Fix Laptop Speaker Crackling & Background Distortion Sound Issue

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hey guys welcome back again and MJ

in this video I'll show you how to fix

laptops on crackling issue or laptop

background distracting sound issue to

what is will get for you so first is the

first method just right-click on your

sound icon or speaker icon and click on


value mixture and first select this

speaker open this beaker and here click

on enhancement and check on disable all

enhancements ok

after is simply click on apply and

number to advance in the ER was such

sound selected so you have to select

this one CD quality 16-bit level for one

double 0 and after this uncheck this one

option like a lot of little changes to

the control of this device uncheck this

form and then simply click apply at

pocket okay August a click on system

sound and go to communication and in the

communication check on the use the value

of other zone by 80%

after this simply click on apply and ok

so these are for Smith heart hopefully

this will fit a problem

Ava's long walks they are the second

option is here I'll go to setting and


updated security and then will

troubleshoot here zero option playing

are you open it and run D troubleshoot

so this will fix the minor issues of the

laptop song problem so try this okay

alright if it's not work then the third

option is right-click on this PC click

on manage here be careful what the skill

carefully ok and then click on device

manager and here accidentally sound

video and trans hold and game in control

so here it will show the speaker right

click together

I had click on update driver so first

subjective are online so it will

download the best suitable power from

the Orland so click on search article

for update fiber

if the all anti would not work then go

to browse my computer for try war click

on it and then click on let me be to fit

from Elysee click on it and it will show

the available Thai watch select it and

click Next ok got it

so do this do the same thing to ask of

all the world high definition audio


ok and after this after a British

restart your PC and hopefully this will

follow so let me know in comments which

met her or which option is work with you

so thank for watching guys catch the

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