Just How Secret is the TPP?

so this guy Michael wessel apparently in

the negotiations of the TPP there are

some some group of people called cleared

advisors and there's a there's a

hierarchy here some of the advisors come

from industry some our liaisons the

industry some are just general advisors

on trade cleared means that they have

certain uh security clearances so this

guy Michael wessel is a cleared advisor

he worked for richard gephardt for about

20 years handling his trade deals

including NAFTA the WTO uruguay round he

was also publicly acknowledged advisor

to the Obama came a campaign in 2008 he

consults with the domestic producers and

the United Steelworkers union so the guy

has some credentials and he is now

written a piece in Politico basically

basically saying that uh he's read the

trade deal and Elizabeth Warren is right

to be concerned and it's basically two

part one is he's concerned about what

he's read but the beauty of President

Obama's criticism of the critics when he

says you tell me what's wrong with this

trade agreement not one that was passed

28 5 years ago as Obama said or calls

for give me specific problems that are

problematic with this trade agreement is

as this cleared advisor says we're not

allowed to talk about the details so in

private this guy Michael wessel is

saying to President Obama there's some

massive problems with XY and Z and in

public all he can say is I've told

President Obama that

there's problems and literally has to

say x y&z he cannot err any public

criticism because it's against the law I

can tell you he writes that Elizabeth

Warren is right about her criticism of

the trade deal we should be very

concerned about what's hidden in stray

deal particularly how the Obama

administration's keeping information

secret from even those who are supposed

to provide advice so on top of the

problems he sees in this deal that he

cannot publicly refer to and then

watches the administration knock critics

for not being specific when the

administration knows full well that they

legally cannot get specific he also says

that important details are even being

hidden from him as a cleared advisor

things like country of origin we've

talked about this it's being reported no

one's quite sure the country of origin

means that you may need only thirty five

percent of what goes into a product for

it to have originated there technically

speaking so in other words you're making

shoes sixty-five percent of that shoe

can come from China but if you assemble

that shoe in Vietnam it could be

considered Vietnamese and so he raises

uh he says those details have enormous

repercussions rules of origin specify

how much of a product must originate

within the TPP countries for the

resulting product to be eligible for

duty-free treatment I mean look we know

what the game is with this TPP it really

has nothing to do altima with tray which

is probably why they don't care that

much about the country of origin

origination it doesn't address

state-owned enterprises

cleared advisors he writes were created

by statute to advise our nation's trade

negotiations but the USTR that is the

united states uh trade representatives

are just simply not allowing cleared

advisors access to the information that

they need to provide advice and then

they don't have the ability to criticize

it in public so this is what's going on

don't forget call your Congress people

if you have a Democrat tell them how

could you possibly vote for fast-track

Authority where it cuts seven hundred

million dollars from Medicare you can

point them to a piece in the LA Times

and one in the National Journal and if

it's a Republican how could you possibly

allow President Obama to have this type

of authority