Why is the sky yellow right now will be available soon

hey will sports will hear today we tell

you about what happened with the yellow

sky today see ya

you guys wouldn't know happened watch

this video so what happened trainee war

zone this video is not take me by the

way all aiming for our England

it won't have happened in u.s. the sky

was surprisingly great yellow this

afternoon which is crazy

this blue or black if it's um dark and

DeRay if you live in England

especially in Italy Nottingham I don't

and not like completely outside country

to where I live and I looked at the

window and you might have if you live in

England and you'll probably like blinded

not in a bad way but like you were like

wow why is the sky yellow it was like

really light yellow then about 20 mins

later it got really dark form definitely

got lighter again and darker again and

yeah it was really really cool I really

have feared it wasn't a solar eclipse or

a zombie apocalypse or any indication as

I said it was gonna be but it was really

really cool because in hurricane

hurricane appear I think it's pronounced

off Healy I don't know is hitting island

at the moment it's kind of like because

I live right next to England and they're

both UK it was like the dust from there

and I'm going to be doing some research

in a bit of watch this video says what

is it


hurricane of philia is a category 2

storm with a hundred miles per hour

winds that is crazy a hundred miles per

hour that's like crazy it's really far

and a little ocean video see ya just

absolute crazy gusts of up to 80 miles

per hour have been lashing the UK in


that's crazy and I'll see you witness I


open the window next eyesight's room

like bonfires let's find out why I'm not

going to share this video because I

don't get copyrighted but there is a

video I will let you guys hear this or

some of the crazy wins

hopefully it's not too loud but yeah

that's penis you could just hear like it

was really loud wind so yeah that was


this is Viet is crazy

which areas are affected seven island

has been issued a red Weber warning we

expect the worst

meaning people should take action to

protect themselves like stay inside

because it's crazy as a hurricane it's

so windy though it was insane

high winds are causing damage around the

country a yellow warning is a place this

is a yellow warning in a place for much

a Wales Scotland northeast England North

West England southwest England and the

Midlands I'm also there amber warning

and there's like orange if you don't

know and it's also a it's like a shade

of orange and it's like yes a gem it's

like a gem it's an issue into Northern

Ireland I still normal my swells and the

extreme south west of Scotland Scotland

what else nope nope yeah but it was so

oh okay

what that will it cause strong

winds could cause structural damage

upper trees ankles cow carts so depends

where you live it wasn't too bad so I'm

completely lady over side yeah let me

set it up how far away Nottingham is for

me Twila I'm not gonna say we're gonna

sleep let's see yeah like four hours

quite far away it's near Oxford if you

guys don't know I think that's wrong

um Oxford's not narrow at all

and it's yeah but 200 miles away or

where I live roughly yeah and yeah it

was insane it's the best ink but yeah it

depends where you live if I I don't know

if you guys even saw because most of my

view is the US but also UK it's really

windy I'm just sorry repeal the

window though some leaves are falling

down from the trees er by from garden

cuz I'm right next to my front garden my

house else the violet um no violet

violet tail whatever their weather

system could bring heavy downpours

through but like I say it's not that bad

here it's gone now it's still bit yellow

though it looks like it smells like

standing colored

and yeah like I said Nottingham that's

probably really affected and yeah

comment down below if you saw the yellow

sky what damage with it cause they have

been reported with burning smell across

the country yes

I smell that huge fires are burning in

Portugal it's also hit by oh so Opilio

so the hurricane also apparently hit

Portugal hurricane on earth

it hit Portugal which fell huge fires in

there all over the weekend so and yeah

they bought the fires I couldn't with

them so I don't know let's see forest

fires broke out acting central and all

areas of the country so as far as fires

that's mainly why but it was a really

really orange Sun today as well really

orange peel is also droids are and dust

in the UK which has made the Sun appear

went yet they haven't saw the Sun down

is like so red it was fluid trends in

the sky reports up the smell something

burning Twitter feed and yeah that is

what happened today

yeah thank you for watching guys they

also was quite good baby you throw a

guy's which would be one looks food


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