The Thundermans Say Goodbye 😒 'The Thunder Games' Series Finale Last Scene | Nick

this is it everyone hold hands we will

go down the way we lived as a family


I love you all too

by Phoebe goodbye max what's happening

with your hands I don't know it's like

power actually don't think it's winning

power let's give it a shot

no going on you can use any powers are

in the gamer eye they control not




everybody okay


the blast was so strong it sure got the

chips quick hold on her next hits from

power all along seeing your family and

mortal danger it must have unlocked it

no pretty sure we just ever held hands

before don't think so

game over Balfour my name is Belle hey

you actually got it right this time

oh now for you can spend the rest of

your life playing video games in hero

League prison oh wait you can't fly

Paulo for to prison why not yeah why not

the only reason you did all of this is

because you grew up without a family and

as annoying as all of you are I can't

imagine life without you Oh much as we

appreciate that max we still have to do

something with him also I'm alive thanks

for caring there might be another form

of punishment for him

I'm a bunny how is this better than

prison it's way better you and I can

catch up and we can play insult the

thundermans all day long

hey baby slice me some bread with those

elbows would you good one pops let me

try hey max die okay now let's go poop

in their shoes so Pheebs I was wondering

you know Balfour cannot stay in my room

actually I was gonna ask if maybe you

wanted to keep fighting crime together

really you still want to be a team yeah

yeah we have a pretty awesome twin power

be a shame to waste it partners partners

so fist bumps from now on totally cool

alert alert super president kick-butt

approaching look this is about me

leaving the Z force sorry but max

Thunderman doesn't put anything before

family oh I agree that's why I fired the

commander uh-huh the hero League has no

use for an arrogant hotshot who cares

more about saying his own name than

saving lives wait so what happened to

him here's your latte Madame president

I said light foam you fool don't wait in

the hovercar oh how dare

Trumbo has fallen so who's gonna run the

Z force now in light of their consistent

performance battling the villain League

and their understanding of the true

nature of heroism I'm making the new

head of the Z force Phoebe and Max thank

you this is such an honor as the new

commanders you can hire whomever you


ah anyone we want huh huh huh well sure

could use a superhero with super

strength whoa electricity would be handy

too and of course super speed lasers and

teleporting can really help us make some

say you look funny you hear it with all

those powers pili he means us we're

finally gonna be superheroes days ago

reporting for duty and call me the rapid

gentlemen how about cake quick get quick

guys you sure about this

hey you guys gave up being superheroes

so we could live a normal life but you

he being a family of superheroes is our

normal life what do you say barb oh I

say looks like Thunderman and Electress

they're back in action don't forget

Thunder baby baby Donovan's




good you're ready the South China Sea

has been taken over by the brain punter

you're supersonic jet is waiting for you

outside well I can fly and I can

teleport do you want the jet or not

good luck see force


Oh Petey we uh one more thing

it's not the Z force anymore it's the T

force used to the gundermen I think she

got it but let's go save the world