FIX your slow internet speed and slow WiFi connection issues with this troubleshooting guide

my internet is so slow and my ISP is

absolute but before you rush out and

blame your ISP in a lot of cases is

actually your network that's the problem

so how do you know how do you know if

you're the problem or how do you know if

your ISP is actually to blame well

before you pick up the phone and find

customer services don't worry I got you

let me show you how to troubleshoot your

own network let's do it tick with the

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let's get on to today's show okay well

before we begin let's just be clear

about one thing you're not gonna get

more speed than you pay for if I'm

paying for a hundred megabits per second

I should be getting as close to 100

megabits as possible if you're paying

for five megabits per second you should

be getting to as close to five megabits

per second as possible

not one megabits and nothing below that

I believe we should be getting what

we're paying for so Before we jump down

their throat let's just clean up in a

house to make sure it's not us that's

the problem let's begin there and let me

show you what I'm looking for so in my

case I have got separate units that's

the modem that's the richer that's the

motor from my ISP so the first thing I

want to make sure is that I've got a

power on line and I've got a internet

line or an unlined light both of them

needs to be on if I am NOT getting the

online lat it means it's not getting

data from your service provider this is

where it starts

switch this off for five minutes why

five because that grants this thing to

power down completely and then your

service provider is gonna stop

reconnecting to try get your

connectivity back up which means you're

going to get a nice fresh connection now

that you have done that your unlock

light is on the next step is to go down

to your router

your retail you're looking for the

internet lot that should be on if the

slot is not on it means that's not

getting information from here to here

therefore what you're gonna do is you

gonna go around back and you're looking

for something called the Internet you

follow this cable back through to your

modem and you make sure that that LAN

cable is actually nice and secure you

probably find that that cable is so old

probably one of those old cat cables you

want to get a cat 6 or a cat 7 and

connect between this and this giving you

the base speed once you've done that

your internet lock should be on if your

internet slant is not on you might want

to hard reset the factory defaults of

your Ritter to go give it another

opportunity to look for the internet


once you've got that internet connection

we're then ready to move on to the next

step which is on the computer let's go

right on your Windows computer head down

to the search bar type there C M D which

is the command prompt you see a little

box at the top click on that and it will

open up your command prompt now in this

command prompt the first thing we're

going to do is we're going to type the

IP con fig and that will show me if I'm

connected or not connected to my network

in this particular case you can see I

have no connectivity whatsoever so what

do I do

i right click on my network connections

at the bottom and choose troubleshoot

problems this is the windows wizard it's

going to try help you resolve any issues

it gives you a suggestion and you can

either apply that fix or skip to the

next one another thing to do is to

right-click on your network properties

at the bottom choose the settings and

then choose the change adapter options

click on that now you will see a screen

that looks similar to this depending on

how many adapters you've got connecting

to your network typically it's an

Ethernet one and then a Wi-Fi one what

you do is you double-click on the

Ethernet one go to Internet Protocol 4

double click on that and then make sure

everything is set to automatic I'll do

the same on tcp/ip 6 to make sure

everything is fed automatically unless

you've got a very specific reason like

your tech person has told you to stick

to a specific IP address just set it to

automatic and I'll do that for each one

so again double click on it find the

ipv4 fine ipv6 double click on them look

at your properties and make sure

everything is set to automate

Errani now let's go back to our command

prompt type ipconfig and let's see if

i'm connected or not under my Ethernet

I'm still not connected that's fine but

under my Wi-Fi you can see I am now

connected items given an IP address from

my Ritter and here is the gateway which

is essentially the IP address of the

Ritter itself so I now have connectivity

okay make a note of the IP address of

the gateway you'll need it for this

command ping space and then the IP

address of your own gateway don't copy

man yours gonna be different what am I

looking for I'm looking for this zero

percent packets lost which means I've

got nice clear fast connectivity between

my computer and the Gateway itself if

yours is very very high lots of packet

lost something is wrong probably with

your network card right next up in your

command tab there ping space

and essentially what you're looking for

is a response similar to this you're

getting a response back from

which means that your name your dns has

actually been translated correctly actually gets translated into

a specific IP address if you are not

getting that well perhaps your dns is

wrong let's go into your return remember

that IP address of your router that we

set earlier one and two 168 1.1 happens

to be mine I go into that I log in and

what I'm looking for is the section on

my Rita which allows me to talk about

internet set up Internet connectivity it

should be set to automatic perhaps yours

is static and perhaps you've got a

specific DNS in there try a different


I've got a video about dnas linked up

here you can definitely go check that

out to choose the best DNS for you for

this example I'm gonna leave everything

on automatic whilst we still in the Rita

let's go double check that I've been

able both the 2.4 gigahertz and the 5

gigahertz Network you want to make sure

both are enabled if you have them and

the reason for it is 2.4 gigahertz is

good for a bigger property longer

distance 5 gigahertz is good for shorter

distances gives you a faster speed so I

like to connect to the far speed I'm

close to enough to Marita but if not I'm

gonna experiment and connecting to the

other one but if your network card

cannot see

five gigahertz Network and all perhaps

it's not compatible with a five

gigahertz Network you need to swap it

out okay next up we know we got

connectivity now let's test how slow or

fast it actually is so open a browser go

to speed test net and I'm gonna run a

very quick speed test on my network to

see what I'm gonna get now we're looking

at the upload speed and we're looking at

the download speed and we're looking at

the ping right so I can see my download

speed is 130 soon my upload is 11 I know

that's kept at that right let's go

change it from a wireless to Wired there

we go now I'm connected wired and I'm

gonna see if that makes a difference to

the speed so let's click and fast for

with a speed test alright well instantly

you can see that already 230 on the

download it's already much better so

what happens if your speed is much less

than what you're actually paying for

well before you call your service

provider let's run the same speed test

but this time let's run it on our mobile

phone what we're trying to do is

eliminate whether it's a computer

problem or whether it's a network as a

whole or whether it's the service

provider so you can see I'm getting the

same speed as the I did on my desktop if

I was paying for 500 megabits download I

would be calling my service provider I

am still surprised that people don't

update their antivirus regularly make

sure that it constantly getting the

latest virus definition things like

malware being part of a botnet work

being part of a crypto mining scheme

that happens to be running on your

system will dramatically slow down your

network make sure you're constantly

being updated and then every once in a

while run a manual scan which will take

some time but well worth the effort so

after all these tips if you're still not

getting the speed that you're applying

for them now pick up the file you're

armed with the information call your

service provider and demand to get that

seen to

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