The Importance of Torah Study

we're up to chapter four mission number


I'm gonna read the Mishnah translate it

and then we'll go through a little bit

of the backstory of this very important

personality from the second X second

century of the Common Era Rebbe mayor

O'Meara be mayor says having in my day

sequestered Patara

you should reduce your business

activities and engage in torah study IV

shall rule out and fake all of them now

you should be of humble spirit before we

person then but talking minute Torah yes

we'll have a tail on Hart Bay if you

neglect the site of Torah you're gonna

have a lot of excuses or a lot of other

things to occupy you another ways to to

neglect it however the amount of a Torah

if you labor in terrific Toyland Torah

Josh Lucas Cobb a little yellow Sahara

bear little aha the almighty has ample

reward to give you this is Ramirez

teaching about an attitude a perspective

of how we supposed to relate to Torah

and we'll get into teaching it a little

bit but first want to talk about I be

Mary himself and it's not an

overstatement to say that he is one of

the most important figures in Jewish


he lives in very tumultuous times the

whole period in the aftermath of

destruction of the Second Temple which

according to most sources the year 70 of

the Common Era and that really kissed

started I said that's the apex of an

entire century's worth of tension and

conflict but the Jews have with the

Romans and 60 years later of course we

have the Bar Kochba revolt the Jews get

sick of being mistreated by the Romans

they launch a revolt which is incredibly

successful at least initially they're

able to tip the Romans out of much of

the land of israel and reinstitute

sovereignty and start rebuilding the

temple until the Romans come back

and they enforce a very harsh

mistreatment of the Jewish populace and

they stand about the rebellion and they

slaughter just entire towns in horrific

devastation we spoke about this period

in the past how the rabbi's really

suffered a lot during this era and in

fact the rabbi's themselves were on the

chopping block when the temple has been

destroyed and they were ravaging Jewish

communities it was only thanks to the

intercession of Robin Emmons a guy where

he petitioned the station who was the

general overseeing the siege of

Jerusalem he petitioned him okay to

spare the small town of Yanam and it's

ages and that way there's going to be

some continuity because at least the

rabbi's and yob net will not be

destroyed and that gave a certain

reprieve for the nation and for the

rabbinic leadership but right afterwards

things weren't you know always pleasant

and there were times that the rabbis had

to you know disband had to go into

hiding were targeted for assassinations

and we've spoken about the past how the

Romans began to target a lot of the

central situations of the rabbinic

tradition and we spoke about how robbery

Teva had twenty four thousand students

and they all died under mysterious

conditions and there was really no one

left the land was barren in the words in

the Talmud but there were five students

that he found in the south and these

five students became that vital link of

the chain to get the Jewish nation and

the Torah tradition through a very

difficult time and to perpetuated to the

upcoming generation and those five

students of rabbu who survived are some

of the most important figures in in

Jewish history of course where we are on

the cusp of LOD Bulmer which is the

anniversary of the passing of rubbish of

our height was one of those students and

Rabbi Meir is also one of those five

students Ephraim remembers

how they were given Smith class

surreptitiously the old rap the old

rabbi goes between two cities and gives

Smith gives rabbinic or H to these five

students and then they all scatter and

the Romans come and they assassinate

this old rabbi for the horrific crime of

teaching Torah to the next generation

but these five students became that

vital stepping stone between the

generation of revenue Eva and generation

of Roma due to the prince and after kind

of natural center Asian themes eased up

a little bit and there was once again a

flourishing of Torah and some of the

most important personalities of our

history our kind of the next generation

and the writing of the Mishnah and the

you know the flexibility and the freedom

to be able to canonize the oral torah

that began in the next generation now

every mayor is very important because of

the students of Rabbi Akiva apparently

he took the best notes and when rubber

jutsu the prince in the next generation

wanted to write down the Mishnah the way

they did it it's more efficient they

took the best notes of the previous

generation of the students were made

hero and it said okay where you use it

as the basis and we're gonna add

everything around it but this is gonna

be the basis whose those three choose he

chose the notes of Rebbe Mayer and

that's why whenever there's a Mishnah in

the mission as a collection of 63 books

upon the mission that we have the Talmud

written this is the the very foundation

of the writing of oral torah this is

essentially their works the notes of

prevenir that were expanded forever to

the prince and his court and therefore

kama tells us that we know we have a

mission of our teaching in the mission

that is unattributed it doesn't say

who's the author Xaver I mean he was

says this from a time when someone says

this just says law that is the notes of

Rabbi Meir

he appears literally hundreds of times

in the Mishnah and in the Talmud and

interestingly the ramen points us out

he does not come from a rabbinic

pedigree in fact he is a descendant of


and he is a living testament to the

meritocracy of Torah rabbihim himself

his teacher was also a descendant of

converts and when the Rambam talks about

the tradition and the greatest leaders

of every generation he notes that the

Torah is a meritocracy and you don't

need to have to come from illustrious

rabbinic pedigree to be to be true if

you're good if you're great then you are

welcome on board he has some very famous

relatives his wife he's probably most

famous woman in Tomlin his wife's name

was Maria she was the daughter of

rubbish pnina been tried you know by the

way was an author of previous Mishnah he

was one of the ten martyrs that were

slain by the Romans and Remi Maher was

actually a talented scribe so he had a

profession and it's interesting he does

give us a mission of you examine this

Mishnah you'll notice he's giving us

direction of how to relate to Torah

study in concert with an occupation and

it's nowhere the he himself had an

occupation he was a very talented scribe

and it's Alma tells that there was once

he was once in a locale he's also a

place where they didn't have a book of

Esther did it have a copy of it and it

wasn't like you could google it this is

before Google if you can remember that

that world and there was no copies so

what are you doing it's palm time server

Mayer happened to have been there he

says give me a scroll they gave him a

blank scroll and he just sits down and

writes it all down by heart obviously a

man explained this a genius now the

Talmud tells us that he had unparalleled

Torah prowess the fact thumbin says that

when you would see Robbie Mayer in the

house of scholarship when you would see

him studying it would look like he's up

Ruti mountains and grinding them

together what does that mean

it means that his his horse of Torah

knowledge was so intense he could uproot

a mountain something you thought was

moveable something you thought was

permanently affixed in place he could

have brewed it with his genius and with

us with his Torah knowledge and fatima

says that his depth of reasoning was so

profound that even his colleagues didn't

sometimes understand how deep it was and

he was able to prove for example he

would bring a 150 proofs that a rodent

is kosher

we know rodents not kosher that's the


it's totally flats it's not kosher but

comes along our mayor says I'll I'll

approve the mountain or grind it

together whatever you think about it I

can think of so many layers deeper than

you and even deeper than his colleagues

horse parades Torah scholars that they

weren't able to come to agreement to

follow his opinion his opinion was so

advanced that they couldn't get behind

it because he was the only one who was

able to think on that on that deep level

in fact I would do the prints for sure

certainly one of the most important

figures in Jewish history easily makes

that very important decision to write

down the mission of to codify the

mission of the kind of fire or to begin

to codify the oral law he was a student

in the academy of reverie mare and he

says all my knowledge all my Torah

wisdom it's because I was in the same

venue as rabbi meir but I was sitting

behind it he would give me a lecture

there was some students behind I was

behind them I only got code of the back

of it

had I been in facing him had I seen his

front I would have been even greater

what does that mean of course it's the

Talmud some seventh might be some

subliminal message what he's in effect

saying is that I understood Ruby mayor

but not as clearly as I as I could've

maybe same as other people did and only

toward rain it's all stems from my

relationship with him and in the manner

of all great torah sages and Jewish

leaders throughout history he was not

someone that had disparate domains with

a central

underlying characteristic of every great

or leader is that there's no difference

between their knowledge what they know

what they preach what they profess when

they study and how they behave and

invariably a Torah sage is someone who

you know there's no daylight between who

they are as a person and what they know

as a scholar and the Talmud gives a few

stories about remember that really

hammer home this point for example the

Talmud tells us he would give a lecture

every Friday night

and one week his lecture went a little

bit over time and a lecture excuse me

and a lecture was attended not only by

men but by women as well and there was

one woman who attended his lecture she

liked to go to his lecture every week

and by the time she got back it was such

a long lecture the candles that she had

lit before Shabbat had already

extinguished so now they're gonna have

to have their meal in darkness so of

course her husband gets a little grumpy

and says what's the deal why are you so

late and she says to him well I was in

the basement rich I was in the

scholarship house listening to lunch of

our mayor so he just sped up with with

Rabbi Meir with his wife he says I'm not

letting you into my house until you can

grow and spit in the face I'm rubbing

there of course that's try to believe

offensive disrespectful former mayor

gets wind of us

and he decides in an act of tremendous

humility to take one for the team to

save this marriage so he pretended that

his eye was hurting

and he said I really need someone to

kind of lubricate the eye and spit in

the eye a little bit and

he approaches this woman says I really

need you to spend my I do it seven times

just to make sure that we really get it

and afterwards she does it and he tells

okay go back to your husband and tell

her you asked me to spit once I did

seven times now the students can't

believe what they're saying the greatest

sage in the land the great Rebbe mayor

he's the one that we even the oral torah

comes through him and what's he doing

over here

how are you disrespecting yourself how

are you shaming your son with the tower

up they say to him you know you're not

just representing yourself you're

representing Torah it's a disgrace to

Torah you're making a mistake so any

response to them since oh well

Miami better than the Almighty and he

tells us what happens but the almighty

in the episode of the suspected

adulteress it's the one time there are a

lot of take a tourist role in a recent

and the name of God has written Taurus

parole and we raised that as well why

because we take the parchment upon which

it says the name of God amongst other

things and we dip it into the water

that becomes the potion that verifies

the allegations against the Santa Ana

comma tells us that peace between

husband wife matrimonial peace is so

important that the mind is okay even

erase my name to uphold Merrill peace if

feel my knees willing to erase his name

from Merrill peace says Romero I'm no

better than God I can also have a little

bit of shame I guess I have a little

suffering to promote matrimonial harmony

now his name was Rebbe mayor but he is

often called Robbie mayor balconies

rather mayor the master of the miracle

and that is primarily because of this

miraculous story has told in the comic

book of avodah Zarah remember this is a

time where the Romans are controlling

the land an iron fist and one of the

things they used to do is they would

kidnap Jewish girls and force them to

engage in the lowest kind of employment

and one of his sisters in law so his

wife is Maria and her sister was

kidnapped by

the Romans and she was forced to work in

a brothel so Robbie Mayer his wife tells

him okay

go there and go rescue her girl redeemer

let's find a way to get her safely let's

get her out of that of that place so

Romero is given a impossible mission he

takes a satchel of money and he goes and

he made the following declaration before

he gets there

if she remained pure if she didn't start

adopting the ways of the sinners

I know miracles gonna happen to her

she'll be saved but if she did start

sinning if she's ditched start

transmitting then there's not gonna be a

miracle for her

so Mir gets dressed up he takes off his

rabbi clothing it dresses up like a

night like a Roman night and he goes

into this place and he says I want to I

want to be with that girl when he points

to his sister-in-law and she says to him

well it's not the right time of the

month for me why don't you go to some of

the other girls such as she tells him

and he says okay I'll wait I'll wait

till things clear up so he tells her and

she says no don't wait for me this other

girls here's other women here they're

they're prettier than me go to them

the mayor is processing this and he

realizes he's concluding from her

response that she did not adopt a simple

way she's okay time to save her so he

goes over to the guard and he says to

her that particular woman I want to I

want to buy her back I want to bribe you

to let her go free so he responds I'm

happy to take the bribe I'm happy to let

the girl go

but what's gonna be when the government

comes they start doing a you know

they're doing their inspections and

they're gonna want to know where is this

woman the sister of Rudy where is she

what do i do then so reverses them

listen you know what to do i bribe you

you bribe them

and so on and so forth that's the way it

works that's the law of the land

apparently business of government hasn't

changed and then he says well wait a


eventually I've been running the money

and eventually I'm gonna have to face my

accusers I'm letting one of the

prisoners go what do I do this she says

I can't give the solution whenever

you're in a bind all you say is Ella

calm de mayor I mean II made the god of

mayor I've got a rubber mayor answer me

and that's a magic solution against any

sort of government harassment you just

say those magic words and you'll be

saved and of course the guard is a

little bit incredulous to this promise

and he says well how do I know it's

actually gonna work so raise another

copper with you

there was a bunch of beasts there amount

of dogs that were trained to attack

people killed

so really can't release thoughts release

the dogs let them out I'll show you how

this works so he opens up the

the cages ramier throws something at the

dogs to incite them and they start

galloping towards him they're gonna

attack you that's what they do as they

get close premier says alacazam aaron ad

made the god of Mayor answer me and the

dogs freeze in place and they docile II

walked away this guard is so mind blown

by what he saw he taped the bride and he

lets the girl go

and of course what happens they come he

has to give the bride they come again he

runs out of money and following this a

noose around the guard snapped and he

has no money to prevent and he says

elekid the merriday me may the god of

Mayor answer me and the rope snaps I

tried again and the Rope snaps again and

they say what's the deal so he doesn't

know story you're a bear cubs this this

rabbi comes and he does all these tricks

any I gave the girl for free I gave the

gold to him and I bribed him and have no

money so they make Romare a wanted bid

and the way they describe it they grave

his image at the entrance of Rome

everyone who sees this man he is a most

wanted men

and then they see him and he has to run

away and eventually he flees and he ends

up in Babylonia Babylon and we know that

he was in Israel when in Kanaan and

eventually he had to leave and he

actually died outside of Israel and it's

a great mystery this is one of the

modern questions that the scholars

grapple with if you travel to northern

Israel to Tiberias you'll see a

sitting here is the graveside of Rabbi

Meir Bala days and you're like wait a

minute the pilot says he was buried or

he died outside of Israel how is he

buried here how is he in Tiberias when

he was buried outside of Israel in Syria

probably along the coast where the

waters of Israel will lap against him so

that's a question that the scholars deal

with but that's one of the reasons why

he is called Rabbi Meir

polonaise Amer the master of the miracle

now he led a tragic life his first

teacher before he had robbed a cube as a

teacher and it was common people have

multiple teachers as it still is today

his first teacher was one of the great

sages of his era but he had the

indominus distinction of being the only

sage of that caliber really throughout

history to have gone awry

to become a heretic and his teacher was

name was rabbi elisha ben of who you i

was his name he was one of the green

sages of the era but thanks to a series

of unfortunate events he became a

heretic and he became a haven and he

became someone who desecrated the

Shabbat and even though he was still a

great sage and in fact every mayor would

still study by him tamil tells a great

story of how you know the student of a

mayor is studied by his teacher who's

now riding a horse in Shabbat courses on

Shabbat and how the the genius of the

teacher is able to calculate from the

gallops of the horse where they get to

the point where you can no longer extend

beyond that you no longer Traverse that

point on Shabbat this is them okay I'm

gonna go pass this but you can't go past

this when someone says wait a minute

mayor what's the deal

you can't go study by the heretic he's a

heretic he's a problem

you can't go study by him and then I'm

just water mayor he was able to separate

the good from the bad news whole like

he's trying to figure out a way to try

to restore his teacher who became known

by the monitor out there in in community

literature author after me is the other

one and the reason why he's called out

there is because when he decided to

abandon God abandoned our abandon at all

it was Shabbat and he says I'm done with

this I'm fed up and he goes and

propositions of prostitutes on Shabbat

this is

very day he decides to abandon it all

and she says to him wait a minute are

you the famous rabbi that I know of like

what are you doing here with all the

lowlifes with all the degeneres and this

is remember it's Shabbat so he bends

down to the floor and pulls out some

grass and flooring which is a Torah

violation of of Shabbat that was his

response so she says to him he must be

action he must be someone else I'm just

confusing you and that's how he got the

nickname of being called after the other

one and then that's one of the the sad

tragic stories Litella mode that's a

loose on such a high caliber he became a

heretic and he's called Asher

there were mayor's whole life he's

trying to study Torah stuff missing

church but he's also trying to restore

his teacher back to Torah but that

happens quite fruitlessly that's a very

dramatic story and what happens after he

dies there's smoke coming out of his

grave Ramirez trying to petition

petition to get him out of hell there

restore him back to daylight history

graces it's a very traumatic story but

that's the first tragic episode of

Ramirez life his father-in-law as he

mentioned the past he was butchered by

the Romans in a McCobb

they surrounded him with fire but far

enough that he could just suffer and not

actually perish Italy eventually killed

him his wife also died in a unfortunate

and very controversial matter

Remi Mayer had a disagreement with the

nutsy at the time his name was

representing the Leal a second one and

then a disagreement and Rebbie mayor

decided to leave town he moved to


and he gave a teaching to his students

and his wife he was such a great sage as

well she was the one woman who who

equaled all the male sages of her era

and she was not happy with one of the

lectures that he gave because in his

lectures he says women they're a little

bit lightheaded they could be

manipulated shall we say easier than

myth it was controversial then as it is

today and his wife says that's not true

I'm not manipulatable and he says well

you are sorry sorry hon you are and the

she insists that she's not and then he

closed her that she too could be

manipulated and she got so depressed

from the story that she actually killed

herself she committed suicide and again

this is another example of the suffering

that ramier endur'd and atop all of that

two of his sons and one of his daughters

died in his lifetime and there's another

dramatic story about that the Biggers

tells and that it was Shabbat and Rabbi

Meir was teaching Torah

and two of his sons died of Shabbat


and the mother of the children it's not

clear if this is the same woman or maybe

he got remarried after she died the

mother doesn't know what to do with the

kids with the bodies and she decides to

put them in bed and cover them in a

sheet after Shabbat is over but my mayor

comes home and is trying to figure out

where are his children so he asked his

wife and she says well they went to

school study

and he/she say well they wouldn't study

in heaven heaven now that study tell her

in the heavenly Academy but she just

said it and be you asleep they would

study this well I was just in the house

of study

I was just the study hall and I looked

all around for mine they're not there so

she again says okay we'll make up dully

make something where are my kids they're

coming back soon

she use him to eat and she says I have a

question for you suppose a man came and

gave me a deposit deposit is something

that was really there's really really is

and deposited by me to watch to save

guard and now the one things I'm a

betting they want to come take it back

should I allow them to take it back so

remain response of course the owner has

rights to their things and if they want

it back you have to give them back and


she's okay let me take you upstairs

states I'm upstairs bring them to the

room and shows him the fact that two of

his sons had perished and he took the

last of course very very hard and he

starts be wailing his children he calls

my teachers these children would have

been great sages on their own his wife

tells them well isn't that what you just

said when the owner comes back to claim

his deposit you have to give it


and he responds with him a verse in job

Shem das on a sham la casa the almighty

gives and he mighty takes away may the

name of the Almighty may it be blessed

the talmud finds this story as an

exemplary example of the verse in

Scripture asia's high-yield am stop a

valiant woman who can fund we see that

this wife of his we don't know the

identities at the first black second

wife but she is someone's able to

navigate this very tricky very tragic

story with the great steel that's a

little bit of the background that rummy

mayor again one of the most important

figures of one of the most important

eras of Jewish history a transition time

from what we have a temple we have

centralized Jewish leadership we're

going through a lot of very challenging

times and we're facing tests that maybe

the nation has ever faced in its history

and we have a cadre a great torah sages

that are heroes for all and for all

eternity they've kept Torah strong they

perpetuated torah until things opened up

a little bit and there could be the

effort to actually write down and try to

find the torah for all history and he

teaches us this lesson a to reduce our

business activities and engage in torah

to be very humble and if we wanted a

neglect or a lot of good reasons to

neglect torah and if we want to embrace

tour of the almighty is going to give us

reward now it is interesting that he

seems to be addressing this teaching not

at the great sages per se but have to

lay people

who's he talking to someone who is

engaging a business and is also studying

Torah this is not someone whose Torah

occupation is full-time job this is

someone who is trying to harmonize a

life where they have to make a living to

be their family but they also automate

or a priority and he's given them

instructions he's telling them you

should reduce your business activities

and engage in terrorem the commentaries

primarily owner of any owner they point

out this does not necessarily mean

question of time to reduce the time and

games in business and augment the time

that is engaged in terror when he says

is that is a question of priorities it's

question of values someone could study

Torah for maybe an hour two hours a day

I'd have twenty four it's a small

percentage less than ten percent but if

that is what animates then that's what

they look forward to that's what's the

excitement of the day that is what

everything is leading towards that's the

priority well even though it's only two

hours versus the other 22 they do other

stuff that becomes the central animating

priority of their lives and they

fulfilled this dictum they have made the

Torah the priority in their lives and

what happens someone is that is tell

someone's that his color is elevated is

uplifted is exalted and the very next

thing says remember what you need to do

after sudden cholera you right away have

to absorb a dose of humility

not only humility humility in front of

every person every person should be

someone that you should respond to

relate to with humility

why because taurah is going to of course

elevate your soul and it's going to make

you a more spiritual person and you have

to be very careful to not lose what you

gained losing more than what you need

have the losses outweigh the gains of

Torah study because what happens if

someone says I'm gonna came to the world

look at me I study Torah and look at all

these plebeians these peons these other

people that don't study Torah

you may be losing more than you're

gaining with Torah and therefore it's

very important

after we export some insight ARA we have

to remind him to not lose it all with

humorous with boastfulness with


and then he says like this what's the

next thing if you need let the study of

Torah so the actual text of the verse

there are many of the people or of the

things that can nullify tour as well

that's their the be precise translation

so the way Romania understands the the

end of the Mishnah is that people could

be rewarded or people will be rewarded

for good and will be punished for bad

but who was going to reward people for

good and who's going to punish people

for bad this is having said at the end

of the mission er if someone wants to

abandoned or someone to neglect Torah

there's a lot of people that are also

neglecting Torah that are there to

provide some speak divine retribution

they could be the club so to speak that

their money uses to punish someone by

the way he says it

there are sinners there are Lions and

there are bears that are also not

studying Torah and they could be the

whip so to speak the money uses

to punish you but the almighty himself

is not gonna punish you why cuz if they

might punish Suzie oh it's very

detrimental for all eternity however

what happens if someone is embracing

Tara and therefore need to be rewarded

who is going to be the one that's going

to deliver that reward it's not gonna be

an angel it's not gonna be an emissary

rather the Almighty it's promising that

he himself is going to be the deliverer

of the reward and of course everybody

does is gonna be amplified much more

than what other people do and this is

telling us that the punishment is always

going to be a little bit more muted

compared to the reward but the

commentaries adhere Rambam because of

guidance as well and talk about this

they understand the end of the mission

as you know this conflict we have

responsibilities we have her job her

family and we have our chores today of

course someone has all the television

series that they have to watch Oh

Sunday's this Monday is that so I could

be manipulated brainwashed by the people

in Hollywood

everyone always has its uses

and the most important thing that person

to do with their time the most

transcendental transformative valuable

thing that you could do with your time

they study terror because it's the

Almighty's guidance to how to live a

better life how to live a better I have

two life I do what you were created to

do but of course we have all these other

things that are pulling us

so what this mission is telling you is

that you have made the choice is the

Torah priority is not a party of course

it starts off by saying make the Torah a

priority but if you choose this is the

end of the mission if you choose to

neglect it there is never going to be a

time and all those other things you

don't take care of won't exist you'll

never reach inbox zero with all the

stuff that you have to do there's always

stuff to do there's you know now it's

spring cleaning then it is lows the

hardware store they say never stop

improving never stop never stop you're

never done there's always something else

to do and once you're done with that

then the stuff that you started with is

already out of style

and a fashion so you can always work on

your garden you could always watch your

television show you can always go on

social media there is never a time that

you'll say this is only to do and this

was true then all the more so it's true

now and therefore your question is not

what will ask times notice this tonight

or your question is will I mean Torah

study a priority he'll everything else

work around it not vice versa

I saw one of the commentary something

says having very powerful he quotes

another verse in job and the way it's

actually a mana town would the verse

says ah dumb little malt you much a

person was born to engage in work in

frenetic activity however what is not

determined is what is the nature of that

work what is the nature of that toil is

it gonna be toil of Torah study or is it

a toy of everything else and conclude

the Talmud as from you know about sorrow

praiseworthy is he whose toil is in

Torah there's a adage known as

Parkinson's Law you know there's there's

Murphy's Law there's Godwin's law

there's moore's law these

not really lost but they're a tidge 'as

axioms my favor when it's called

Parkinson's Law because others do with

the illness part in sense I guess the

guy who invented it's called Parkinson's

this is the the Attic work expands so as

to fill the time available for its

completion so if you have a week to do a


well take a week to do 24 hours do it to

find a way to make it do in twenty two

point four hours but I feel like that's

the message here this is a version of

this message

we all have tons of work to do and if we

know meet our priority all that work is

going to expand they have all the time

and you have an excuse you have

something to neglect it

you'll always have an excuse you always

have something to neglect it and as a

result you'll never study Torah and I

want to be me add a rephrasing of this

teaching comment says that personal

trainer for toil for work what kind of

work that's your choice I think we could

rephrase this though the word of the

Talmud is is toil coil is painful work

what that means is that everyone is

going to be allotted a certain amount of

pain your choices determine what kind of

pain you can feel having children Thomas

says that is painful it's painful

not just the have children to raise

children it's difficult when you're

choosing that lifestyle you're choosing

to say I want the productive kind of

pain versus the unproductive kind of

pain and the Almighty is going to


the challenges of your life to more

productive challenges you know someone

deal with the very difficulties in the

Talmud and they're thinking about it all

the time and I says uh you know what all

the other things that I could have made

him thinker hardly about or all other

challenges that I could have consumed

his time and his and his efforts on his

thoughts I'm going to I'm going to move

those I'm gonna make that work out but

that will just work out the IRS troubles

the looking for a job troubles all that

let you know that the dentistry woes all

that of puts those aside because you

know what they're reading dealing with

difficult problems but it's productive

ones I want to conclude this mission

with a very powerful teaching I saw from

the conference time and of course more

great sages of the late nineteenth and

early twentieth century he says like

this again we're talk about at someone

in his Mishnah who has a gentle why have

a job because that's a mitzvah to feed

your family it's it's it's your noble

cause your noble responsibility to make

sure that you are providing for your

family it's your responsibility it's

your men that you got to do it and

they're busy they don't have so much

time available in their life but they

say you know what toe is a priority for


what he says is a very powerful idea

what happens how it works for holding

its nine-time they're tired

they're hungry want to relax and they

say you know what I'm gonna study

something I'm gonna study because it's a

priority to me how does the Almighty

process that how does the almighty tally

that up

the way does it is that by this person

demonstrating that they're willing to

study torah with whatever time to have

available that means that from nine to

five when they were working if they

weren't working what would they have

done well let's look at the time that

they were working and see what they did

and then we could take that and stretch

it out over the time that they were


someone has to work can blame them for

that for that to do but what someone

does on their free time that shows the

Almighty what they would have done had

to have more free time and therefore

someone studies look during the free


even though maybe it's difficult and

then that actually gets stretched out

and that's the equivalent does it be

said the whole day because they would

have done that

had you been able to whereas if someone

has the free time and then a glut Torah

study and there's a lot of Torah study

neglect that's still there and available

for you why cuz then we know what they

would have done had they not been busy

with all their other responsibilities

they probably would have not neglected

Torah as well I remember when I was in

the mirror Shiva

my Rebbe my teacher oh sorry Ellie used

to always say that when someone studies

Torah at night so the thief of schedules

and there was a a morning session which

is 9 to 1 and this afternoon session

went 3 to 7 and there's an evening

session that has a start time but

doesn't have an end some people need a

lot more sleep and therefore they go

sleep little earlier some people you

know only need a few hours of sleep so

they go sleep later but they it starts

let's say an eight o'clock rather it is

and it goes on till whenever you want

whenever you want to fish so there's a

blessing that we say at night called

Mohammed build blessing it's the last

lesson you say before you go to sleep in

fact you're not to talk after you say

that blessing now it's your ready in

sleep mode so he used to tell us he

should say that blessing when you're

still in lists in the in the basement of

she's still studying

why because that shows that you're

studying all the way to sleep time and

had you not needed to sleep the eight

hours they might make you sleep but what

would have happened if you didn't need

to sleep well then you were study as

evidenced by the fact that you studied

until you went to sleep and therefore if

you studied that last five minutes it's

almost funny they're tremendously

diligent assiduous in in studying but

the last time minutes before this think

you know what I want to chill out they

want to listen to the radio or they

wonder if they want to read and will do

other stuff well that five minutes is

critical because we could have perhaps

extend that that's maybe what they were

done and they not needed and therefore

if someone is always studying all the

wait the last second then that eight

hours counts up to study Torah for those

eight hours why because they have shown

that always why they are sleeping it's

because they need to

when I got married one of highest uncles

one of my wife's uncle's GPM speech

bye-bye the shaba Sheva brought us the

Shabbos out so we got married

and he said that women have it very easy

you know cuz they marry a young scholar

and B they sent him off via Sheba they

said enough too cold go study and from

the second that they send him off well

they've done their part they've kind of

lost their husband for the day and he

goes to study but yes there he's like

well I need a coffee

start the coffee and they studied for a

little bit and then you know what how

was your weekend it's our schmoozing

with their haru so their study partner

and you know maybe they they go out to

go out for seven eight hours but of that

time you know there was other things

that they did and there's all these

holes and you know what they don't get

credit but the wife what the cheap she

sent her the bigger study and therefore

she ends up with the merits on his feet

of all the hours because he didn't take

time away from something doing to her

role that was his job that the women

even though they don't study as much

stand up a lot more torah study credits

I saw another story with the stapler


he was rabbi yaakov cam EST one of the

great sages of the 20th century he

passed on I think in 1985 he said that

he was once in a in a cab and he asked

the cab driver

do you study color do you go baby chat

or a class at night something like that

says well I get home I'm so tired and if

I go there if I do go to study I fall

asleep right away

so it's not worth I just did I went for

sleep at home so he says to him know if


go there and even if you fall asleep but

you go there and you study as much as

you can when you get up to heaven

they're gonna consider you as if you're

a torah general because you did what you

can you pushed yourself to do what you

can even though you have a very

persistent room a lot of time but if you

push it up during those critical moments

even if you fall asleep okay but you put

in your effort you're gonna be

considered as if you are a torah general

that's the teaching of Rabbi Meir he is

of course one of the most important

figures to do his history

it is his notes that are the basis of

the Mishnah 63 book submission that we

have today and he teaches us that we

don't need to be solely dedicated to

Torah study to make Torah power in our

lives and even if we do have

responsibilities most of us do all of us

do I would say no one really could say

that you know they have no

responsibilities in our lives

all the guys things to start studying

talk I mean they're people like that but

that's not for the masses for the masses

the question of priorities we all have

time available and if we make time for

Torah study it becomes priority our

lives we will reap the eternal benefits

from that and the money promises want to

touch when it comes when it comes time

for reward he himself is going to be

dispensing it and who does not want to

be in the receiving end of the

Almighty's dispensation of reward so

maybe we also need tour with great

intensity and great diligence and even

if we arise so much time to do it let's

carve out some time for Torah study and

you know what's today it's easier than

ever so that's some of the thoughts of

this wish to what healing us is rabbi

wall with you when the calm as always I

look forward to hearing your questions

and comments