★ How to: Stop Tomatoes Splitting their Skin (A Full Information Video)


it stays projectory I will give you some

helpful information on how to stop it

tomatoes from splitting

hi and welcome to project Diaries in

today's video I want to talk to you

about why your Tomatoes are splitting

now I'm going to share a little secret

with you my dad and I have been

unofficially having a tomato growing

competition this year

and my dad is a well-seasoned grower of

many different things and obviously I'm

a novice I'm only learning as I go with

these projects but this year I'm not

going to say whose is whose but this one

has been grown with multi-purpose

compost bought from a store and with

commercial fertilizers and feeds and

this one even is a little bit smaller

this is completely organic

it's been grown with homemade compost

and seeded from food waste now these are

both exactly the same variety of

tomatoes but one is having a severe

problem now this is actually a

physiological problem

this means it's nothing to do with any

diseases or pests this is to do with the

nature that the tomato is actually

growing and you'll find this will

actually happen at this time of year

when you've gone all the way through the

growing process you've nurtured your

plants to a really good height

your tomatoes are going green turning

sort of pink and then going to the red

stage now you're fine this may happen

now the problem is it's just basically

down to two things one is a rapid

temperature change now as you know we've

been we've been having terrible weather

here it's why I've have been really

humid during a day and it's been raining

in the evenings or vice versa and that

is basically a breeding ground for this

problem so what happens is if you're not

regularly watering your plants and

sometimes you know if it rains really

hard they get saturated and then you

have a few really nice sunny days which

exactly what we've been getting the

tomato skin can't expand quick enough so

what it is is the say the the the plant

itself is becoming really thirsty and

then when it rains it sucks up as much

water as possible and that's all within

the inside that's why tomato is really


but the skin slightly tougher so

basically it becomes dehydrated and

shriveled and then it soaks up all the

water and it becomes bigger on the

inside and that's why the skin starts

splitting now once you have this problem

it will then start opening your Tomatoes

up to diseases now I've already covered

blossom end rot in another video this

isn't that but it may cause other pests

to come in tomorrow horn worms and other

sort of fungal bacterias such as grey

mold now once this splitting as a curb

is really hard to even cope with the the

problems because it's a nature issue now

the only way that I think you can try

and prevent this is to mulch your tomato

plants now you can use a bark or

anything that you've got that's going to

keep in the moisture and keeping the

temperature to the roots and if you know

it's going to be a cold evenings or cold

days you want to move your tomato plants

if you can if you're growing them in

containers to a warmer part of the

garden that gets at least five hours

sunlight a day

if it's getting the shade early this is

going to cause damp situations during

the evening or day and that's that's

then going to open you up to sort of

powdery mildew and other kind of

bacterias and fungal diseases so

hopefully today it has been a good good

video for you to know exactly why your

tomatoes are splitting like I'd say the

end of summer when everything to come in

to harvest is exactly when this is going

to happen so try to keep that watering

under control try to keep the

temperatures the best way that you can

either bring them in a greenhouse or

just try to keep that soil temperature

as regulated as possible and hopefully

you won't have this problem that either

me or my dad has been having this year

well anyway I hope you've enjoyed

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