How to fix a green swimming pool

I'm here again with my 15 by 42-inch

summer escapes pool and as you can see

we no longer have crystal clear water we

have nice green water so I've neglected

the pool for over a week no chemicals

not running the pump like I should I had

it on a 2 hour timer but you're not

putting chemicals in it it's really not

going to be good in the end we've had a

lot of rain and we've just not been out

here much so if you get this green nasty

water it's ok you can fix it so this

pool holds almost 5,000 gallons of water

so what you're going to need you always

want to double your shock so here we

have the I just picked this up at

Walmart it comes in two one-pound

bottles here so this treats up to 10,000

gallons so all we'll need is one of

these and I also went ahead and added a

chlorine tablet to this one here to our

sand filter so now that we've added the

chlorine we're going to add the shock

into the little skimmer here and we're

going to let the pump run for 8 hours

and then we will have crystal-clear

water if you'll check back on another

video I'm not sure how to put them


if you'll just check back in a few days

I'll have another video of the outcome

but it will I've done this many times

and it will clear your pull right up so

double your shock run your pump for 8


make sure chlorine is in there if your

shock says that it has the algae killing

in it you don't need any algae killer

it'll take care of it you might have

some leftover in the bottom of your pool

if you have a vacuum you should be able

to vacuum most of that out or just

stirring it up and running your pump it

will become clear enough in a day or two

the stuff that's on the bottom I mean it

will your your pool will clear back up

within 8 hours you'll have crystal-clear

water again

if you have any questions feel free to

ask don't drain your poll if you have

green water you can fix it like I said

if you have any questions please feel

free to ask and I'm going to show you

now before we go ad in the shop to the

skimmer just in case you were curious on

that so I'm going to switch my pump over

to run for 8 hours I'm going to turn it

on chemical right into the skimmer make

sure you don't have any cool floats and

things like that floating around in the

pool I'm sure some people do this

differently and that's okay but it works

for us that's all you got to do you'll

see it running through get the chlorine

tablet in there like I said run your

pump for about 8 hours and you'll have

crystal-clear water again now if you do

not have a sand filter and you have the

paper cartridge car filters it may not

work as well you may have to keep

rinsing your filters but eventually

you'll get there I would suggest in

upgrading to the sand filter it's really

been wonderful thank you