The importance of tractor ballasting | TMT

assists helping hand with your name Neal

from Essex here today is three minute

Thursday today's short conversation is

going to be about ballast


often times online you see pictures that

guys are sharing with the back ends of

their tractors popped up in the air with

a huge load out on their loader and

they're almost sharing them with an

element of pride really want to caution

against that and give a little bit of an

explanation of why we think ballasting

your tractor is really important

unfortunately I believe there's a lot

way way too many unbalanced in tractors

out there in the market and there's an

easy reason for that is that the

salespeople are going through the

process of selling a tractor to somebody

it almost sometimes feels like customers

get the impression that we recommend

ballast as some kind of extra profit

add-on you know that kind of thing that

comes at the end of the conversation of

buying something that feels like it's

getting crammed in there to pad the

dealerships bottom line and with ballast

that's not actually the case for at all

ballast is a really important part of

taking a tractor and setting it up in

order to operate safely and at its full

capacity any one of the machines that we

sell today regardless of the

manufacturer the brand the type of

loader that setup of the loader you name

it any one of those machines is gonna be

able to lift loads heavy enough out in

front of the machine that's gonna

require some kind of ballast in the back

end of the tractor that ballast can come

from a lot of different places you can

see this machine right here has iron

weights on the inside of the wheels

sometimes we'll have other tractors that

will have big cast this on the inside

every manufacturer offers ballast boxes

it can go into your three-point hitches

you can put implements on your

three-point there's all kinds of ways to

get that added weight on the backside of

your machine and it is so needed it's

needed not just for those heavy heavy

loads that you're gonna lift in order to

balance them out safely it also has a

lot of implications for a wear and tear

on your tractor when you go through and

you think about the front axles on your

machine when you take that loader and

you lift those heavy loads in the front

you're putting all that strain onto the

front axle but by taking extra weight

and throwing the back end of the machine

you can move that pivot point back

towards the center of the tractor and

start to share some of that loader

weight between the front and the rear

axles and that's really important

particularly on small tractors one of

the more common repairs that we do is

work on the front axle knuckles where

the axle comes up and goes through its

turn and meets the main axle coming

across the front

those axle seals in there are a

maintenance point it's a wear point

because of all the load and the weight

that we throw out in the front of these

machines so take that to heart you want

to make sure that your machine is

ballasted you know for all those reasons

for wear and tear for safety you name it

it's just a really important thing that

you need to think through and operating

your machine and understand when the

dealership has that conversation with

you it's for your own safety and the

operation of the machine not something

that we're looking just to pack into a

deal for a couple of extra bucks so if

you're going through the buying process

for a piece of equipment or you have

parts of service needs the machines that

you already have give us a call of

message we're available at 800 2 2 2 3 3

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