How to Repair Laptop or Smartphone Speakers producing distorted sound.

good one really takes off distorted

sound from your laptops because our

mobile speakers as you can hear the

distorted sound from here

so we try to what we're taking out the

bottom cover

just remove the screws with this mark

here not this one you can see the

difference between this mark as well as

this so one more sketch pad this is the

LED backlight keyboard backlight for

strip display connector take it off

gently this is the power lock connector

this is the speaker here movie board PCB

gently this also channel resist a socket

keep it aside you can see the speaker's

here two speakers actually the method

which I'm doing now

I'll be showing you how to solve the

distorted sound comes because that is

how to repair the laptop or the

smartphones because just because which

are very hard to get even online so

these are the two speakers


as you can see the suspension are all

the diaphragm is now is totally broken

so that is the reason the coil is

vibrating and dashing to the surrounding

magnet and causing distorted sound so we

will try to solve this both this because

this is a little bit better this one

totally wrong we will try to solve it

now you will try to build the suspension

using silicone sealant for that first we

will make a cardboard size and make a

groove just take the cardboard depending

upon the size we need to make the group

depending upon the size of the

suspension we need

just make a grue of this kind this is

enough so that we can remove the excess

hold off silicon sealant to sleep so we

can eat just write it like this and

remove the excess amount of silicon

silicon gun and hang a big one you will

get a smaller also

you can kiss me take the car seat just

go on removing the excess silicone

actually I applied this method in few of

my clients because and you are working

fine from three month or two without any

distortion if the coil is burnt we can't

do this we need to replace the speaker

yourself but if the coil is but there

won't be any sound not even a distortion

or any beeping also totaling Hillsong

will be there that I we need to replace

the speaker itself



now leave it for Trang hospital is done

and better just pull the center down a

bit this way and keep it upside down

keep it upside down so that the coil

doesn't go inside if you keep it in this

way the coil will go inside and there

will be some distortion the coin should

come up outside so now you will do the

same thing for this peak ago

before applying that you can just clean

the speaker's see that they are dirty


let's leave it just tap it a bit so that

that Y will come now just leave it for

trying it we'll check it now as we can

see the speaker the silicon sealant is

dry and suspension oversleeping it's

working as a suspension with the

speakers see that you will apply

silicone sealant in a thin coating it

should not be too hard these are the

coatings which are the sound so now we

will fix it and check if you want to

confirm without fixing it also you can

check it once and then you can pass on

all the screws assembly it back

you see how the tables is also important

we just play important role some of this

clues and think on the screws


so for locking it after locking it pass

on all the screws will check for the

distortion sound resolved






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