Everything you need to know about the PSAT!


what's up everybody

I am kreuz affa and I'm here to talk to

you about the PSAT so first of all what

is the PSAT PSAT is kind of like what it

sounds like it's essentially a pre SAT

and it's something that you're either

gonna take your sophomore year or your

junior year or both the way to look at

the PSAT is a warm-up or practice run

for the real SAT the actual SAT is the

test that you're gonna take to apply to

colleges different colleges are gonna

look at those scores combined with your

GPA and then determine whether or not

they want to give you admission to their

school now why do some students take the

PSAT their sophomore year in high school

this is often done just to give students

a rough idea of how they will score on

the real SAT because the tests are

actually very very similar so let me

talk about what's on the actual PSAT

when you take the PSAT there's gonna be

four sections there's going to be a

writing section a reading section and

then two math sections so the actual SAT

is scored out of 1600 points whereas the

PSAT is scored out of only 1500 and 20

points the reading and writing sections

combined for a total of 760 points and

then again the math sections total up

for 760 with a combined max score total

possible of 1500 and 20 if you're a

sophomore taking the test don't worry

about it go in there do your best and

use the test as a metric to tell you how

much practice you need thereafter if

you're taking the PSAT as a junior it's

a little bit different you will have a

chance to use your PSAT score to qualify

for something called a National Merit

Scholarship qualifying for a National

Merit Scholarship varies from state to

state different states have different

indices to qualify as a National Merit

semifinalist in California for example

you need an index of 223 what does that

even mean

the way you calculate your index is as


you take your combined score for the

verbal section double it add it to your

score overall for the math section and

then take that number and then chop off

the last zero and if you got above a 223

and live in California there's a high

likelihood that you will be a candidate

to qualify as a semifinalist for the

National Merit Scholar Program let's

look at a concrete example let's pretend

that you got a 720 on the verbal section

and you got a 700 on the math section so

as a combined score of 14 2000 15 20

really good score so you take your 720

for the verbal double it up to 1440 and

then add the 700 on for the map so that

becomes 21 40 you take that you chop off

the last 0 and you get a index of 214

now that's a really high score and a

really good score

but if you live in California you

wouldn't make the cutoff to be a

National Merit Scholar semifinalist in

other states that may stand up and that

may get you where you want to go and

allow you to be a semifinalist the

bottom line is whether you're a

sophomore or a junior the PSAT while it

can open some great opportunities and

give you some really good insights is

nothing to lose sleep over it's not

something that should be considered

super stressful go out do your best but

don't worry about it beyond that the

truly important test is the actual SAT

or the actual a CT that colleges will

look at and will make a determination of

whether or not they want to admit you

based on that score I hope this answers

every question you had about the PSAT

but if it doesn't make sure to leave a

question in the comment section below

take it easy