The US Senate. What Does the Senate do?

The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the United States Congress where a member

would be called a Senator.

Let’s take a look at how the US Senate operates with the other parts of the government to

establish the solid foundation of US democracy.

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Mike Pence the Vice President of the united states also serves as the president of the

senate along with another 100 Senators.

As of 2017, the number of women serving as senators reached a record of 21 senators.

A good progress considering that before 1992 the US senate positions were completely filled

by men.

The Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution points out that each state can elect 2 senators

for the period of six years through voting booths.

When it comes to parties, the republicans now have the majority in the senate with 52

republican senators in comparison with 46 democratic senators.

That is of course in addition to the 2 independent senators.

And since voting is the way of taking decisions in the senate, this would make the republican

goals and objectives more achievable.

Now let’s talk about the powers of the US Senate.

The US Senate has the power to conduct impeachment trials and serve as both the jury and the


The Senate also has the power to accept or reject the president’s nominees for Ambassadors,

Ministers and Judges of the Supreme Court.

The average age of the current US Senators is 61 years old.

Which makes sense since the word senator comes from a Latin word meaning “old man”.

Regardless, the constitution requires that the elected senator should be only 30 years


Several states have even elected Senators in their late twenties in violation to this

age requirements.

The most noticeable example is Joe Biden who was elected in the state of Delaware at the

age of 29 and later on became the Vice President of the United States.

So, what does it pay to be a US Senator?

It was reported that a US Senator can be paid around 165,000 Dollars a year.

Not bad don’t you think?

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