PROOF That Super Bowl 53 Was RIGGED by the NFL

Wow I didn't think I'd be back so soon

but there is evidence hard evidence that

Super Bowl 53 was fixed from the very

beginning evidence that the Rams knew

all along and had to throw the game and

everybody conspired in this event it's

the deepest rabbit hole I've ever gone

down my last video on cheating got

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let's start at level one the

Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell

was involved in the scripting of Super

Bowl fifty three it started in the NFC

Championship game and we all know what

happened there it's much easier to sell

the young Rams losing the Super Bowl

than the Saints who fought back against

the Manning led Colts to win a title so

the NFL set it up that way I mean why

else would the Commissioner of the NFL

failed to comment on the situation and

then lie about talking to the Saints

players about the blown call if the

Super Bowl wasn't fixed it would mean

that Roger Goodell is just extremely

inadequate and shouldn't hold the

position he does and surely that can't

be true level two our good friends the

referees of course they know the game

plan they're the ones executing it but

this is about evidence and here it is

this isn't the first Patriots Super Bowl

that John Perry has been the referee in

and I'll let you guess what happened in

the other one the Patriots lost to the

Giants okay and in that game who called

intentional grounding for a safety on

Tom Brady and turned over a fumble

recovery by the Patriots that then

resulted in a Giants touchdown and yes

the last Patriots game he refereed was

their loss to the Steelers but isn't

that exactly the guy you wouldn't expect

to call a game in favor of the Patriots

the perfect cover for doing exactly that

early in the game the referees showed

their hand giving a 15-yard penalty on

this play unnecessary roughness 15 free

yards to the Patriots and boy did they

make the most of it ending that drive by

not scoring any points on this play the

referees nullified a first down play by

the Patriots ending that drive in a punt

three plays later but that was probably

most likely them just making it

realistic then on this play they call

holding on Mac Baren giving the Patriots

a free first down

he wasn't even holding James white he

was pulling his Jersey wasn't nowhere

near close enough to hold him do you

know how many penalties there were on

the Patriots touchdown drive in their

favor 0 but I'm sure if they needed them

they would have got them in my opinion

is also evidence now that's actually it

for direct involvement from the referees

but it's because it goes beyond just

them making calls in favor of the

Patriots certain members of the Rams

themselves knew that the game was fixed

including defensive wrecking ball Aaron

Donald this video evidence clearly shows

referee John Perry confirming with

Donald what his role in this game is

going to be I mean think about it the

defensive player of the year twenty and

a half sexes in the regular season has

almost no impact on the game whatsoever

are you going to argue that the Patriots

game plan for him to keep him out of the

game more like he was told what to do

and didn't have a choice but to throw

the game now let's talk about Todd

Gurley first team All Pro NFL touchdown

leader and he gets 10 carries and that

sounds like someone trying not to win a

plenty of people are arguing that he was

actually injured despite nobody on the

Rams claiming on or off the record that

Gurley was anything but fully healthy as

well as Gurley himself saying the exact

same thing after the game and check out

this footage if Todd Gurley was too

injured to play a big role in that game

would he be drugging back to the locker

room I don't know about you but if I've

got a knee injury I'm not running

anywhere I don't have to so that leaves

one alternative he was kept out of the

game so that the Patriots come win Shaun

McVeigh was clearly involved I mean he

was the only person to claim he thought

the Saints call was a fair call and he

called the same play 25 times that

analysts before the game were chatting

and talking about so you can bet the

Patriots were well aware of it the

hottest offensive mind in the NFL that's

gotten about 6 people hired as head

coaches this year blows it on the

biggest stage not likely without league

intervention he was gifted a spot in the

Super Bowl in exchange for throwing the

game and

now to the center of it all the Patriots

I mean just look at the reaction when

the final whistle blows it's as if they

already knew they were going to win

there's no huge eruption players running

onto the field it all seems very casual

businesslike and it's as if it was no

surprise to anybody in that organization

I mean just look at this they already

had hats and t-shirts ready-mades

declaring them Superbowl champions how

could they have already known you can't

make that many t-shirts in five minutes

on the sidelines that was premeditated

and so we've covered all the points the

league knew the referees knew the Rams

knew and the Patriots definitely knew

this game was only going one way the

entire time Todd Gurley wasn't benched

in favor of CJ Anderson Anderson still

had less carries than him and Julian

Edelman getting this wide open that's

the signs of a defense giving up yards

on purpose the thing is I know the game

was fixed that's obvious with all of

this evidence but what I can't figure

out is why why did the NFL want the

Patriots to tie the Steelers for most

Super Bowls won by a single franchise

why did they want Brady to have more

than any other player breaking the tie

at five

I don't know white the NFL wanted those

records broken but I won't give up until

I find out