How Michigan Fans Watched Week 8 College Football Games THE WOLVERINES ARE BACK, BABY

we want ohio state we want ohio state

they can't hear you

can illinois pull off the upset two

years in a row nope

oh grand merch looks pretty good he got

coronavirus please tell me we played

them within the next three weeks pick

six for syracuse baby

i smell an upset coming maybe i got

coveted because clearly i've lost my

sense of smell uh this just didn't

north carolina state is a pretender i

mean we knew but now it's just confirmed

spencer rattler didn't throw a pick

today never mind the score on this one

that's a win in itself next topic chubba

hubbard is a man

he's a man and he's not even 40. can't

wait to see how they lose to the sooners

this year though i mean it's inevitable

isn't it sorry cyclones

great effort though am i seeing this

right notre dame scored 45 points

pittsburgh dumpster fire confirmed this

right here is my master's degree from

the university of tennessee

because i can't get into michigan it's

gonna remain in this tube until the next

time they beat the crimson tide it's

like a magic genie

we wish for a real head coach well it's

safe to say jordan love is no longer at

utah state

okay indiana you have my attention how

did the hooters leave them that wide


all right game over time to change it to

the michigan go oh

what just happened he scored what in the

world is james franklin doing bro

kneel the ball and take the victory and

people are hard on jim harbaugh two

point conversion for the win

he got it right i mean you can't

overturn that two-point conversion is

good hoosiers win now how in the world

am i supposed to watch michigan play

with my heart beating like this

i know the season got delayed but i'm

still not ready for this

honey don't get an ambulance on standby

all right let's go michigan

nico collins and amber thomas have

helped it out but the fan base is often


what we're gonna end up being good on a

year where everyone's calling for an


no punt already easy touchdown

minnesota we can never win a tough road


fire jim harbaugh zach charbonnet for

six baby whoa

that man got burners oh barry with the

big hit

scoop and score donovan jeter for six

and mason looking like a slot receiver

with the athleticism

did we just score 21 points in the first


touchdown hassan haskins another

touchdown for sean haskins touchdown run

joe milton touchdown chris evans

that drive was 96 yards in less than two

minutes championship i'm calling it

right now

we want clemson we want

bama we want ohio state for the love of

god bro

can't tell if i'm tired or if i'm just

watching miami and virginia

i see michigan minnesota wasn't the only

game that was supposed to be close

that's now a blowout

and that will do it see you next week


brother suddenly 2020 starting to change

back to normal oh look another political


go blue baby

we won we won

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