What causes tap water to appear milky?


what Roma ice water so gnocchi this k2

drink of course no problem now we get

into like a title for two to team


Wow what does happen voice oh it's easy

you see in the console putting our pipe

back into service after maintenance what

is reintroduced to the pipes again and

the waters are piped in mixes in the air

there was previously in there and she

turn on the cat the air - dissolved into

the water others no order to appear

mookie but if you let it settle over

tool - chin is slightly be no air

bubbles will disappear and she de water

is clear but why let me explain in

another way it's just like this what

also ah okay you don't see much bubbles

but when we open recap like how we can

under tech no little pressure causes the

bubbles to escape ah I get it now

great try and genius what is change this

water is actually clear and safe to

drink drink it instead the healthier