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all right ladies and gentlemen i got

your watch that's coming in october 12

2020 and the stock market

is not going crazy we are going to have

an interesting week this week we have

earnings kicking off with the banks and

some health care companies however

considering last week we are expecting a

little bit more upside here but

there is nothing that should make us go

too crazy

except for leading into next week so

after we get

some companies this week we have

earnings next week and i think that's

when things are going to go crazy but

we still have a lot of stuff to look at

this week and i'm hoping that if i say

it's not going to be crazy it does

actually end up being crazy so

we have a lot to talk about i'm going to

explain what is happening in the stock

market this week everything to look for

from global events even the u.s and

there was some changes overseas that i

can't wait to highlight and show you but

a few different things that we're

watching this week we got the plays we

got the keys

everything else we're looking at

tomorrow i have a few specific set of

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so right off the bat first thing is

stimulus negotiation this is what we saw

last week this is definitely going to

dominate headlines again i think this

week but

we did see it take somewhat of a turn

this weekend even coming into the end of

this week if you guys even remember

it was a really weird couple of days

that led us up to higher points but

the stimulus was going back and forth

again that was this was the first week

after the trump health scare

so there was a few different things

going on but now with the stimulus


even on friday we saw one last like last

ditch effort that it was doing a little

bit better but again markets were

already up anyways but

that seemed to have gotten an egg

throughout the day and then finally we

got updates over the weekend of what


it looks like they're trying to do a

separate vote to get stimulus passed

through or just for the ppe the paytech


but it looks like both sides are kind of

getting frustrated even the white house

went up and this bailout is still of a

very large scale

so there was talks on it but it seems

like the fact that it's taking this turn

into both bipartisan sides kind of like

hey we just need to pass something

and you even see wall street where the

markets are at it looks like the market

really does think we're gonna get a deal

and a deal soon

the real question is if it happens

before or after the election and either

way though i think the market is just

guaranteeing that it's gonna come here

and it may not be as concerned with time


these headlines will dominate again i

would watch for any surprise or even


surprises or developments that could

change this another thing that's been

talked about this blue wave

and we're going to kind of see that a

little bit poke its head this week i

think but talking about

if biden did win again there was a lot

of that last week

but now you're kind of seeing that take

a little bit more effect but i want to


how that plays out and we'll watch the

bark and that's what i'm saying

surprises stimulus

this is hinting at what's going to

happen or even the price action of the

market will let us know there so watch

out for that

this week also too we are going to get

the bank earnings

so you're going to get like johnson and

johnson and a few other like decent

sized healthcare companies but there

isn't that many earnings this week it's

going to be the big banks jp morgan

wells fargo

those will be important but then next

week after this you're gonna start to

get a hundred companies a week and now

earnings season kicks off

it's gonna be important i hope you guys

are ready for that but we could even

start setting up for plays on that

now finally as far as global the rest of

this week

there is stuff with china i want to talk

about you are going to get some of their

trade data which can be important

we're going to have i think some retail

numbers and industrial production out

the u.s

there is an important date with the uk

on october 15th

with brexit and kind of following

through there so there's all of that

stuff but

china did make a big change this week

and one thing i want to highlight

is the currency and here is china's

currency strengthening with this chart

going down and really when we start to

like pull this out

you know 2015 was a really really big

event uh you guys have heard me talk

about that play we did like 2 000 into a

quarter million

this was a really big global volatile

event china was a part of that but what

it had to do with was the weakening of

the currency so

now you have a big strengthening and why

i'm bringing this all up because over

the weekend now

this has been one of the biggest

strengthening cycles for

the yuan and now this will affect oil

that's one thing i will say watch out

for but it has strengthened so much

that china now has implemented a rule or

they rolled back a rule that they

implemented in in september of 2015 to


one of their biggest weakening so pretty

much the chinese government is kind of

they want to bring back some weakening

here and this this is just interesting

from a macro perspective

remind me about this tomorrow we'll talk

about it but

the fact that they're tinkering with

this little rule is very very important

here but

as far as when it will come into

fruition we will see

but globally we're going to get data

from them this week amongst other things

and now like i'm saying pairing this

with oil

what's going on with the uk these global

events will be key to watch i think over

the next few weeks and then

depending on what happens domestically

here we will be able to see if there is

something or

direction that can point to winners and

losers in that instance so

it should be a simple and

straightforward week again there's going

to be a few different things we've

already been looking at

the question is going to be if there

really is any surprises or not

and if not we should have our work cut

out for us with earnings so i hope

you're ready but

that is pretty much it so let us get

into the plays

so right off the bat uh i have a few

different plays actually

uh from all different sets i'm actually

gonna get really i might get a little

bit aggressive coming into this week it

all depends what the market throws at us


first play i'm gonna be looking at

draftkings we need to average down on

that credit spread

i think i might have to do an average

and run pretty much i'm gonna look to

make a big average down

if the price goes against me bigger and

then i could just literally profit off a

much smaller move to just get me out of

there so

i'm still holding this draftking spread

we're down about five thousand dollars

on it

my average credit is a dollar twenty

four so if i could find a way

to raise that credit up to like three

bucks or something

and i only need the contracts to move a

dollar i might do that but

this is gonna be the moment of truth

this week on this play make sure you

guys pay attention

especially if you've been watching the

credit spreads because how we maneuver

this is going to be key

we talked about that last week because

depending on what was going on

with some of the other plays how we

average down decided to get out

those would it would make a really

really big difference between making a

lot or losing a lot so watch that play

that's the first one i want to watch but

i might even grab shares and why i'm

saying this

because they got upgraded so a lot of

people have been talking about i think

they got a recent one over the weekend

we might see more but people still like

it again i think it was just a bad

timing with the nfl news but that

offering but the offering was at a

higher price the stock is trading below

what they sold 1.5 billion at

i still like that so it's getting near

our entry price for the shares but i may


consider picking up shares this week as

well too it will depend what happens

with that credit spread but it's gonna

put me in a good position because

essentially if i lose

on the credit spread and it really

really does crater i'm gonna buy a ton

of shares if not and it goes back up if

i miss out getting shares i'll be able

to get a

pretty sizable amount of money back that

i'm already down on so

that's the first one and now in the same

breath again there's a lot of companies

that got these upgrades in that they've

kind of been these runaway stocks and i

like them

and i want to see this week some of them

have earnings next week and in the weeks

after that

some of them have already reported but

there's a big set of these tech stocks

i'll show you when we get to the chart

you'll see them but i like peloton etsy

snapchat pinterest

a lot of these stocks that have just

been the ones that have gone up

hundreds of percent in this last few

months but now they're still getting

upgraded kind of being seen as these

winners of kovid

i really really really like those so i'm

going to be looking at those again

just coming into earnings we want to be

able to see in time

that moment that we get some of those

earnings run up so those are companies i

want to be looking at but we will see

next in the spirit of kind of these

broader plays and hopefully you guys can

see i have companies

that i want with a broader thesis but

then also i'm looking at specific ones

this one you could tweak this idea you

could tweak this idea as well too

but i want to look for caesar puts i'll

show you on the chart they're up

and then airline calls pretty much i

kind of want to make a stimulus strangle

in a way

where we could get puts on the ones that

are really attractive for the puts and

then calls on the ones that are really

attractive for call so what i'm saying

by that might as well just show you guys

now like if you come to caesars you take

a look at them on the daily they're

they're up a lot even on the one year

you come up they're pretty much back to

these pre-covered levels so

the put is a lot more attractive on

downside if there isn't stimulus

or if they don't become a winner of the

stimulus you know you could see

they have more meat on the bone for the

downside but then we come to ual it's

literally 180 they're at the bottom so

it's like

i kind of want to do a straddle where

it's like hey who would the real winners

of losers be of the stimulus and kind of

picking and choosing so

i like that idea i'm going to look for

that tomorrow

i think that that play will also have a

lot of time to develop because

it is all dependent on the news so this

back and forth whipsawing with the

government stimulus congress

that will kill premium so timing is

going to be key

on a lot of these plays uh obviously and

then finally

the final play this one was a really

really weird one i made this on friday

i woke up and i like had like a dream

about truecar so i grabbed a thousand


that's the weird type of investment

that's why none of this is a

recommendation again

you guys can see the performance of

investing on dreams and listening to

homeless people

but i grabbed a thousand of these shares

and at

five dollars at 5 45 and then we also

did a quick options flip but that was

pretty much it we'll go over

that play true card i think was the only

other play that i made on friday

yeah i grabbed 100 of the november 20th

at 15 cents they shot up i sold 50 back

at 47 cents i made them free so i'm

still holding the other five but

i just like that play i think it's just

very very interesting but

i kind of like the value proposition

considering it's it's at the lower end

of the chart i guess

higher on the one year but we will see i

don't really have too much faith in that

play but that's why most of it isn't

shares we've already made it free the

key is

shared but as far as everything else

what i'll be looking for uh this week

there's other plays i like

dominoes if you guys remember why this

one caught my attention

we grabbed the domino's uh earnings


but they're expiring october 16th so i

believe is that this week

yeah that makes sense they're expiring

this week but there's a lot of contracts

that pretty much got

cheaper so you can see this this is a

continuation it's moving down but

i think i was a little too far out the

money i'm at the 350s it's still at 390

but you can see it shot up a little bit

at one point but then it came right back

down but

a lot of these contracts didn't go too

crazy or they would and then they would

depreciate fast so

i kind of like them on the put side but

if they have another third day of coming

down i think that'll be good but i'm

still in that play for the most part

just that break even

probably will expire worthless

considering that so maybe

even selling domino's puts too would be

a good one on credit spreads because if

this keeps dropping

and those puts are getting expensive but

ultimately not expiring in the money

that is what you want with a credit

spread so remind me about those too but

i also like snapchat we also have

october plays the in near the monies are

holding up but the ones outside of the

money are depreciating and that's what i

kind of like

with these plays then watch netflix two

this one's gonna be earnings and i

believe they report

next week too or the week after this

week but they are usually one

they have a good earnings run up i want

to see even with credit spreads but now

in the name of all these like earnings

runaways i know etsy got to upgrade i

believe twilio gotta upgrade

peloton and then pinterest and etsy

again both pinterest

i don't know if they got to upgrade but

i know etsy did but all of these are

those kind of you

they're kind of similar companies or

these kind of they have brand image in a

way they're kind of niche markets but

they've been they've been doing

different stuff i like them

but what i like about all of these plays

is that given the last few weeks there's

been some winners and losers

and this is making some of those options

cheaper so even though now

the stocks are going up and up and up

and up those out of the monies that

didn't appreciate as much

those are still cheaper so now we might

it's going to be a high risk to reward

because if the momentum stops you get

clapped there's a reason why those

contracts didn't go up but

this starts going crazy in earnings

there could be some pretty cheap

opportunities still

so watch all of those watch fedex again

that's another example we have those

fedex they're literally at breakeven

same philosophy we played it post


we've held it for a while so pretty much

all i'm talking about is theta

a lot of these contracts have had time

decay if they were out of the money

so they're either holding the same value

or not but there's still momentum and

this is usually what we like

you may miss the first leg but if you

could get the direction of the stock

and not having to pay as much money

that's actually the best thing you can


but control the balance and we'll see

and then finally ulta

doesn't have an upgrade or anything but

this is one of those post-earnings that

kind of reminded me of fedex we have

some of those plays

and then amazon they have their black

friday this week or their black friday

you know amazon day that they're doing

so that's going to be interesting i

think there's going to be good headlines

they could have a good earnings run up i

think this is just going to be a good


both earnings run up and credit spreads

we did we did a pretty good one last

week so

there is definitely some opportunities

we'll see and then finally

this was related to the chinese thing

again uup

and tlt will be important but i think

this week i want to take a look at gold

especially with china

so if that chinese currency stuff starts

to move i think

this even just made our theory a lot

more complex that's why i remind me

about that china thing tomorrow

we'll talk about it but i think chinese


might come back to play a bigger

influence and i think that influence is

going to be

felt through gold so depending on what

happens with the chinese currency

i think we might see a leading or

lagging indicator with gold so i hope

you're ready but

that is your watches ladies and

gentlemen mr hydra healthy ready to go

make sure you post your watch let's make

sure we see you there in the morning i

need the armor on i need the helmet

shining i need you ready to close out

the end of the year baby it's earning

season small good decisions control the

ballast catch all the batch i get the

lantern but

nicole loves you i love you and we'll

see you in the morning let's go