Why natural resource use matters?

why managing our natural resources


wata land soils food air minerals and

metals our whole civilization relies on

them to survive and yet strong growth in

the population from 7 billions a day to

up to 9 billion by 2050 means increasing

demand is depleting these vital

resources there is potential for serious

cassity's in the years ahead

if current practices continue water

scarcity and contamination

desertification air pollution loss of

biodiversity and land degradation will

be more critical in the years ahead

all of these eventually have an impact

on human health

it's hard to find the balance forests

for example are the habitat for 77% of

globally threatened birds the trade in

their timber and other forest products

is estimated at 330 billion US dollars a


however ecotourism generates 77 billion

US dollars in the same period and 60

million indigenous people depend on

these forests which also contribute to

the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people


ioann may can see the impact resource

use is having on the environment around

them they worry about what will happen

to their communities when the resources

are gone and what will happen to the

world in the near future

if this keeps going they can see how the

current use and management of natural

resources is affecting the environment

around them changing ecosystems and

impacting biodiversity therefore they

understand the need for audience change

and the importance of groups such as the

International resource panel hosted by

the United Nations Environment Program

the IRP is made up of eminent scientists

who study the global trends of natural

resource use the socio-economic and

environmental impacts of these trends

and the opportunities we have for a more

sustainable future

they try to answer the world's most

critical resource questions in order to

develop practical solutions for

government policymakers industry and

society because we are using more

resources than the planet can provide or

replenish the IRP is aim is to stealth

away from overconsumption damaging

production waste and eka logical ham to

a more prosperous and sustainable future

IO and May are relieved they are glad

that the IRP is around to support

governments industries and society as

the work to find a balance between

economic growth and the well-being of

the planet breaking the link between

natural resource use and harmful

environmental impacts they are also

happy to see those in their community

receive a sustainable source of income

and that the well-being of their

families is ensured want to learn more

about the international resource panel