*NEW* Recon Expert RETURNS to Fortnite! (RAREST SKIN)

welcome everybody this is not a drill I

have just woken up Twitter's going crazy

for no reason at all there's no Store

update books for some reason the recon

expert what why is it knowing my store

people a tweet to me that the Recon X

but the rarest skin in fortnight Battle

Royale has randomly come into the game

look at it this is 15 hours left on the

store reset but people are sending me

pictures of it in their store what is

going on if you did not know the Recon

expert was only available over two years

ago over 900 days ago within the store

for just a few days it wasn't even a

great looking skin but for that reason

no really bought in it's never returned

this is where than the renegade raid of

rare than helmet boy literally the

rarest skin in the game but maybe no

more leaks last week that the Recon Expo

will be getting a new variant without

her hat on it was rumored it'll be

coming back to the store hey Vaughn with

your skins freaking out and it looks

like it's happened but why it's not on

this account I'm gonna have to be on my

playstation and see if it appears on

there what is going on

we re logging in to see if the store is

updating some people are getting it some

people are on either way I'm 99% sure

this is not meant to happen if I don't

grab this within the next few minutes it

may be gone forever let's see what is

going on here please fortnight please

some people say anything some people say

I don't care about story eight zero

Kappa all of Myers unlocks go away items

store Idol oh my it's freaking expert is

in my store poppin kodály yay everyone

that is doing it right now I'm gonna

give out a load of shoutouts on screen

if you were using kodály a put it in now

it lasts for two weeks which is gonna

cover the start of the next season this

is the greatest time you could ever use

it this store is completely different to

the store I had a second ago

I think Ford might have messed up

they've accidentally put it in the game

but it says it's back look it's got the

tag saying it's back in this store so

maybe they just released it early by

accident if you're hype for this key

the rarest give me for now to be back in

the game and give it a thumbs up we

never knew this was going to happen and

fortnight have delivered one like equals

one press f1 hat the og skin it's no

longer og I apologize we're all buying

it so apparently some people are getting

it some people are gettting story had

without it in some people game school

with it so let's buy it what this wasn't

supposed to happen could not find

catalog item pool they've taken out I've

I've got being too slow I live she could

have clicked by like a minute ago and

Here I am chatting away and it's not

worked I've missed it I'm an idiot it's

still there oh my god is giving it to me

item acquired I've got it it's still in

my store question is is it still in my

locker has he actually given it to me

alright locker recon there it is what

no no thief oh no wait don't do Smee is

it gonna remove my account there it is

where every correct for introduced in

season 1 season 1 ladies and gentlemen

saving oh it's working

oh my never did I actually ever think

I'd see this skin on my account I know

it's kind of overhyped it doesn't look

that good honestly it's kind of sad ask

in this rare would no longer be

considered oh gee I wonder why phone I

bought it back is it gonna link in with

the live event is it gonna deeper

storyline meaning hidden for 900 days

that we're about to find out remember

the big live event two seasons happening

this Saturday which we streamed here at

channel make sure you click that

subscribe button you do not want to miss

it maybe the recon experts gonna tie in

with it it seems like everyone's getting

recon expert in their store now huge

shout out again to everyone using code a


I think we could do a fun challenge with

this skin obviously it's not very

colorful so we're gonna be attempting

the great

weapons only recon expert challenge but

the fact there is skin in the game is

actually back if you're excited you're

high cuter thumbs up subscribe for

everything you score daddy this is crazy

let's jump in game and use it

look her gliding in I've literally only

ever come across one recon expert in a

public game in my two and a half years

of playing fortnight now we're

definitely gonna be seeing them

everywhere remember I can only use great

weapons which is a little bit worrying

that ammo I was hoping it'd be grey

please be grave oh my god it's actually

a really good weapon and I can't use it

that looks gray are there we could be in

luck I guess an OG skin could do OG

things can the recon expert double-pump

oh man if only worked it'd be so good oh

thank you it's a few people near I can

hear him there goes one of them what are

you doing recon expert


goodbye recon expert I'm the better one

we've actually got a sick load out

already let's go Gray's my color and

it's what we're gonna win with but it's

good be a bot Shirley


let's go tater tots what see ya I want

to know your thoughts and opinions down

below are you gonna be picking this skin

up simply because of how old she is or

are you not bothered by it whenever I

talk about her skin it's always like a

50/50 mix some people are like it's so

rare other people like I really don't

care it doesn't look that good for me -

so much nostalgia around this skin

absolutely no way I wasn't gonna use it

a buy it buy absolutely no way give me

that sweet sweet slap juice all armor

week on expert brings you good luck

apparently now question is probably

gonna be a lot of your minds is that now

that this skin is in the game obviously

nowhere near the rare skin in the game

anymore which leaves two extremely rare

skins and I of these two returning I put

at zero

genuinely probably know what they are at

the renegade Raider and as I like to

call him and his unofficial name helmet

man or helmet boy and the reason I think

there's a zero percent chance of these

returning well it's like a naught point

naught naught naught 1 percent chance is

because recon expert wasn't within a

seasonal store it was just within the

store for a few days and it was a store

that wasn't linked directly to about to

pass or anything like that just like any

other skin little did she know she'd

become so famous however both the

renegade Raider and helmet man were tied

into unlocking and progressing your rank

within the very first fortnight sort of

like seasonal store alongside that the

Mac I de and also the renegade way the

pickaxe as well I was you seen recently

fortnight really don't mind re releasing

skins that a slightly similar a little

bit different of previous back to past

skins and maybe that'll happen but

because these two skins were included

within actual season whose store they


selves is that direct versions I will

put at a zero percent chance of

returning because that's what fortnight

do with seasonal items and skins someone

here mining away don't if they see me

sneaky recon is sneaky if you know it

shoots me in the back where's she gone

what what where's she gone my blind

there she is


chillin with no shield the pole play the

poor thing God you don't know what I

would do to pick up that gold bump right

now I've got a gray we've got some

sweaty boys in the lobby and girls no

doubt properly because well definitely

the recon expert skins

am I going crazy look at the kick on

this gun as I shoot it they increased

the recoil on the AR or do I just use

the gray are AR so lethal I didn't

realize how bad to recoil walks you guys

working big decision for your recon

expert pump or tack I think I'm one is

gonna play it safe and go for the TAC

No oh my gosh

finally some gray two games in a row I

found a llama with the Recon expert

reconnect but Opie confirmed this is

that sucker no he's flying away from a

llama beautiful ooh holy the beautiful

loot so much I can't pick up I would

really appreciate if a recon expert

could get a gray a our place preferably

non burst mmm that's not what I asked

for for Christmas this year as an early

present but you can't even get grave

weapons from yes oh you know what you're

gonna say you can leave a comment down

below in the comment section what is

your new rarest skin

now that the recon expert is in the

store honestly poi hasn't change what

your various skin is but still I'm

interested know what your rarest skimmer

is in your locker leave a comment down


I've made some top 10 I literally

haven't seen anyone apart from people

and Ellie's we've got monster bill

patters going on these the more this

game goes on the less lightly I'm trying

to create our who else is gonna be left

top ten with a grey or no one but I want

to be what's this pump are you kidding

me still nothing gameit's me

the chance is a gray honest loop a slim

yep there's not okay

no what about you no it's all good

players know what I want no one has ever

said those words before but it's true

see a terrible gray AR oh is that one I

think it's one yes it was worth it wait

God you don't just poor person it only

can use gray loops not very nice top

three all of these guys of mythic

weapons literally heard them

but why is everyone so cracked calm down

find out you two leave me alone

yeah that's right fight each other

challenge you're both so good or four


you're the gray are definitely is more

recoil what oh he's got the old grappler

he's safe for sure Oh Oh be careful of

this guy

my man is triple ramp brushing

oh my god my last full pot this guy's a

huge sweat and if I kill him it's the

only kill I get for the whole game and I

don't even care

I'm down for that I don't know why the

lobbies are so ridiculously sweaty Bert

you're getting tarpon away well I'm

really not that good I mean you really

don't have to try that hard

you're probably just crap up here you'd

be absolutely fine god I literally have

like no ammo if you crank and Doug EB

crank and no


suck on that see you later buddy look at

all of his legendary epic mythic weapons

he's got killed by a bot with one kill

using a recon expert ladies and

gentlemen gray only all tears want to

get this video out to share the amazing

news also yesterday I played on the very

first 90 FPS mobile fortnight phone it's

insane outs on screen right now go and

check it out go watch that I'll see you

over there thanks for watching GG's