Laptop sound distorted Windows 7

hi today we're looking at this sassani

their complaint about distorted sound to

speak on the right is a pretty clear no

problems the speaker on the left you

know sort of 30% 50% for you it's quite

badly distorted okay Windows 7 does

doesn't really have the audio the sound

balance like it used to heaven say like

the Windows XP so for example I just

press play here listen to this music

that next week is quite distorted okay

or you can do to get around it okay

come down to your sound icon all right

click to open it click on the speaker

all right so it'll open this one day

here in your levels they have balanced

okay although I don't really think it

works as a balance at more at more works

as a individual volume control for you

left in your right speaker so if I

reduce the left speaker the volume okay

okay now if I play turn up the volume

you see so now it's nice and clear

because I produced the the output to the

damaged speaker the problem was with us

as every time you reduce your bottom

back down to zero resets those settings

and increases the volume on both

speakers again so let's have a look at

it again and you seem to slaughter it

again so as long as you don't reduce the

volume back down to zero it will retain

those settings but now you know where to

go to individually adjust the volume for

each speaker and there might be only fix

if your speaker like this one as a

permanently damaged okay so thanks for

watching remember there's always a fix