Why Pray the Rosary


not long ago we had this special of

preparation for the 100th anniversary of

Fatima and the Diocese of Phoenix in

which our Bishop asked us to pray daily

rosary and I confess to you that I was

actually getting kind of lazy with it

and wasn't praying the rosary too often

and so I really got back into it I just

want to share with you kind of the fruit

of it it reminds me of what a powerful

prayer the rosary it's great thing about

the Rosary is it's a prayer

you can pray whoever you are you don't

have to be Catholic or whatever you can

just you can pray the rosary you can

pick it up and start today here's the

deal with the Rosary here's what

reminded me of about it why it's so

great the Rosary it's this prayer you

say on these beads it's a meditation on

the life of Jesus so each of the beads

like so unlike a ten you've got like a

decade and on the ten beads you say Hail

Marys and what you're doing is you're

saying those Hail Marys you're

meditating on an event in the life of

Jesus what's so cool about this is it's

basically a biblical prayer so you're

meditating on the life of Jesus and then

you kind of have your own life in your

other hand and you're kind of putting

the two together and it's really

powerful not too long ago I was praying

the the mystery of the finding of Jesus

in the temple so I'm just kind of

praying along and I'm imagining this the

scripture from the Gospel of Luke where

Mary loses Jesus and then finds him in

the temple in Jerusalem and I was just

kind of just just spending time with

that how Mary must've been so anxiety

ridden and subsets and and then when she

discovered Jesus and had the joy of that

but then also realizing that he's really

about the father and how he's in the

presence of God in the temple and you

know she's being drawn into that and

then I thought about my own life and how

I was kind of stressed out about

something in my life and there's

something at the parish where I'm the

pastor and then I realized you know I

feel like I lose him losing Jesus in my

life in this particular place but now I

realize that I'm actually seeking Him

and finding him in a deeper way and then

I just have this kind of joy in this

peace about it so that's kind of the

power of the Rosary if you want more to

learn more about the rosary john paul ii

wrote an amazing thing it's called the

rosary of the Virgin Mayer

rosarium virginis mariae so check that

out you can see it online but you know

try it try praying them try praying the

rosary the rosary is not just endless

repetition the rosary is a scriptural

meditation do it by looking at the life

of Jesus as you pray it and hold your

life in your other hand and when the two

to come together you're gonna discover

some amazing things