How to fix Security Light Flashing Vehicle Won't Start PROBLEM SOLVED

okay hopefully this helps some people

because I ran into this problem a long

time ago it was right before I had to

head out to an appointment needed to be

on time took my keys put it inside the

ignition tried turning it and it

wouldn't turn on nothing you'd see

security light is flashing check gauges

it's not what take the key out try it

again turns right off so my

understanding what do you need to do

take the key out give it just a second

I'm gonna put the key in I'm gonna turn

it just about to the position where I'm

about to start it but not turn it over

right there

then I'm gonna leave it there for a

while and from the information that I

looked up what it does is relearn's the

key for whatever reason it was reset

wasn't working I jumped in my van ready

to go try to turn it on and the security

light started flashing and it will not

turn on and stay on so I'm gonna sit

here for a little bit I'm not gonna do

anything just watch it and keep the key

in that on position

okay it stopped flashing and let's see

if it works perfect working now

there you go if your security light is

flashing this is a 2000 Chevy Express

Van if it's flashing and your vehicle is

not starting there's a good chance that

you need to reprogram the key all you've

got to do is stick your key inside the

ignition turn it to the on position

leave it there wait five minutes or so

seven minutes ten minutes until it stops

flashing once it stops flashing you

should be good to go hopefully you found

this useful