Top 10 Things The Pursuit of Happyness Got Factually Right & Wrong

was it as easy as it looked no sir oh no

sir it wasn't

welcome to ms mojo and today we're

counting down our picks for the top 10

things the pursuit of happiness got

factually right and wrong

i'm in a competitive internship at d

winner chris gardner

uh yeah what happened for this list

we're looking at how accurate the 2006

biopic really was

since we'll be diving into major plot

points a spoiler alert

is in effect let us know if you were

surprised by what was true and what was

false about this movie in the comments


number 10 chris was underdressed for a

crucial interview

right i've been sitting out there for

the last half hour trying

to come up with a story that would

explain my being here

dressed like this the night before chris

gardner goes on his life-changing

interview with dean witter he gets

arrested right

yeah you gotta stay until this thing

clears by the time he gets out of jail

he doesn't have enough time to change

into business attire when gardiner shows

up to the interview in dirty

paint-covered clothes he tells his

prospective employers the truth about

what happened

and even throws in a joke about pants

what would you say

if a guy walked in for an interview

without a shirt on

and i hired him what would you say

he must have had on some really nice


it turns out that this dean witter scene

was accurate the real chris gardner

showed up underdressed to his interview

unlike the film he didn't come directly

from jail or make a killer pants joke

but from staying at a friend's house

where he had limited clothing options

but outside of those two details the

movie portrayed the interview scene


number 9. chris was hit by a car wrong

in the first act of pursuit of happiness

chris gardner gets most of his income by

selling bone density scanners

and thank you very much i need to go um

i'll bring i'll bring this back thanks

after one of them gets stolen

he becomes desperate to get it back

chris's desperation eventually leads him

to chase after a man he sees carrying

the stolen bone scanner

unfortunately he gets hit by a car

during an attempt to regain his property

this dramatic scene was completely false

the real gardner never chased or talked

about chasing after a random person in

the street to reclaim a bone scanner

as far as we know he's never been hit by

a car at any point in his life

this scene only existed to add some

extra drama to the story

hey where are you going we should wait

for the police we got to go to work

hey you just got hit by a girl go to the

hospital number eight

chris and his son stayed at the glide

memorial church

right chris gardner and his son

constantly had to struggle with

homelessness in the film

let's go where

i'm just out of here why we can't stay

here tonight yes we can

open the door did you know what i said

let's go

one of their saving graces was glide

memorial church

the church is a real place audiences can

even see

reverend cecil williams of glide

memorial church cameo as himself in the


come get out of line both of them

although the real real-life church was

only supposed to be for women and their


the reverend still allowed chris to take

shelter inside

what's that

i guess they want us to go to sleep

while the film glances over the

gender requirements it gets everything

else right chris had to arrive by a

certain time every day to ensure his

spot at night

his daily race to the shelter was an

unfortunate and heartbreaking reality

i was in line i came from work i got my


i was here without we were here on time

number seven

chris put his life savings into buying

bone scanners

wrong what's that it's a time machine

isn't it

seems like a time machine one of the

main reasons that chris has always

broken the film is because of a bad

investment in bone density scanners

i spent our entire life savings on these


it was such a revolutionary machine he

invested his whole life savings into

purchasing one piece of medical

equipment in bulk

you just don't need a chris it's

unnecessary and expensive

well maybe but when the bone scanners


poorly chris quickly spiraled down into

financial ruin

this was another dramatic plot device

the movie added the real chris didn't

burn all his money on bone scanners

although he sold medical equipment from

time to time he never put all his cash

in a single product

just tell us in your contract get us out

of that business

linda that is what i am trying to do

this is what i'm trying to do for my

family for you and for christopher the

actual story of chris's desperate

financial situation is

much more complicated than a single bad


number six chris approached a stranger

who drove a ferrari

right it only took one random encounter

to change the course of the real chris

gardner's life

while he was trying to make it in san

francisco he saw a person driving a red


chris boldly asked the driver what they

did for a living as soon as the ferrari

owner said he was a stock broker

chris decided to pursue that career path

i still remember that moment


they all looked so damn

happy to me the movie portrayed this

opportune meeting perfectly

despite a few minor differences from

what really happened

the scene is made even better by smith's

honest and realistic performance

hey i'm gonna let you hang on to my car

for the weekend but i need it back for


feed the meter the moral of the ferrari

encounter is clear

if you see someone in a fancy car and

you want that lifestyle too

you could probably learn a thing or two

if you ask them what they do

number five dean witter's internship

took one person

wrong after chris gets a highly coveted

internship with stockbroker firm dean

witter in the film

he reveals that he's not out of the

woods yet according to his narration

the firm will only hire 1 out of 20

interns and during the internship

chris will be paid nothing my

circumstances have changed some

and i need to be certain that i'll be

able to


tonight i swear i will fill your spot i


but his relationship with dean witter

wasn't nearly as dramatic as the film

led you to believe

most of the people who interned with

dean witter got jobs working there

right after the training concluded the

firm just wanted to make sure its

candidates could pass a licensing exam

it's not a simple pass fail it's an

evaluation tool we use to separate


oh and dean witter also gave its interns

small stipends

it's impressive how the writers took a

standard internship and turned it into

an unpaid battle royale between


i'm in a competitive internship at d

winner number four

chris junior said his father was a good

papa right

throughout the film chris puts his son

through a lot of hardship and strife

but despite their troubles chris jr

continually looks to his father for

safety and guidance

don't ever let somebody tell you you

can't do something

not even me

all right his feelings towards his dad

are made clear when he says you're a

good papa

while they were staying in a shelter

although christopher jr's words sound

like the work of a screenwriter

they're completely authentic

while the real chris's son didn't say

the phrase during a shelter stay

everything about the scene is authentic

christopher junior endured a lot in his

early years

but no matter what he went through he

always had love for his papa

how did you get so smart number three

chris jr never left his father's side


audiences who saw the pursuit of

happiness would be forgiven for thinking

that the real chris and his son were

always together

but that's not exactly the truth what am

i supposed to do with my son

what am i supposed to do with myself who

can take i'll take care of them during

the dean witter internship the real

chris gardner didn't always know where

his son was

at one point chris junior's mother

jackie medina

took full responsibility for her son and

refused to share his location with his


this is a sharp contrast to the film's

portrayal of the family dynamic

in the movie chris junior's mother linda

leaves him behind to pursue a job

opportunity on the east coast

my sister's boyfriend open a restaurant

and they may have a job for me there so

i'm going to new york chris while

linda's abandonment makes for great

dramatic material

her real-life counterpart took more

responsibility for her son

tell him i love him okay


i know you'll take care of him chris

number two chris and his son

slept in a bathroom right when chris is

unable to secure

shelter for himself and his son he's

left with no choice but to spend the

night in a train station bathroom

right here

although someone bangs on the door he

tearfully does what he can to keep it


it's heartbreaking to see chris and his

son forced into such a desperate


this scene becomes even more tragic when

you learn that it was completely true

the real chris gardner and his son

depended on the train system for refuge

at night before filming began

smith saw the bathrooms where they slept

in an interview with oprah

he described filming in the bathroom as

incredibly emotional

his raw feelings definitely come through

during this harrowing scene

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number one chris was arrested because he

didn't pay parking tickets

wrong things go from bad to worse for

chris when he gets arrested

chris gardner yeah

what happened in the movie he's taken

into custody by police solely because he

failed to pay parking tickets

but his real-life counterpart was

arrested for an entirely different


during a heated argument chris got

physical with jackie

do you understand what i'm saying to you

don't you walk away from me when i'm

talking to you

shortly after their altercation jackie

called the police

chris was initially arrested on a charge

of domestic abuse

once the judge presiding over his case

learned that he had 1

200 in unpaid parking tickets chris had

to spend 10 more days in jail

following the few he had already served

while awaiting sentence

the writers probably changed the

circumstances of his arrest

so that he didn't become irredeemable in

the eyes of the audience

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