Why is the Sky Blue?

hey everyone

god bless you thanks for tuning in my

reflection today is entitled why is the

sky blue

but before i get into that subject would

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i want to talk to you today about the

language of creation the language of


think of that incredible psalm psalm 18

uh in orthodox and

catholic bible psalm 19 in protestant


where the psalmist says the heavens

declare the glory of god

and the firmament proclaims the work of

his hands

day to day pours forth speech

night to night reveals knowledge there

is no place where

his voice is not heard creation speaks

it has a language it's communicating

things to us

this is not well understood today

because today most people think in a


way they they don't think of the divine

speech of creation they don't see the

hand of the maker necessarily or the


of the almighty behind all of creation

and what he's trying to communicate to


but it's clear that he is because the

psalmist says creation is literally

pouring forth speech messages

communication from god to us

and many places in holy scripture just

describe this not just

psalm 18 but romans 1 is another good

example where saint paul describes the

fact that

god's very nature uh is his invisible

nature his divine power is communicated

by create by creation

to such an effect that every human being

has to respond in a way to that

either by worshiping the lord god or not

this is a an important point

secular worldview a secular worldview

doesn't see the the meaning behind


and so uh the question of why is the sky


would only be considered from a certain

let's say

scientific perspective and not uh

obtaining an understanding of

meaning you know science is uh is okay

and fine and blessed as far as it goes

but it goes very short

it's it's intention and its ultimate uh

significance is very banal compared to

religious truth compared to

truth that is ultimate transcendent


that addresses questions of meaning

science can say

how something happens but science has

very little to say about why

if anything at all it's simply outside

of the purview

of science and so the the language of


what the message of creation is is

something that science just can't

address if you ask the person

why is the scientific person why is the

sky blue they would probably say because


diffuse radiation in the air

light radiation so the sunlight comes

into earth's atmosphere gases and

particles are in the atmosphere that


the diffusion and the scattering of the


blue as as far as the color waves go

are shoot in shorter patterns and


blue fills uh the sky

that is not why the sky is blue

that explains uh the physicality of

god's creation it doesn't

pose or answer the question why did god

make it that way

okay that's the structure that's the

mechanics of what happens to sunlight

when it comes to the earth

why did god make it that way that is a

question that

only transcended reality revelation can


science is mute on that question and

would like us to believe many scientists

that is not even a question that should

be posed and answered

we beg to differ as do the vast vast

majority of all educated civilized

people throughout human history who

don't accept this idea of the secular

world view where

you can't know anything except how

things work

no wiser proved unanswered

so here's the question

why is the sky blue well the answer is

found in scripture in fact

if you look for instance in exodus the

second book of moses called exodus

chapter 24 there you see an incredible

meeting a communion between the lord god


and moses and his brother aaron nadab

and abihu and 70 of the elders of israel

they go up the holy mountain sinai and

they actually sit with god and

the text says they see god they see god


him in his glory and under his feet what

do they see

a massive ocean of sapphire

blue is the color of sapphire

that same vision is something that was

given to saint john

the evangelist the beloved disciple uh

in the apocalypse in chapter four when

he was caught up and he saw the throne

of god

and he saw this incredible sea of

crystal glass

the text in exodus actually says that

the sapphire was cleared just like the


makes this connection between our blue

sky and the blue firmament

underneath the throne of god so what's

the message the sky is blue because when

we're looking

up in the biblical world view when we're

looking up we're looking at the under


of god's throne because god is in the

heavens and he rules

there and his throne is sitting upon a

sea of sapphire and so when you see the

blue sky you shouldn't just

think about uh light waves you should

think about the fact that

the lord is with you that your god is a

great king

ruling over all the earth and that he is

above and he's governing all things

because he is

a great king that is who god

is and this is the message of the blue

sky of course

many other aspects of creation

all in fact every single aspect of

creation is infused with meeting and was

brought forth from nothing by the

almighty creator

for reasons for very important reasons

and it's

high time for secular man to recover


and for believers uh to look at the

world through the

eyes of faith the eyes of revelation

at least as much if not more than

through the eyes of science so

this is important for us

the message of the blue sky is also

important for us today

particularly the blue sky to remember

that the lord god reigns

because secular man has grabbed the

throne of god the secular man has

become infatuated with his own

accomplishments and it's important for

us to remember

in texts of scripture like psalm 2 why

do the nations rage and the people's

plot in vain

they attempt to cat to cast off the

cords of god and

he who sits in the heavens laughs it


the lord holds them in derision he says

to a son ask of me and i will give you

the very nations

for your inheritance you'll rule them

with a rod of iron

and then the psalmist has a message take

heed o kings of the earth you who rule

this world serve the lord with fear

and rejoice in trembling kiss the feet

of the sun

kiss the feet of christ lest you perish

in the way this is an important message

that the blue sky is

announcing to us every aspect of life is

under the hand of the lord

this is why in our churches in orthodox

churches we have

the pantokrater in the dome we are


when we come into the presence of god in

the church and we join the divine


we're remembering at that moment that

the lord god is in heaven

that his throne is there and that he is

the almighty

the pantokrator and we are joining him

heaven and earth are being joined


in the divine liturgy and he

is all powerful he governs all he has

those massive shoulders in the icon

this is a message to us not to allow our

burdens to remain

on our shoulders but to do what saint

peter says cast

your cares upon the lord because he

cares for you he has the shoulders

as the ruler of the world as our great

king to bear our burdens

and not allow them to crush us it's very

important to pass our burdens onto him

and to remember that there's no aspect

of life that is not governed

by he who sits in the heavens by he who

is ruling all things

every single adam moves

at his direction every aspect of


is in submission to the lord god he's

not a weak

god he is the one god the father

almighty he combines both the heart of a

father for

us and almighty resources to put into


all the good intentions of his love that

he intends for us

this is the message of the blue sky and

it's very important for us in these days

of uh secular arrogance

when we have thrown off in our minds uh

the rule of god

and even his church is being played with

by those who have earthly power

they are nothing they are nothing

they're just think of the

story the first book of moses genesis of

the tower of babel genesis 11

and how the great rulers those who had

so much talent and power

decided that they were going to build

the great ziggurat and they were going

to ascend to heaven and join heaven and

earth by their

by their ladder instead of trusting god

to uh

make a ladder of his own by sending his

christ here

and the text that moses records says

that though they thought it was so great

god had to

the text says he kind of had to look

down he had to

squint even to see the great tower

what is that little pea growing down

there that that was god's attitude


the great tower of babel right the

greatest construction of man's wisdom

that was to you know connect heaven and

earth god just

laughed and as a result he punished man

and scattered our languages

to our our

ever-growing arrogance the blue sky is

an important witness brothers and


a very important witness we celebrate

here in america for our american viewers

we celebrate

independence day tomorrow july 4th

is a very important day in american life

as we

remember the declaration of independence

and our

nations pushing off a tyrannical uh

english rule and throne

of george iii who was a grotesque tyrant

that uh celebration tomorrow is a

declaration of independence from

political tyranny

of sinful men on the earth not a

declaration of independence from god

in fact many today in america are

functioning and

proclaiming an independence from god

from his rule

from his governance from his sacred laws

that kind of declaration

is as hopeless and arrogant and

ridiculous as

were the efforts of the builders of the

tower of babel

and those who are mentioned in psalm 2

as wanting to throw off the governance

of god

the lord will hold them in derision we

declare our dependence on god every time


rejoice in the blue sky and we remember

that the lord reigns

let the peoples tremble and we kiss the

feet of the sun and show our

humble and thankful

submission to his great and glorious

reign in our lives he is the king of

kings and the lord of lords we call

jesus kyrios

this is a political term and more he is

our king he is our ruler and we

are his humble disciples and his loyal

subjects this is the uh

importance of our

uh remembering the blue sky and it's so

important obviously because god

fashioned it so that we could look and

see it all the time

there's many other messages in creation

that the scriptures unpack for us things

like the significance of

trees the significance of the ocean

the significance of sand very important

message from sand

the clouds the rivers

lightning bolts the rainbow oof

i am tempted to do a vlog on each one of


aspects so that we can while we are

living in this beautiful world that god

has made we can understand the wise

we can hear the message of creation

since the heavens declare the glory of

god and the firmament is proclaiming

the work of his hands day to day pours

forth speech night tonight reveals

knowledge what is that speech

what is he saying the ears of faith

must interpret the message of creation

and please don't be satisfied simply


the very simplistic

or limited words of science

don't be so wowed by that

study it for sure but study it as a

person of faith

as a person who knows that there's much

more than the how than the mechanics

there's also the important why behind


for our american viewers i especially

want to wish you a wonderful day of uh

independence tomorrow on the 4th of july


in this time when so many in the

activist movement and so many in the


are parading the sins of america

incessantly uh before our eyes and

stoking contempt

and hatred for the country that still

everyone in the world seems to want to

come to uh

it's important at this time to step away

from that uh

propaganda as though uh somehow we're

supposed to hate our country because of

our national sins

i i guess in some people's minds you

should only love perfect countries

thank god god doesn't just love perfect

people or none of us would be loved

we're called as christians to love our

nation that doesn't mean covering over

its national sins

uh that at all but it also means

meditating upon its virtues

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christians to do

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