God Loves the Infantry!!!!

military occupational specialty infantry

when the US Army is called into action

infantry lead the way and to be an

infantryman you must be physically and

mentally tough ready to meet hostile

forces supported by armored or

one-on-one and for this the army will

train you to fight in the field and in

urban situations that may include

nuclear biological or chemical

conditions you'll train to move quickly

on foot by armored vehicle or by

helicopter and you'll train to use all

the infantryman's weapons the m16a2

rifle the grenade launcher the squad

automatic weapon the machine gun hand

grenades mines demolitions and a light

anti-tank weapon further training based

on the Army's need will be as a specific

type of infantry as indirect fire

infantry and E armored infantry or

fighting vehicle infantry the classic

infantryman carries out patrols fires

his anti-tank weapon and calls for fire

support as part of a close-knit fire

team the indirect fire soldier supports

his unit with mortar fire and computes

aiming data for its next firing the

anti-tank soldier destroys enemy armor

using the potent tow missile by tracking

and firing then moving to the next

target the Bradley Fighting Vehicle

infantryman moves toward the enemy

across the battlefield then dismounts to

engage hostile forces face to face after

your initial entry training and advanced

individual training you'll work long

hours in the field day or night keeping

ready these M OSS can help you

transition from the military to the

civilian employment sector whenever and

wherever the army is called into action

infantry lead the way