Graceland Memphis | Graceland Tour Review

this is the famous gate of the great fan

a little famous gate

yeah all right fun fact to get started

Graceland visited by 700,000 people

annually so that's a fair few people

that roll roll through them it is the

second most popular house visited in the

United States of America so let that

whet your appetite let's get started

hey guys welcome to the lanes and today

we're going to review the Graceland to a

located in Memphis the home of Elvis

Presley as everyone knows and the exact

reason we traveled to Memphis in the

first place just to go and check out

took off one of my bucket list items in

Graceland so let's get to the let's get

to the shuttle bus and check it out ok

to get to Graceland you can either drive

there yourself this plenty of parking

around Graceland they occupy both sides

of the moat are the highway or like us

you can jump in the shuttle get that all

the way up to Graceland and from there

you'll start your tour at the Visitor

Center where you'll get your tickets

look your time and then jump on the

Elvis Presley tour bus which takes you

all the way across the road you go up

through those world-famous gates of

Elvis right up to the front door and

that's when your tour starts so when you

get out your arm

you've got your iPad you've got your

headphones the tour's hosted by Mario

Mario Lopez and somehow someway when you

go into different rooms that's when he

starts talking about different facts of

the room and different artifacts I

suppose so it is absolutely fantastic

and pinpoint with accuracy so we really

really enjoyed that as well some of the

rooms you can see how they would have

been absolutely stunning back in the 60s

and 70s state-of-the-art however if

you're looking at them from today's

point of view there's no there's no LCDs

or plasmas or iPads or any of that

technology but you can see where he's

sat back watched all the football and

all those good things back in the now

the old days what the tours like you do

get access to full the full property as

well which we really like the only part

you cannot access is level 2 so I really

really like that when we went to

Alcatraz I felt like it was a little bit

you where you're stuck in one or two

areas where Graceland you've got full

access so that was really really cool


there is around 14 hectares of land to

check out okay so my favorite room in

Graceland was it was probably two of

them it was the the media room which had

a it's just so many TVs all set up and

in the jungle room that's where I

actually learned about the note the

pretty little thing waiting for the king

down in the jungle room that's what I

saw when I figured out that the pretty

the pretty young thing was a Lisa Marie

so once you have finished jump over to

the the visitors center and try one of

Elvis's famous sandwiches that he's

snacked on we weren't big fans but when

in winter run you got to do what the

Romans do so make sure you try one of

those world-famous sandwiches that Elvis

loved so guys that pretty much sums up

the Graceland tour the rest is up to you

go check it out because it is as I've

said a few times

absolutely fantastic possibly if not the

best till we're done anywhere we've ever

traveled so get out there check it out

and drop some comments if you got any

other questions

let's go