Why are Torah Scrolls So Important?


the Torah scrolls it's hard to think of

an object that is so revered in the

Jewish world as the Torah scroll nothing

is considered to be more holy or

precious than the Torah scroll of course

other than a human life why is the Torah

scroll so central to who we are

especially once we have the printing

press and we can print Torre's for so

much cheaper and so much faster to

understand this I ask you to look back

at the Kings James Bible in 1611 King

James publishes his Bible in English

with so many scholars working on it and

so today about four hundred years later

that same Bible appears in so many

languages and yet with so many

differences literally thousands and

thousands of differences it's hard to

know which one is the right one and all

that is from a book published in 1611

and yet when it comes to the Torah you

can look at this book written

thirty-three hundred years ago you can

look at a version of it in Santiago

Chile you can look at a version of the

Instinct Petersburg in Russia you can

look at a Torah written in Yemen you can

look at a Torah written in Damascus at

or written in Jerusalem

Istanbul Berlin London and they're all

the same word-for-word that is only a

product of the careful traditions that

were kept the dedication the commitment

to making sure then that one little iota

is different from one Torah to the other

and therefore there are abundant laws on

who can write a Torah how they can write

a Torah what the parchment needs to be

made of what the ink needs to be made of

and all these laws make sure that this

book of the life this book which has

travelled with the Jewish people for

thousands of years and which has left

its mark on the entire world remains

it was given and so it keeps its

integrity and so we cherish it we value

it we make sure that it is written with

meticulous caution if even one letter is

out of place the entire Torah scroll

loses its sanctity can you imagine that

one letter is bunched up one letter the

ink spills it can no longer be used in

synagogue you can no longer be read on

Shabbat on Monday Thursday on holidays

and so that is why the Torah scroll is

so important because we keep in it what

we cherish most we keep it at this

burning flame that we've been carrying

for three thirty three hundred years

since Moses got it at Sinai

so may we all be blessed with that

sanctity with an inspiration that we

drive from the Torah scroll and bring it

into our day to day life lessons of and

will not fade compassion the cobb have

said and of course the value of studying

torah and making sure that those words

don't remain just on the scroll but are

inscribed on our hearts and minds thank

you so much for listening please feel

free to leave any comments or questions

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