Daily Torah Study and its importance

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I have also some topics to speak about

my first question is how does common

Dave observe and you look like I'm

especially interested in the study sader

say there means order what range of

what's forum do you study every day be

blessed this interesting question this

this will vary by by by your custom as

someone was previously a hammam class

said I have a establish tradition of

everyday saying a section of the book of

what's called the coat a modem or Tonya

or the book of intermediates

intermediates the safer shall bein a

name written by the first level chat of

it the altar lavish nominally Aldi who

lived from 1745 to 1812 it's a it's the

first it's in five seconds the first

section the main part is uh fifty three

chapters long the little Bob which

custom is to finish the entire book

which is five seconds sections long

every single year beter leap your

regular year and the sections are

divided accordingly that you could see

in the back of the book what what to

learn on which day and also in the in

the Hebrew version let's say in the feet

there's a book called keep us it's it

every day tells you what to learn it

just goes in order of the book also we

say for the month the way that Psalms

are divided as if you were to finish it

every 30 days we say that every day so

there's Psalms which are Tehillim in

Hebrew and then we say the Flemish with

Rashi this is something that goes back

to the days of Baal Shem Tov that they

they would say like this week's parsha

the Torah is also 53 or 54 sections

depending on a few generally people link

one second soul to 53 so 53 weeks you

finish the whole Torah and every so on

Sunday let's say with the first every

section is divided into seven sections

every section within the five books of

Moses is divided itself into seven

sections so on suddenly reread the first

section on Monday the second and Tuesday

the third etc until we get to Shabbos

the holy Sabbath Henry the seventh

section so that's that also I don't do

it but I used to do Rambam this book

called mission

Tora then I'm instructed to do I don't

do this but mostly Bob tricks into this

either in one chapter they have Mishneh

Torah or three chapters they're

depending on your time and availability

if you read one chapter a day then

you're going to finish that entire book

in three years you finish three chapters

that you'll finish in one year now some

people have something called domi this

is an ancient tradition which is you

read one page of kumara every single day

Mara's is the Talmud okay so you read

one single page every single day

and by doing this you'll complete the

entire Shas which is the tomlin in seven

and a half years is the Talmud Bavli not

to be confused with the Tom and you're

showing me that the Tama that they wrote

in Babylon not the one that they were in


it says insha'Allah house of Shilka nara

that you were to read at least the bare

minimum is one chapter in the day in one

chapter at night the falaqa of torah

learning the point if you read if you

want to know about this in intricate

details I recommend looking at the altar

habits they have a translate version in

English that doesn't seem to I don't

know if it's your language but if you

understand the Hebrew also alter I was

hillcrist on Montera

the laws of learning Torah and the altar

habit he was a coda fire of Jewish law

that lived again seventy four five eight

and twelve it was the last one with

Johan arose and he's is called shokner

Horeb the rabbi Shoffner and he writes

they're very clearly very strong wording

but every free second a man has has to

be spent to learning Torah and he writes

in this Tonia which is also his book I

mean this generation could be many

people they're just souls and bodies

simply to elucidate or further to make a

new addition tour a new innovation in

Torah thought and as that you have to be

well well-versed in an existing tour

which is now at this point is such a

vast body of knowledge it's it's it's

it's hard to fathom I mean I I go and

choose that I have a learning class we

learn now we're learning the acade that

the binding of issac on Wednesday I have

a class where we were learning the

tractors of Magilla which is one of the

tractors of at homeland on Sunday on

Shabbos I have a class I go to another

Talmud class where we learn

Mako's it's called lashes

talk about mostly about ATMs and I mean

so many witnesses that are proven to be

false but this is something personal

this is to me what makes a Jew a Jew is

his learning I always say that people

say when they choose themselves you know

the the custom on the place in America

so what do you do for a living

obviously by Jews we should ask so what

are you learning now currently because

this is really what the finds at you and

you'll see that a Jew is a you know the

biggest gift to the Jews except for the

soul of course is the intellect of Lee

because the mankind in general is

intellect and you'll see a person as

where as psyche is the Bachand of

thought that you are where your Rutzen

is where your will is that's where you

really are so wherever you choose to

focus your mind and again the tour is


i am i generally like tonya more for a

long time i was reading one chapter Dave

Tonya trying to do it now or at least

make sometimes two chapters a date on

you tiny to me is the book of Jewish

self-help it's the book you know the

Torah tells you what you have to do and

the Tanya in my opinion tells you how

you are to do it and how you to

effectively accomplish it so but this

again is is is you know you say every

day there's no there's no you know

forced reading every day except their

prayers and and suggestions of learning

Halle cause every day and things like

this but it's up to the own Jew what he

chooses to occupy his time with in terms

of learning the term but it's a very

very astute question and that it shows

that you understand the importance of

learning Torah in the Jewish world and

it is really second to none and this is


maybe I'll link to this video there was

enough it's still up but they used to

have online rabbi Stein salts rabbi I

didn't ever nazar have any strong Stein

thoughts which later gave a talk

recently it was connected to the

Internet too many Jews heard about the

importance of Torah study and they had a

beautiful point he's like an old old

rabbi at this point he live a long long

healthy life and he said like this he

said when you're in love with someone it

doesn't matter what you're doing with

them he said you can be doing nothing

because you're in love with them the

times gonna you're not gonna feel the

time it's gonna be a pleasure full

experience he's doing nothing so he the

same thing when the juice it's not opens

a book of Torah the first of all it says

that when tone opens iturra that God is

sitting corresponding to him learning

with him because the tour is good really

God's thoughts as they were drawn down

by man and and I

Yoma book why the rebel quoting the

previous trip he said even a shotgun

etta's which were much later

commentaries in Shikamaru even they had

ruefully Jewish divine inspiration when

they wrote their commentaries so we can

rely on them 100% and you'll see that

they many times just agree obviously the

shot from the thoughts so um the point

is that when you're in love with God and

and when you've developed a real love

and it really yearning to be close to

God you understand the way to do it is

through is to understand his thoughts as

we can understand what God's thoughts

are you know it says because my thoughts

aren't your thoughts and there isn't one

thought that can grasp me but still the

Torah is is God's revealed will and

wisdom on this planet and by studying it

by learning it you're connecting to your

beloved you're connecting to your God so

it so he says like when you're studying


you're not gonna if you really in love

you're not gonna feel anything it's a

pleasure full experience you're gonna

really just be gonna animate you it's

gonna make you passion it's gonna make

you happy so I appreciate the question I

hope this helps and I look forward to

many more these types of questions from

you thank you so much and God bless