Exploring Iceland's Black Sand Beach

I'm hanging out at the beach today and I

won't even try to pronounce it I'll just

put the name of it at the bottom of the

screen but I'm headed up to that which

is the arch and there's a lighthouse and

everything up there I just wanted to

show you what it looks like from down

here first this area also has those

amazing basalt rocks you can see all the

people hanging out at them so first I'm

going to go up there and then when the

lighting is a little better and them

hopefully the wind has died down I'm

gonna show you this area but I just

wanted to show you this crazy Beach

first these waves are incredible

breaking look at that


alright so now I'm on the top of where I

showed you before I was a couple miles

down there on that beach and but I've

made it up here if you have a

four-wheel-drive vehicle you can drive

up here on a dirt road which is

definitely easier than hiking all the

way up here because it is so windy this

country is extremely windy at least

right now it is but this is the arch and

it's really two arches and I was hoping

that there was a trail that you could

walk down and walk on to the arch and

actually walk on top of it but it's

pretty narrow and there's really no

trail so I'm not gonna be doing that

look at all that erosion that's

happening - you can see all that erosion

eventually this will probably all fall

off into the ocean as well you can see

the stone wall here is just kind of

breaks off crazy there is a lighthouse

up here as well this is kind of like a

big like a big plateau up here and it's

windy windy beautiful but windy look at

the view on the other side it goes

straight down I don't know how high that

is and you can see all those rocks down

there that fill from the top no barriers

no fence

you could go he could you could go right

down this - there's a good view of the

beach and again it just it's hard to

show on camera but that is a massive

massive drop now that the light the Sun

has changed directions we're gonna go

back down to the original beach and I'm

gonna show you some sea caves that are

down there and those rocks there's an

interesting folk folklore an interesting

tale about those rocks I'm getting

blowing all over the place they're about

those big rocks that are out in the sea

so I'm gonna tell you about that and

show you some really interesting rock

formations some basalt rocks from lava

and all kinds of things down there so

I'm going there right now alright so

this now it's down at the beach

this is obviously a popular area so you

can see there's quite a few people here

but I mean this look how high this goes

and look at these rocks

the beach goes from sand to this

millions of these really smooth black

rocks as you get closer to this wall you

can see how interesting is that now I

guess from what I've read this is formed

by fast flowing lava from many many

years ago and although this looks like a

cave it's actually just kind of a like a

cave bluff it only goes in about maybe

25 30 feet but it's interesting how all

this stone splinters off like that

and right next to that cave Bluff are

these incredible rock stacks here very

very popular for people to take pictures

of themselves and they're actually like

little seats you can sit on them okay

they're almost smooth from people so

many people sitting on them pretty

amazing I've never really seen anything

like this

so coming around the corner closer to

the beach it is so windy here and the

beach has gone from those rocks that I

told you about to this crazy they look

like little babies or something volcanic

rock there's another one of those kind

of sea cave type Bluffs this one goes in

about maybe 40 feet or so 3540 feet but

the real gem of this area are these

stacks out here and it's not the

greatest of angles but there's there's

an interesting folklore to them and

basically what it is is there were two

trolls who were dragging a ship a

three-masted ship to the shore and they

got caught by the sunlight the Sun came

up and they all turned to stone


the sneaker waves you feel like the

ocean the waves are coming in way

further down and they actually come in a

big one will come in and they'll take

out your shoes you'll be changing your



another sneaker wave almost got me so

I've walked much further down because I

want to show you this with the folklore

here but it's also really interesting to

see all these huge boulders that have

fallen down from these cliffs at one

time I mean I don't know how high these

are maybe a hundred and fifty feet or so

just like over where we were before

here's another set of really odd-looking

rocks and they're all smooth if they

look like they'd be sharp but they're

all super super smooth and look when

they're wet

it almost looks like coal

really really amazing

I'm not gonna be able to get over there

the tide is coming back in and it's very

quickly becoming impassable so but at

least I got to see what it looks like

back here pretty cool it's a couple

people hanging out on the rocks

so higher up gives you a little bit more

of a view to the left is what is

supposed to have been the ship the

three-masted ship and to the right is

either one of the trolls or bull I don't

I don't I'm not really sure but that's

what it looks like so this is just an

introduction to Iceland's beautiful

beaches here I think this Beach in the

1990s was voted top ten nicest or most

beautiful non tropical beaches in the


so whatever that's worth it's pretty

nice here so getting back on the road

see in the next video thanks for