Elvis Presley Graceland Upstairs Guesthouse We Stay 2 Nights The Spa Guy


all right friends so we are at Graceland

this morning filming and we are going to

take you on a journey to the top of

these steps I know that you all are

wondering what is at the top of these

steps at Graceland

and we're going to take you up here on

an adventure so we're going to look

around just stay tuned friends come with

won't you let's do it come on let's go

so friends if you like me you have stood

at the bottom of these steps in

Graceland and wondered just what is it

at the top of these steps that they

won't let us see so today I'm going to

go to the top of the steps and I'm going

to take a look around and tell me what

it is right now it is

elevators friends thank you very much

you've been a beautiful audience so this

is the new hotel the guest house at

Graceland and we're going to stay there

friends so that staircase is one of the

features at the guest house at Graceland

which is right next door to Graceland to

the left of Graceland you can actually

stay here and then visit across the

street and all that kind of stuff so

stay tuned friends I want you to come

let me show you around in this hotel so

here we go friends it's my first time in


can God look like Elvis a lot really

amazing you see it all the time so this

is the gift of Graceland from the four

yay sounds great all the way around

again though

they have Starbucks breakfast and

everything just like a real Starbuck

which is nice and then there's the EP

keepeez Bar and Grill this is cool this

looks just like the house that is fun so

we're staying in Southtown

say I love that now is that case an echo


what you think you record Jailhouse Rock


it is tasteful yet they tried to do with

Ali's stuff slappy whoa hey you might

not be saying that kind of stuff that

Elvis fans are going to hear you okay

why'd you get ready for the hate mail


they've got that thing looks like the

gates of Graceland right down here make

a nice pool area very modern very nice

this is the bathroom


nice shower the closet loo

so guys Lana's right over here and the

airplanes over there but they tore down

all the other buildings I'm going to get

over there and get video some right here

flames this is the South Tower the guest

rooms are down here they have the guest

theater on the far end Grand Ballroom

country blues gospel Delta's kitchen

founders room a piece Bar and Grill

Lobby Lounge that's the what Starbucks

is that or actually he or she trundling

go right in there you see they got the

lawn out there then spoon pool hot tub

fitness center out in there

that's just like it is in Graceland

this is the guesthouse at Graceland


your head Table two

they have I can't think of what you call

those this is the founders garden

friends I don't think they have anything

in here yet I think this thing is

actually not finished but they'll be

putting plaques up here you can see that

it's basically brand-new nothing in here

yet but this does look like the gates of


and down there is the pool area we're

going to talk a little look-see over

there so they've just got a little pool

area out here you can come down and

relax I've got the chairs in the water

in the shallow area right there you can

see they've got a hot tub over there

feeding no diving just a real basic

thing happening any kids here at all


older people

I guess I'm welcome to play right this

is all meeting rooms down in here Grand

Ballroom a degree in ballroom a friend's

dance floor run over there

Wednesday night karaoke

the theater but it's a stage so they can

have concerts here and events nice stage

JBL sound so I'm in the lobby or in the

hallway and you see that the Lambs have


this is the founders room which I don't

know what that means yet but I will

investigate friends


Club elite members that is the answer

so this has a person so they have it

where if you say a lot you can join a

club and elite club and that's part of

it and they even have the lightning

bolts they're taking care of business in

a flash so Jen just won't pay for

friends in the bathroom that looks like

cell phones just cell phones all

together mister bunch of bunch cell

phones yes and I like to the shower door

didn't open it glows very easy and

Laurie is steppin out her jailhouse rock

themed attire for the first night here

at the guest house at Graceland Wow

she is rocking it just like Elvis in my

jail house rock everybody in the whole

cell block was dancin to toe jam

so she's trying to call valet to get our

car how long have you been on here

waiting 20 rings 30 rings still waiting

and every time we call to get a car to

get the valet

it takes us long which is ridiculous G

del zero when I was making the

reservation the second time when I was

got the room for the second night I

waited 23 minutes for anybody to pick up

23 minutes still nothing and this has

been running for two minutes

taking care of business and flies I need

the dragon that strap


and the Grey Ghost was out front to

greet his friends so friends we never

did get anybody on the phone to get our

vehicle from valet so what I had to do

is just go down and go to the valet

stand over there and wait for somebody

to take my ticket and bring my vehicle

and what you say they were cleaning this

is a five-star hotel or a four-star no

and what do you think compared to the

pyramid to the big cypress lodge I

wouldn't in say this two stars now the

big cypress lodge is 350 at night but it

is amazing the beds are amazing this bed

in this place is really hard my back is

hurting her back is hurting we're used

to a Casper mattress friends and so

maybe we're a little spoiled but one

other things is to get out you've got to

have a ticket

so the valet gives you this ticket to be

able to get out because you have to turn

your ring keys in of course so there it

is friends um nothing spectacular about

it a little bit pricey for what it is

it's no better than a Holiday Inn select

in my opinion there's nothing here the

store doesn't really have hardly

anything and it doesn't have Elvis

classes in it in the store here which is

disappointing and not worth the money

now this is not this is in between the

Big Cypress lodge and a Holiday Inn

Express as far as money goes it's on the

weekend it's like 250 a night during the

week it's like 160 or 170 something like

that so that's still pricey so for my

money I don't think it's worth it other

thing the convenience of being right

here by Graceland which is right over

there but other than that I don't think

it serves its purpose just my opinion

and they charge you for everything they

want to up charge you for Wi-Fi they

give you Wi-Fi but then they want to up

charge you to give you good Wi-Fi and

the Wi-Fi doesn't work very well if you

leave your room go downstairs it turns

off you have to re-up on another one

there to make your phone work

they want you to pay to park in this

parking lot they want you to pay $10

park right there and now valet $16 which

is very reasonable I think but too

paying $10 to park for the convenience

of staying at your hotel

I don't think so with the room price I

think that that money should be in the

room price that should just be part of

it on this what it seems to me is this

is more about money than it is about

Elvis fans and Elvis would not be happy

in my opinion he wouldn't like the way

this thing set up just my opinion what

do you think right

tighten up friends every chance you get

so friends they do have a gift shop

inside here and this is a few things

that are inside the gift shop all Elvis

stuff I was as I mentioned they didn't

have the glasses which I found out they

were actually broken so they quit

selling them at this point

and this staircase is remarkable it

looks very much like Graceland it's not

identical the stairs are actually wider

but it makes a great way to make videos

and pictures and things so I really

enjoyed this part of it I think they

missed out though by not having the rest

of the upstairs of Graceland finished

out if they had a replica of Graceland

right here at the top of this steps that

you could go through people would pay to

see that I would pay to see that so I

don't know I think they missed out on

this one and just in my opinion how many

friends right right down below make me a

remark if you would pay additional money

to see even a replica of what it looks

like upstairs at Graceland I know I

would so leave me a remark down below

leave me a comment and tell me how much

you would pay by the way so this is the

bar that they have this just inside the

the main interest to the right and they

have live music here there was guys

there but they were doing Elvis music

but they weren't doing it like Elvis

would do it so I didn't you know I don't

know I really prefer Elvis myself

friends keeping us safe I'll give you

that so finally I wanted to fly the

glory up so you can see what the hotel

looks like from the air and it's pretty

large place they say I'm almost 100%

sure they told me it was the largest

hotel in Memphis at this point it has

the most rooms 440 rooms and I think

about 20 guest suites and I'm not saying

it was a bad hotel but for the money I

think you could stay somewhere else for

a lot less money that would give you the

same thing and still visit Graceland and

if you look out in the distance you see

that dirt spot just above left of the

screen that's where all

the ticket offices used to be the new

ones are to the right all those white

roofs you can see the airplanes just a

little bit left to Center all that stuff

is brand new now and something that you

probably need to come see new museum and

all that kind of stuff and that'll be in

other videos stay tuned one last thing

friends Elvis is in the building

thank you and good night