The MOST Expensive Illegal Car in California | Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

these are the guys I don't know dude

we have to look around all right welcome

guys to another episode of Dragon Ball Z

we have Harley no here we have happy and

we're here at the purists Auto callin

event right is that wonderful when you

drive we're kind of late to start this

thing started at 10 o'clock it's already

2 we're hoping things are still gonna be

pretty cool and it looks like it's dying

down a lot but there's us there's still

a lot of people so we're very lucky we

kind of snuck into the parking lot they

were directing us somewhere else but I

found a way to get in here but yeah

let's go around and check things












yeah my car got hit by is like sand dude

look at that oh look at all that sand

it's so dirty at least people are gonna

draw it it's going to draw attention now

I guess it takes his Maserati off-road

isn't that what I want isn't that I want

the attention should ask her the revit

harlot Harlan this is for you fifteen

million dollar HP barqueta showed up

here they've been here since 7:30 this

car was supposed to be back in Italy

this is Horatio's personal Pagani Pagani

Zonda and it's still here in the US

which is which is insane we got a Pagani

Huayra right next to it right there an

Aventador S and we got two more we got

two mores on those Dan's on this it's

two more over there that we're going to

check out really soon but we're gonna

get shots of this thing - can you

believe like this thing is 15 million

anything and I was asking the guys here

at Pagani

you know if they could put a price on

like dance cars to trickle Laurie and

then the other the Cinque

how much would it be they're about five

and six million so this thing is three

times more than that that that's bonkers


we have the two zondas dance on this

chuckle lorry and then the Cinque

roadster to about six and then five

million and the HP bark at us like three

times more all the way over there what

the hell man this is insane

insanity last time I saw this car was

during the the Ruby's cafe donation

thingy so that was like a couple like go

taken away let's look away look away

look away she's posing like oh I know

dude get some of these good angles right

now yeah I know that chin actually oh

yeah is it he or she

it's a she I don't bamboo by November

with the boy bamboos a girl why we

thought bad with a girl like wait bamboo

Mandy's a boy









hope you guys enjoy those awesome clips

of the HP barqueta

the Zonda Cinque roadster and the

Treecko lorry we're gonna catch this

thing starting up and look more around

more things things like things are dying

down but there's still a ton of cars

which is which is so awesome we didn't

think the turnout was gonna be this good

today but that's kind of like how every

I guess how every meet is but those

shots right now I'm excited what do you

guys think like you guys like the Ximena

cinematic shots

could they be better if you think they

are they should be they could be

let me know in the comments below like

if it has anything to do with the camera

I unfortunately can't do anything about

that but if it's like color grading or

is it like the movement of the shots let

me know what you guys what you guys like

what you guys like to see if things are

getting better or are they getting worse

I love those cinematic shots that's why

I love taking them and we're so just

waiting for this thing to start up but

yeah let me know in the comments below

thanks well this is so cool car from

Knight Rider

thank you Michael but it has been a

training day my power packs could use a

rest overture

oh man this house that's not so illegal


hi that's awesome

it's wrapped well you can usually tell

by like the corners but alright painted

for sure to look at it just right right

here we got the GTR crew fellas we got

the r34 my favorite TCR that blue one

oh man your you guys are not even ready

for these shots like these the cinematic

that's about to come after this and then

or maybe I put it in the beginning of

the video you know so whatever but we

got our 34 I keep getting my our 33

another 32 spikes up I'm pretty sure

that's an r32 and then you've got

another our 34 yeah yeah and then this

is another 33 in the middle right there

because I have like a fatter I was like

kind of like a fatter ass in the r32 and

then and then two GTR just rolled out

about 35 and then you have another 32 at

the end over there and I don't know what

this one is

I know it's GTR buddy


I don't know by minds

and the front end lands by itself enjoy



oh geez man brought Harlan run we got

them we got the Pagani Zonda Cinque

loading up oh my god

look how racecar that looks oh my god

oh yeah yes

what the hell if he turned it on


do I hear a rap battle coming on


oh this thing is insanely loud Oh Mike

like the guy was telling me and I mean I

don't even think they're supposed to

turn it on no but they did anyway


you can get up in India


today was so epic three zonda the HP

park had a trickle lorry and then one

Cinque roadster

we got loft we had a la ferrari one who

IRA his event was super super cool it

was a ton of cars I bet it was a lot

busier earlier but we couldn't make that

because of sunset GT and we'll feel and

that's gonna be a different episode

that's probably gonna be released first


but thank you guys for watching this one

time to go now so I'll catch you guys


ready for the kids


man that sounds so good