What is the rainforest?

what is the rainforest level 2

rainforests are not seen in your

backyard and maybe not even in the

country where you live

certain conditions need to be met in

order for a rainforest to exist first of

all there must be a warm climate

many of the world's tropical rainforest

regions are located on or around the

equator or the tropics in fact many

countries have rain forests the

countries with the largest amount of

rain forests are Brazil Congo Indonesia

Peru Bolivia Angola Venezuela Papa New

Guinea Mexico and India in a tropical

rainforest it rains nearly every day and

they get about 80 inches of rain a year

these rainforests have an average

temperature of about 85 degrees

Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius

rainforest cover about six to seven

percent of the Earth's surface and

contain more than half of the world's

population of plants and animals most of

these plants and animals we will never

see or even hear about because of their

small size inability to live or exist in

another region and because many are

close to extinction which means the

disappearance of a species the largest

rainforest on planet Earth is located

along the Amazon River Basin in the

continent of South America the Amazon is

one of the longest rivers in the world

and is never crossed by a bridge a

rainforest could not exist in another

part of the world such as the desert

because of the lack of rainfall and it

would never survive in the Arctic

regions because it is simply too cold