TheDailyWoo - 591 (2/12/14) No Entry To Graceland

welcome everyone Adam the whoo here

you're just looking at this bustling

thoroughfare of traffic but little do

you know until now you didn't know a

minute ago unless you read the

description let's say you didn't read

the description but now you know what

you didn't know a minute ago you were

standing in the gracious presence of the

home of Elvis Presley Graceland right

here in Memphis that's right it's icy

it's not snowy so snow flurries are

falling down but there is a little ice

on the ground so I have to be careful as

I walk along this I don't want to slip

and fall because then I'll be all shook

up it's my second channel daily blog

channel Elvis Presley's majestic home is

right over there and I'm going to show

you where he used to live he died in

1977 but he still lives on in the hearts

of thousands hundred thousands and

millions of people including mine

because I have a vicarious tie-in with

Elvis Presley the king of rock and roll

I was born in the same town he was

Tupelo Mississippi which is about an

hour or two maybe two hours from here

about east ish from here me and him were

born in the same town actually did a

full video of all his old stomping

grounds as a child you can find that

just google Elvis Presley Adam the whoo

on YouTube and you can find it I'm not

going to show you too much of this one

because I can't get in because there's

security Shack over there and it's too

early for me to enter the premises I

have missed the window to go into the

meditation garden unfortunately so much

to show you Graceland from the road and

I'm also going to show you this look at

this it's the Lisa Marie Elvis is

playing right there look

that is awesome it's a full airliner

right here that Elvis used to fly in

that is really cool I can spend hours

out here unfortunately I only have a few

minutes I've got to get back to the

hotel because today we have a long

lengthy drive like 404 and a 50-mile

Drive to Oklahoma City

to play a show there tonight so we only

have a few minutes in Memphis which is

actually good because I would rather do

a full video later when I come back

through spend some time in Memphis go to

Sun Studios which I haven't done yet

which is also down the road where Elvis

record of snow is very first tunes and

then also do a full tour at a full video

of Graceland I don't want to show it to

you yet I want to queue to keep your

eyes focused on that what kind of a jet

is that I know what Elvis's jet but

what's the exact tightest out of 747

million a 747 or a 727 or a 7 Elvis

7 I don't know what I'm trying to say

look at this all this over here it's

like a little gift shop area but we're

not allowed to enter here no entrance do

not enter

do not enter even though there's all

kind of Elvis memorabilia on the walls

and that's right right over here let's

cross over let's cross over look at this

walk it says walk so we're gonna we're

gonna jog I wonder if you get a ticket

for jogging whoa look it's the king

right there look Elvis Presley on the

ground it's hard to jog when you get

stopped by the awesomeness of Elvis

right there in the middle look I am a

huge Elvis fan not only because the

reasons I told you about but also

because of what he was what he created

in the awesomeness that he became he's a

legend and here is a little memorabilia

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo

Mississippi in 1935 of course passed

away in 1977 so you can come out here

you can actually write your name on the

wall look at this all these people all

these people right here have gave their

Elvis memories look at all this writing

tagged up sharpies

very cool look at this this is awesome

lots of Elvis stuff Elvis writings

people love some Elvis love them some

Elvis and right over this are you ready

are you ready shunka gonk gonk gonk gonk

gonk gonk gonk gonk gonk agog

can you see it that is Graceland right

back there look at the snow flurries

coming down that is actually it I have

waited a long time to come out here to

visit Graceland look I hijacked the

bands of an this morning the hotel is

down there only about a couple miles

about a mile and a half two miles I

figured heck it I need to go out there

and pay my respects not only to Elvis

but also this majestic house right here

it's not really in the best neighborhood

it's kind of in a bad neighborhood

you drive through the bad regions of

Memphis and then you are blessed with

this sugar cone come come

now this Darlene Perez look at this

Darlene Perez loves Elvis that is cool

man it is really cold I went up to the

guard shack and there were two women

walking down the driveway and they said

you just missed it you just missed it I

said excuse me what did i just miss and

they informed me that from 7:30 to 8:30

a.m. every morning they actually open up

the driveway and you can walk all the

way up there and get photos in front of

the house also visit I think where the

little meditation garden is where he's

buried but I missed it and the tickets

will go on sale over here till later so

I pretty much I'm not going to be able

to visit inside Graceland today but I'm

just going to look at it as a positive a

glass is half full guy not a glass is

half empty so this gives me the ability

to come back later on and film a full

video here at this awesome place if

you're in Memphis get a hold of me maybe

in a month or two I can come back

through we can all do a little Meetup we

can do a vicarious adventure video for

my other channel the atom the wheel

channel about this right here look at


speaking of my main channel the out on

the roof channel I uploaded a video on

there yesterday so hopefully subscribe

to this one and also vicariously Gore

which is my Adam delusional and check

out some of the majestic goodness is

well not only of this a lot of

majesticness going on I don't think this

right here is anywhere less majestic

than my main message out of the blue

channel I don't even know I'm trying to

say it's very cold what I was trying to

say is my other channel the out of the

blue channel is nowhere near as majestic

as these open gates that are tempting me

to go through I just want to walk right

through there but I tried and the woman

in this little guard shack right here

she just was not having so you know I'm

gonna have to do I'm gonna have to

continue walking I'm just going to

continue walking it hair look at that

right there look at the case that's

awesome I actually did a video in

Orlando Florida around Orlando there is

a person who did a recreation of Elvis

Presley's Graceland in Orlando smaller

version but they had these same gates

but I hate to tell you Orlando Florida


this is the real Graceland gate right


whoa look how old-school this is vintage

look at this that's the original button

you just press that right there you

press that right there and Elvis Presley

will answer ello that's the way you talk


that's not how Elvis really talked but I

bet you would find out if you press that

right there if you just go back a few

decades before 1977 if you would have

pressed that little button let's get

another look at that button if you would

have pressed that button right there you

know who you would have talked to the

king of rock and roll look at this

that's a silhouette of him on the gate

and there it is right up there look that

is awesome

that is cool let me get a little step

back here that's it followed him up to

the gates of Graceland and he watched

him walk right through now security they

did not see the whoo as he fumbled

around his tomb there's a pretty little

thing make sure you subscribe and I'm

gonna go back in the van and get a ride

I'm walking in Memphis I don't even know

what I'm singing it's early I do have

some caffeine so I'm going to go back

get my caffeine and I'm going to let you

guys go oh there's a little placard down

here too erected in 1982 by the Elvis

Presley International Memorial Museum

very cool you a fan of Elvis even if

you're not you have to appreciate this

because look Elvis Presley will never be

forgotten I think that's true as a

cultural icon kind of like James Dean

Marilyn Monroe but it made Marilyn

Marilyn not my bro Marilyn Monroe but I

think Elvis is probably bigger than them

it was actually a sign down there a

quote that John Lennon made without

Elvis there was nothing have a great day