the

payoff that they're working on there's

tons of stuff to work with in the movie

if you're trying to recontextualize some

of these shots Roald Dahl was known for

going to dark places and his writing so

there's a lot of that just inherently in

this story now while Willy Wonka may be

a psychopathic murderer in this world

was setting up what if we took it a step

further and actually had Charlie commit

murder to get his grubby hands on one of

them golden tickets there's a sequence

where Charlie's walking in the street at

night those shots are very dramatic

they're very kind of dark shots he's in

a kind of dark mental space in the film

why not push it one step further and

make him contemplating murder there's a

couple building blocks to tell this

story that are missing though one

there's no target for Charlie to kill he

needs to have a victim too there's no

shot of Charlie wielding a weapon in

three there's no shot that explicitly

pays off

so some pickup shots were necessary I

went to the only place I could think of

that really felt like 1970s England

there's a place called post alley in

Seattle there's a famous gum wall there

this place was perfect dress-- my dad up

as an old drunk guy it worked out great

then I got a shot of a knife being

pulled out of the pocket a couple shots

of Charlie rummaging through the jacket

and finding a golden ticket

I think the shots turn out great and

they're gonna give us what we need to

tell this story the only thing left is

some sound design I've asked some of the

guys to record some screams of the

victims as they fall prey to Willy Wonka

all right Nick has asked me to sit down

and record some audio assets for the

Willy Wonka piece he wants me to do some

ADR maybe some vio for some of the

characters and things like that well I

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that's when I'm done so the Mike TV

microwave shot the first place I started

was Maximo coms places great looked up

some sort of painful lying on the ground

in pain motion capture data downloaded

this into c4d so you get this guy

writhing around on the ground I select

the joints here and I just start scaling

things move things around and you start

to get some really weird Sims glitchy

effects here then I started to texture

things referenced stuff like real

loans on Google and gross images from

that show Chernobyl and basically came

up with something like this these dark

parts here you have like a real nasty

red pulpy fleshy material and then you

have this top layer which is more like

just your normal skin real nice wet

reflection on that thing like it just

looks oh it looks horrible he is not

having a good time here I lit the scene

with a couple area lights made sure I

got that real nice harsh edge light on

this guy and the last thing that we did

here was had some goo turns into a

melted piece of skin for that I used X

particles there's just an emitter set to

object mode and yeah that's Mike TV in

the microwave I can't wait to see what

the other guys have up their sleeve is

relatively straightforward you just take

your model and you break it into chunks

forearms biceps top of the torso middle

torso the head the neck and connect to

each one of those things with joints

it's like the elbow is just a basic

hinge for example so using all these

different joints I linked all the

different parts together and then I

could just hit play and the whole thing

would tumble to the ground problem was

setting up joints that match the range

of motion for a human body is actually a

lot more complicated than I thought a 3d

object has something called a pivot

basically it's like the central point of

the object that tells where it is in 3d

space and apparently pivot affects the

orientation of the joint so I discovered

that the pivot points my bones had been

altered to point sideways when it was on

the arms rather than normal up and down

side to reorient all that fixed my

joints and once that was looking good I

knew I was ready to start my full

animations I had to build a stunt route

you know for the character to hit things

like now I wanted to slide into

something and smack off on something

else along vaguely the thing is with

physics you can't animate it you just

just set it up and hope that nature

takes its course and that your character

will hit all the things it's supposed to

hit finally

and I was happy with and now I'm going

to build a whole factory around that and

actually decorate it to look like it's a

part of a whole factory system I used

kit Bosch Brutalism

architecture model pack to kind of basic

deal on my factory backgrounds and all

these archways and concrete decoration

things like I would have taken away too

long for me to make you know I have this

theme that just comes to life now

there's cool lights everywhere and now I

had my character get this and hitting

that and that was that and render it out

now the motion blur in the depth of

field at all stuff plus the realistic

lighting added a lot of time to the

renderer this actually took me an entire

week to render yeah that's how I made

the ragdoll animation awesome all right

we have some final shots to look at so

excited yeah I hadn't seen any of your

guys's shots I'm just not sure you guys

are gonna hire me after you see this so

amped let's do it

oh here we go and now details on the

sudden announcement that has captured

the attention of the entire world hidden

among the countless billions of Wonka

bars are five gold tickets and to the

five people who find them will come the

most fabulous prize one could wish for a

lifetime supply of chocolates


nobody ever comes out Wow are the old

knife man


like an old fault or a lifetime supply

of chocolate chocolate this is Willy

Wonka directed by Stanley Kubrick lock

in the morning of the first day of

October and do not be late

it's nice to have you here I'm so glad

you compromise this is going to be such

an exciting day I hope you enjoy it I

think you will buy the nerve center to

the entire Wonka's factory

oh the blood barrier inside this room

all of my dreams become reality pressure

is building up behind the blockage

man you got a garbage strike going on in

Wonka oh who wants an Everlasting

Gobstopper I can only give them to you

if you solemnly swear to keep turning

violet violet


well well well - naughty nasty little

children gone

three children left these are the geese

that lay the golden eggs as you can see

they're larger than ordinary geese hey

daddy I want two golden goose here we go


how much do you want for the golden

goose they're not for sale name -


she can't have one he was a bad egg that

would you all please put these on

there's dangerous stuff inside one

commission my very latest and greatest

invention here it comes

there it is it's here taste it it's

delicious it's just got a small parting

is there a thief in a swindler excuse me

for not showing you out straight up the

stairs you'll find the way and goodbye

to you both

I'll have to take a break charlie

nobody's watching


oh my god everyone that was terrifying

cinema I'm glad my goodness oh my god

that all looks really good you guys

freaking killed it man the goo and the

piper whatever his name is Charlie the

door that closes and traps perfect chefs

kiss for that that end sequence sighs

like that chopper grinded up pulp just

freakin nut meat dude just even the

blood on his face

after he stabbed the guy it was so good

the blood on the face when he comes to

yeah a long time on that yeah

Nico that like when it cut to the your

first your first shot I thought it was

actually part of the thing for reals

like I don't remember this like aimless

and it was lit really well thanks for

out of that man that was really good

every minute working on this was a blast

and what a payoff to see all this come

together like it's the best feeling ever

that was amazing like that line you've

put in there eraser head like little

corpse on the screen Peter you kept your

graph going upwards for crazy acts I

feel like Sam did he do these shots for

this yeah I did all the Blood River

stuff yeah I've been all the the guts

dropping port in there yeah the meat

what a testament to like the technology

these days that we all have like fluid

simulations and like physics simulations

and hair simulations and like so much

stuff going on like all in our scenes

that like we've all just did yeah yeah

pretty nuts if you want to watch wonky

Willie uncut without a react

we have it uploaded to the corridor

channel also we made a playlist of our

favorite Ian Hubert videos and Peter

France videos

Ian makes these incredible lazy

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little sneak peek just something that's

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on the store alright see you guys the

next one thanks for watching I can't

find any sounds online of someone

gurgling up liquid repeatedly I need to

get creative here