Amazing Facts For Kids | Why Does Rainbow Have Seven Colors?

why do rainbows have seven colors

yeah it has stopped raining we can help

oh how to play professor can we please

go out and play

yes children you may

look a rainbow oh it is so beautiful

look at all the different colors pity we

can't see a rainbow every day we only

see it when it rains why is that

professor how is a rainbow formed

ordinary white light like sunlight is

made up of many different colors but we

cannot see the different colors as

sunlight appears colorless but if we

pass the white light through a prism or

a piece of glass the white light splits

into a band of colors this band of

colors is called a spectrum and it

contains all the colors of the rainbow

but Professor I still don't understand

why a rainbow is formed after it rains

when it rains the raindrops act like

prisms of glass when sunlight passes

through the raindrops it breaks up into

its spectrum and we see all the colors

of the rainbow now who can tell me the 7

different colors of the rainbow

okay dog you tell me the colors in the

rainbow are red orange yellow green blue

indigo and violet very good now kids you

can all go out and play but make sure

you do not play in the puddles and dirty


why don't ask oh so fast

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