Paris Agreement has failed. What now?

if you want to know how your country is doing  on its commitments towards keeping the global  

temperature rises to well below two degrees  above pre-industrial levels then you could do  

worse than checking out this website it's called  climate action tracker and it's got loads of neat  

and tidy graphs and summaries of exactly what's  happening where you live and whether those things  

are contributing towards your country meeting  its targets or not there's 32 major countries  

plus the entire EU block in the tracker and each  country gets measured against one of six criteria  

there's role-model which is fantastic one point  five degrees compatible which is okay two degrees  

compatible which is also okay and then we've  got insufficient leading to a world that's three  

degrees warmer than pre-industrial levels after  that we've got highly insufficient leading to a  

world of four degrees more than pre-industrial  levels and then critically insufficient which  

is leading to a world of more than four degrees  warmer than pre-industrial levels so a thought  

first of all it'd be nice to have a look at all  the countries that are providing a role model  

but there are any of those only Morocco and Gambia  are coming in at one point five degrees compliant  

and they've got a total combined population  of about 38 million people which is not 0.5%  

of the human species apart from those two  countries the only other nations that are  

even getting to a 2 degrees compatible rating  are Bhutan Costa Rica Ethiopia the Philippines  

and India so climate change mitigation then  there are some good bits but it's mostly bad

hello and welcome to just everything bearing in  mind of course that all the countries on this  

tracker all signed up to the 2015 Paris agreement  which said we'd all put in place reductions that  

would keep our global temperature to well  below two degrees above pre-industrial levels  

three years later and all these countries are  still rated as insufficient let's have a look  

at the commentary from the EU for example  despite the political discussion about more  

ambitious renewable energy energy efficiency and  emissions reductions goals the EU Emissions began  

increasing again in 2017 driven by lignite and  natural gas based electricity generation and the  

industrial sector and the other countries in this  category all have similar challenges then we move  

up to the highly insufficient rating no massive  surprises here Canada gets a bit of a kicking  

because of the repeal of the cap-and-trade  system in Ontario which is responsible for  

almost a quarter of Canada's greenhouse gas  emissions and the subsequent cancellation of the  

provinces electric and hydrogen vehicle incentive  program and of course the decision by the federal  

government to move ahead with the trans mountain  pipeline to transport oil from Alberta's tar sands  

to export ports of course China's normally the  whipping boy of climate change and despite an  

exponential growth of renewables in their country  and their attempts at positioning themselves as a  

global climate leader they do still have a massive  challenge on their hands discouragingly according  

to the climate tracker a rising coal consumption  drove Chinese carbon dioxide emissions to a new  

high in 2017 which will likely be exceeded again  when the figures come out for 2018 with current  

policies CO2 emissions in China may level off  in the next few years but total greenhouse gas  

emissions are projected to rise until at least  2030 but China is not actually in the worst group  

the category the tracker called critically  insufficient there's a few names there that  

will probably be no surprise like Saudi Arabia  Russia Turkey but tragically and some might say  

catastrophically the United States of America has  now slipped into this very exclusive naughty boys  

club why well according to the tracker the Trump  administration spent most of 2018 systematically  

dismantling the US federal climate policy if the  proposed actions are fully implemented greenhouse  

gas emissions projections for the year 2030 could  increase by up to four hundred megatons of CO2  

equivalent over what was projected when President  Trump entered office that's almost as much as the  

entire state of California emitted in 2016 in  a series of rollbacks the Trump administration  

has put forward a weak replacement for the  clean power plan proposed to freeze vehicle  

efficiency standards after 2020 and will not  enforce regulations to limit highly potent HFC  

emissions the administration will also allow  methane leaks from oil and gas production to  

continue for longer before they're found and fixed  I won't go on I could but I won't I will of course  

leave a link to this extremely useful resource  in the comment section below so you can go and  

have a look all the statistics at your leisure  given all that information it should come as no  

surprise that climate activism is growing quickly  all over the world and not just raising awareness  

of the issues either these groups have been  banging that drum for years and years and to  

them it feels more like banging their head  against a brick wall so there's a growing  

global movement of peaceful civil disobedience and  protest against the lamentable lack of urgency in  

action from all our governments and in the case  of some administration's a willful obstruction of  

any progress at all I'll leave links to all those  Climate Action websites in the comments section  

below listed by country so you can go and have  a look at how you can get involved at your local  

level in recent months though two relatively new  movements have come to international prominence  

in the summer of 2018 Greta Thunberg then aged  15 skipped school and went and sat outside the  

Swedish Parliament to protest against the lack  of action for climate change in doing so she  

inadvertently kicked off a global movement the  school strikes for climate movement now also  

known as Friday's For Future has swept across the  planet a simple defiant action that demonstrates  

the will of Thunberg's generation to take the  lead on forcing action to mitigate the worst  

effects of the appalling mess we're leaving for  them Thunberg herself has now spoken in front  

of the United Nations a COP 24 you only speak of  a green eternal economic growth because you are  

too scared of being unpopular you only talk about  moving forward with the same bad ideas that got  

us into this mess even when the only sensible  thing to do is pull the emergency brake you you  

are not mature enough to tell it like it is even  that burden you leave to us children she's also  

addressed the world's very richest people at the  World Economic Forum in Davos adults keep saying  

we owe it to the young people to give them hope  but I don't want your hope I don't want you to be  

hopeful I want you to panic I wanted to feel the  fear I feel every day and then I wanted to act now  

there's been accusations and insinuations recently  by countries like Ukraine and even Chancellor  

Merkel of Germany that Russia has been stirring up  these kids groups online in order to destabilize  

Europe Thunberg is wise to all of this and she  addressed that issue head-on when she spoke to  

the EU back in February when many politicians talk  about the school strike for the climate they talk  

about almost anything except from the climate  crisis many people are trying to make the school  

strikes a question of whether we are promoting  truancy whether we should go back to school or  

not they make up all sorts of conspiracies and  call us puppets who cannot think for ourselves

they are desperately trying to remove the focus  from the climate crisis and change the subject  

during the week of March the 15th there were well  over 1.6 million strikers on all seven continents  

across 125 countries and in two thousand different  locations and they'll continue to go from strength  

to strength as our politicians realize that not  only is climate change not going away but their  

populations are now waking up to the scale of  the issues and becoming increasingly angry as  

they discovered just how much our leaders  have known and for how long and just how  

little they've done about it and that brings me  neatly onto the second climate activist movement  

that's become globally renowned in an extremely  short space of time I'm talking about Extinction  

Rebellion born out of the Rise Up movement  Extinction Rebellion came into being in May  

2018 and was launched in October by Roger Hallam  Gayle Bradbrook and Simon Bradwell Extinction  

Rebellions priorities are pretty straightforward  they're demanding that governments tell the truth  

about the climate and wider ecological emergency  reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside  

the media to communicate with citizens they also  want the government to enact legally binding  

policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to  Net Zero by 2025 which is pretty ambitious by  

anybody's standards and they're calling for  a national citizens assembly to oversee the  

changes as part of creating what they call a  democracy fit for purpose it's basically the  

sort of organization that prompts the Daily Mail  to call the fire brigade just in case their entire  

editorial team all spontaneously combust in one  enormous firework display of incandescent fury and  

outrage essentially the group's core activity  is peaceful civil disobedience with a sort of  

added level of persistence and belligerents  until the police have no choice but to arrest  

them thus maximizing press coverage and the  spread of the message globally they've already  

occupied government buildings including the  Scottish Parliament prompting councils up and  

down the country even the Mayor of London said  he can to declare a climate emergency and put  

radical measures in place to start addressing  the issues tomorrow Monday the 15th of April  

2019 extinction rebellion plan to hold their  most audacious action to date but here's where  

the persistence and belligerence comes in because  this isn't planned to be a one-day March this is  

going to be a two-week event blocking all the  major vehicular arteries of the UK's capital  

city every single day they're pretty full on  these people they got families coming down  

with tents and all sorts it looks set to be a  proper Street party atmosphere of non-violent  

polite and courteous total disobedience even  Rowan Williams is getting involved in English to  

be the Archbishop of Canterbury it's not at all  surprising that people in this urgent situation  

feel they've got to take non-violent direct  action they've got to find a way of putting  

the case for the human race before those in power  that's what Extinction Rebellion is doing that's  

what the Friday strikes are doing you can't get  much more polite than that now I work in London  

so I'm going out and about tomorrow with my video  camera to hopefully capture as much of the action  

as possible and we'll edit all that together into  a separate program which will publish on this  

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