Priscilla Presley Gives Exclusive Tour Of Elvis’ Guest House At Graceland | TODAY

the guesthouse at Graceland a resort

just steps away from the legendary

performers iconic Memphis mansion

visited by some 600,000 fans each year

and now is a three decade dream becomes

a reality those fans will have a chance

to experience a modern take on his

larger-than-life style with the help of

Priscilla Presley who had a hand in the

design process you have them give me a

personal tour I am come on I'd so much

to show you okay great let's do it so

this is a replica of the staircase

embracement this is a grand staircase

sure yes it's a replica of the staircase

in the front room as you enter Graceland

the chandelier here is a even larger

replica of the station's earlier that's

looking for a as well the sprawling 451

resort features 20 Elvis bean suites all

fit for a king and located in the

hotel's exclusive top floor known as the

upstairs an area resembling Elvis's

private living orders at Graceland which

no one but family and close friends have

ever seen

so this is the sweetener stain and a

kiss waiting suite that's right and if

it's a way that Elvis's room looks in

great red yes red black and gold and if

you'll notice up on the top here the

canopy we have a television set she

could see yeah yeah actually at

Graceland the master bedroom he had to I

hope you were watching The Today Show

yeah you watch The Today Show we were up

there oh we came home with that time

another sweet inspired by the living

room at Graceland where the Presley's

would entertain close friends play the

piano or sometimes he'd take the guitar

and the guys would join in singing and

harmonize with him actually see my

parents sitting here my brother and my

sister in him myself his father it was

like just kind of this whole thing we're

sprawled all over the couch so it was

that great members yeah it does other

amenities of the guest house of 464 see

theater and five restaurants serving up

southern comfort food where do you feel

his presence the most in this whole


Graceland is where I really feel the

presence I mean the his spirit is there

where I feel here is just the style and

design of what he loved the guest house

at Graceland where Elvis never leaves

the building thank you very much

Priscilla Presley thank you for having

us here we've made our way to the lobby

and Elvis is in all of the details of

this magnificent property isn't that

right absolutely I mean if you look

around even at the details of the couch

I mean it's not just a plain catch

there's a little detail of a purple that

comes in with studs going around I mean

he was such a he loved detail and he he

was so stylish himself I mean when you

look at the way he dressed even from the

time you started out in the early 50s I

mean he everyone you know looked at him

and he goes my god who is this but he he

really he had just such a flair and and

actually this is really what this is all

about as Flair it's taste it's beautiful

it's comfortable I mean all this

everything everywhere you looked I mean

it's Ellis's here in fact a couple of

people who are friends of mine who who

actually was in the inner circle came in

and looked at it says oh my god Elvis is

everywhere and when you see and if you

knew him yeah you would see even the

designs of the chair he he you know he

was way ahead of his time if we go to

Graceland so let's look at this amazing

ceiling it actually mirrors his jumpsuit

is that right well it's taken from a

cape that was white with clear crystal

and you know he he was a showman and

people he did it the first time in New

Vegas when he brought out this cape and

he just kind of walked around and people

went crazy with it

he was like I said his showman so this

cape was all white with little white

crystal in it it's so it's just a subtle

inspiration of that particular cape if

you could say subtle it behind it later

yeah so you have eight-year-old

grandbabies wouldn't tell them about

their granddaddy oh my gosh they know

very lot about that they listen to

Sirius radio and they put on the show

you know the Elvis channel and they ask

questions about him and they they they

just they're very proud of him very

proud of him and I can tell you are -

well I'm really proud of this place I

just think this is 30 years in the

making really as far as planning wanting

to do this we've had three other people

who have tried to come up with something

that they felt but this we got it right

we have local designers that we've been

working with and and I've been working

very closely with them so well thank you

so much that was such an honor to be

down here and by the way the cheese

biscuits were fantastic

great food you don't need to come visit

I'm bringing you a mug cheese biscuit

Jenna thank you Thank You Priscilla

thank you as well hello today fans

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