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hi in our skintone having uneven

patchiness on the face is quite common

the spatulas can occur as dark spots on

the forehead dark spots on the side of

the face and sometimes around the mouth

so in this video I'll be discussing what

other causes for darkening around the

mouth and how we can treat it at the end

of the video I'll be telling you some

home remedies that you can do in order

to reduce their darkening around the

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card me press key g so what are the

causes for darkening around the mouth

first is drooling of saliva if while

sleeping you tend to drool then you get

these vertical lines that extend from

the side of the angle of the mouth up to

the chin okay so these lines can be

present on both sides and will be

prominent on the side on which you sleep

more so in saliva drools on your skin it

can lead to irritation of the skin

redness which resolves with darkening if

while chewing or while speaking you have

saliva that gets stuck in the angle of

the mouth this can also lead to

darkening of the angle of the mouth

second reason is forcing or licking off

lips so if you have a habit of passing

your lips licking and smacking your lips

then this can lead to darkening of the

lips as well as the area around your

mouth habitual rubbing of the skin

around the mouth can also lead to dark

green due to friction even perioral

dermatitis can lead to darkening around

the mouth perioral dermatitis is a

common condition which occurs mostly in

middle-aged to women it presents as

small multiple papules and pustules

around your mouth so you can develop

multiple red dots on your face and

sometimes even bus points it is usually


but sometimes it can lead to irritation

kind of a burning sensation and

sometimes even itching can occur when

these lesions results they can also lead

to darkening around your mouth if you're

using steroids on your skin for minor

conditions such as just little

irritation or scaling around your mouth

if you have a habit of using steroids on

a regular basis then when you stop using

the steroids

there can be darkening in this area so

you really want to avoid using steroids

around the mouth even a can truces

nigricans can lead to darkening around

the mouth so along with dark being

around the mouth if you have dark mean

in areas such as the forehead the size

of the face the neck armpit and groin

this could be acanthosis nigricans

unique and ptosis nigricans

along with dark mean you also see

thickening of the skin so the skin might

appear a little velvety and thickened

but initially when it starts it just

starts as dark patch around your mouth

they may not be any technique but over

time you may notice that the skin has

thickened and it's appearing more

velvety there's a condition called

macular amyloidosis in which you can see

darkening around the mouth so in macula

a minor doses you see these dark patches

on the upper part of your back on your

forearms mealy on the extensor aspect

and also around the mouth and sometimes

on the forehead as well

so in macular my lordosis there is the

position of a substance called amyloid

in the deeper layer of the skin that is

the dermis so this amyloid is deposited

on the upper layer of turn dermis this

is why there is hyperpigmentation seen

on the skin this is a very difficult

condition to treat this condition

usually runs in families

so if you have darkening around the

mouth along with darkening in the upper

side of the back as well as arms it

could be macular melioidosis

even contact dermatitis can lead to

darkening around the mouth you could be

allergic to cosmetics that you use or

even toothpaste or any kind of lip care

products that you're using if you are

allergic to these agents there can be

irritation redness and darkening around

the mouth over time so if you have any


redness or irritation while using your

cosmetic products and toothpaste then

you want to stop using them and consult

your dermatologist even intake of

medications can lead to darkening around

your mouth this is known as fixed drug

reaction so you may have an allergy to

certain drugs such as non-steroidal

anti-inflammatory agents or even certain

antibiotics certain tetracycline

these can also lead to darkening around

the mouth you may have fixed drug

reaction which means that every time you

take a medicine you develop a round red

lesion around your mouth so when these

lesions heal they leave behind dark

patches on the skin so if you have

noticed darkening around the mouth after

taking certain type of medicines you

want to stop taking the medicine and

also bring this to your doctor's notice

darkening around the mouth could also be

constitutional meaning that there is no

underlying cause but there is an

unevenness of the skin tone without any

real reason this tends to run in

families if you have family members with

darkness around the mouth around the

eyes then there's high chance that even

you will develop this so how do we treat

darkening around the mouth once you find

the cause we have to take proper

measures in order to treat the

underlying condition so I will be

discussing the treatment according to

the cause it's the first ruling of

saliva so if you have drooling saliva

then you want to apply a thick

moisturizer around your mouth before you

go off to sleep everyday before going to

bed you want to apply a thick

moisturizer a bland moisturizer like a

Vaseline petroleum jelly around your

mouth this will help in protecting the

skin so that the saliva is not gonna

irritate or darken your skin if you have

a habit of passing your lips rubbing or

licking your lips then like I said

before you have to break this habit that

is the only way that the skin can heal

and then the darkness can lighten over

time if you have perioral dermatitis

then you will have to be on certain

anti-inflammatory medications in the

form of oral tablets or even creams such

as tacrolimus this has to be applied for

about a month to

six weeks till the lesions results you

want to make sure that you're not using

any steroid cream on this area as well

as not using any fragrance products so

you don't want to stay away from

fragrance and color products if you have

perioral dermatitis because you could

react to it

if darkening is due to history of

steroid use then you will have to stop

using the steroid cream and also use

other anti-inflammatory creams such as

tacrolimus around your mouth along with

use of moisturizers and sunscreens

whenever you stop using steroid cream

this area tends to get darkened and

becomes more sensitive to the effects of

sun so you want to make sure that you

protect this area by applying ample

amount of sunscreen before you go out if

darkness due to a cantos is nigricans

then we have to check your fasting and


insulin levels and fasting and prandtl

blood sugar levels if your insulin

levels are raised then you might have to

take metformin tablets for a period of

about three to six months

once you insulin levels get controlled

the skin does tend to get lightened

along with intake of metformin tablets

you will also have to lose weight okay

so your BMI needs to be below 25 you'll

have to make certain lifestyle changes

to keep your weight under check mackerel

amyloidosis is very difficult to treat

because this amyloid deposit is present

in the dermal region it is very

difficult to get rid of it without

injuring the skin and causing scarring

so this may be our difficult condition

to treat if you have contact dermatitis

to cosmetics and toothpastes you will

have to stay away from looser cosmetics

use only bland moisturizers and also use

a non fluorinated toothpaste if the

darkening is due to fixed drug reaction

you will have to make a note of the

medicines which is implicated and have

to avoid using them and search for an

alternative if there is no underlying

cause for darkly and it is

constitutional then it is very difficult

to treat we can use few skin lightening

agents to help in lightening it it may

never completely go away but we can

improve it to a certain extent so what

creams can help in reducing the darkness


the mouth creams containing kojic acid

are butan niacin amide or vitamin c can

help in reducing their darkening around

your mouth so you could go for cream

such as clear zed cream by luma cream

goji vet cream or even d melon cream we

have a detailed review on de melon cream

you can click on the iCard above to

watch you have to make sure that you use

these greens for at least six to eight

weeks in order to see the improvement

darkening around the mouth responds very

slow to treatment you'll not be able to

notice improvement within a few weeks so

you have to be very diligent with

treatment and use these creams regularly

for at least two months before you can

see improvement if you have darkening

along with redness around your mouth you

may have to use certain creams that

contain tacrolimus which helps in

reducing the inflammation and calming

your skin down so that it heals without

darkening I suggest you visit your

dermatologist if you have any kind of

redness around your mouth as with any

other condition where there's dark me

sunscreen is a must so you have to apply

sunscreen regularly on your whole face

and make sure you apply a liberal amount

of sunshine around your mouth if you

have sensitive skin you want to stick to

a plain zinc oxide sunscreen such as sun

stop silk sunscreen or a set screen

sunscreen these sunscreens contain only

zinc oxide and you'll be able to

tolerate it better even my chemical

peels can be done to reduce the rock

nomura on the mouth we can use lactic

acid or low concentrations of glycolic

acid sometimes even mandelic peels

arginine peels can be done in order to

reduce the darkness you will have to

take multiple sessions of these

treatments sometimes about four to five

sessions space that two to four weeks

duration you will have to follow strict

sun protection and your skin lightening

agents whenever you are taking chemical

peels you could also go for a few

sessions of q-switched Indy a Glaser so

this laser tends to break down the

pigment into small fragments then your

body cells will remove these fragments

from the skin after taking multiple

sessions will be

you notice lightening of the spots

around your mouth if none of these

modalities help or you want to tight

over the period in which the results of

the modalities haven't completely set in

then you can use a certain camouflage

creams to hide the darkening around your

mouth so you can use concealers and

foundation in a very small quantity just

on the dark spots you can also you a

certain color corrector concealers like

if you have redness you can use a green

concealer or if you have darkness you

can use a concealer with a slightly

reddish or an orange issue to sit help

in reducing the appearance or darkening

around the mouth now I'll tell you

certain home remedies that you can do to

lighten the skin around your mouth you

can rub a slice tomato around your mouth

tomatoes have lycopene in it this tends

to lighten the skin so you can just

slice a tomato and rub it around your

mouth leave it on for about 15 to 20

minutes and wash it off with cold water

and apply moisturizer and sunscreen you

can do this every day in about 4 weeks

we'll be able to notice an improvement

you can also apply potato juice around

your mouth so create a potato squeeze it

take the juice out and apply it every

day at night around your mouth you'll

have to do this every day for about 4 to

6 weeks before you can notice

improvement you can also use a mixture

of corn and honey and apply it around

your mouth God will help in lightening

the skin and honey will help in soothing

the skin out so if you have a little bit

of red bumps or any kind of itching or

irritation around the mouth honey will

help in soothing that down so you can

apply this mixture leave it on for about

20 to 25 minutes and wash it off with

cold water and immediately apply

moisturizer so there you go a detailed

video on darkening around the mouth I

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