This Is Why The Bay Area Sky Was Orange, Red and Even Yellow

for many of us this morning the skies

look like we were

waking up on mars so what's the science

behind the sun taking on that orange or


look to it in the middle of the day well

it turns out

it's similar to what happens at sunrise

and sunset

it has to do if the smoke pollution

itself those tiny particles help to

diffuse and scatter out the shorter

wavelength colors like blue

and allow the longer wavelength colors

like red and orange to pass through

which is the reason why we get that

sunset orange and red in the middle of

the day

the more smoke pollution you get the

deeper the color of red you see in the


so it's a function of our wildfire smoke

taking our daytime sunlight

and turning into a sunrise or sunset

orange and red speaking of which if

you've taken some pictures and videos

you'd like to share with us please send

them on in

we'd love to share them on air and

online here at