Is The Untouchables [SNES] Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk


nice drink way back when I made a video

about Super Nintendo games based on

action movies in June of 2017 a few

people said I forgot about a game The

Untouchables was this my plan all along

to skip it in that video and build up to

a much anticipated video about its

brilliance no actually this game is not

based on the movie starring Kevin

Costner it's based on the short-lived

1993 TV reboot which is weird because

apparently all the other Untouchables

games from the time were based on the

movie I'm talking about the games on the

NES amiga Commodore 64's that expector

I'm on and on but I guess the publisher

and developer ocean decided to base the

Super Nintendo Edition on the TV reboot

instead in the end it really makes no

difference either way because each of

the games are pretty similar in gameplay

and in structure with the one major

difference in the Super Nintendo game

being able to choose which of the four

missions here that you want to start

with finish those four and unlock a

fifth which is a boss fight against Al

Capone the first mission is a gallery

shooter and you use L&R to move left and

right the Y button switches to a

crosshair then you aim with the d-pad

press Y to shoot again and then a to

reload oh and you only get two shots per

reload and you only have 30 seconds to

reduce the blue foe meter you see up top

there's eight different sections of this

that you have to complete and it just

drags on and on and on but the same

enemies popping up from the same places

it really gets boring and yeah as you

might guess the controls here freakin

suck they're not intuitive at all but

the biggest problem of all is how slow

the crosshair moves around it's so

frustrating especially when you manage

to get your timing right only to find

out you have to reload because you only

get two freaking shots with your crappy

shotgun thankfully the second mission is

just a straight ahead run and gun style

this is a little more like it but again

the goofy controls get in the way it's Y

or a - ooh it's X to jump and B to duck

what ya pressing down just has you aim

downward again it's completely

unintuitive it's a running gun you don't

need to reinvent the wheel with cutesy

controls just stick with what works in

games like contra if you want to shoot

down you have to jump first what's wrong

with that

and again the time limit is an issue you

have to be on the lookout for these

clocks to extend your time and then


it's back to the gallery shooter stages

with your god-awful shotgun and mission

3 is more of the same but at least in

this one you get to use a tommy gun and

not having to reload every two seconds

makes this a lot more palatable it

reminds me a little bit of the Sega

Genesis version of Dick Tracy the fourth

mission changes things up again and has

you playing from a top-down perspective

like Smash TV only here you wander

around and rescue hostages this mission

also isn't that bad it's pretty simple

straightforward stuff but it's still

pretty dang tough you make your way

through the building get a hundred

percent rescued as you can see the

percentage in the upper right and then

get the hell out of there before a bomb

blows up the whole building but then

you're back to the crappy gallery

shooter stage with your crappy shotgun

and a never-ending gauntlet of a boss

fight against Al Capone at least the

game changes it up a bit by allowing you

to duck behind a wall but still this is

just brutal through it all you get four

lives and no continues no saves or

passwords either so yeah

Untouchables does have some ok stuff

going for it but the bad here is really

bad the same can be said for the NES

game I mean at least the controls are ok

if only because there's fewer buttons to

work with so there's less of a chance

for the dev team to screw it up but the

platforming in that one is just the

gallery shooter stages don't give you

any cover other than a corner and plus

there's all sorts of other wonkiness

like sometimes you can aim the cursor

and sometimes you can't it's just a mess

the thing is with the Super Nintendo

Untouchables I mean the controls are

responsive as in everything works as it

should for the most part it's just such

a strange layout that it takes some time

to get used to and I can't recommend

making that kind of time investment in a

game that's just halfway decent at best

if you like the idea of blending these

two genres together there's a Super

Famicom game that never left Japan

called the great battle 5 where you play

as SD versions of superheroes like

Ultraman and Gundam and if you like the

whole Untouchables gangster motif then

check out the arcade game dead

connection that's a way better game

that's a lot more fun The Untouchables

for Super Nintendo is untouchable for a

reason it's just not very good I'm sorry

I just couldn't resist such a bad plot

and it was sitting right there but I

want to thank you for watching and I

hope you have a great rest of your day