Causes and Cure for right sided headaches in women nearing 50 - Dr. Bindu Suresh


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in women nearing 50 there are multiple

causes for right-sided headache the

major cause for right-sided headache is

migraine migraine is a vascular headache

caused by the over dilatation of blood

vessels stress long hours of hunger high

blood pressure all this are factors

which can lead to migraine for migraine

it's basically symptomatic treatment we

usually give pain killers so that the

symptoms get subsided the other causes

for headaches are cervical spondylosis

cervical spondylosis leads to

compression of the blood vessels on the

right side giving them severe headaches

again the treatment is symptomatic with

pain killers the other causes is

temporal arteritis this is a month

muscular headache and this leads to

severe pain on the right side here we

give them muscle relaxants there could

also be reasons like tumors which can

lead to headaches which can be permanent

severe headaches for this we have to go

for a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis