The National Mall - Washington DC


the hotel

Capitol Hilton




my friend she polluted


- I di

you press set



yeah yes we could


get across where he's supposed to go


I met president Trump's house and

knocked on the door he didn't come

answer I want a support well I don't ask

some questions we are taking the tour of

the White House Wednesday of this week

today Saturday the humidity in DC is

just like his heart human just like what

came at Trump's house Awards had I'm

bored I know I'm gonna take a video to

him anyway I don't think he's home we


oh yeah cuz I knocked on the door front

door went to the back door he wasn't

there but I came to the front front door

but they said he went golfing because he

wasn't invited to the funeral John


curious Hyun of the camouflage when

Disney movie oh it is a Russian NCC

how much of those I don't know where the

person's at




from London

make their way to the front door

draw the front door

welcome everybody dogs funny looks


the FDIC exhibit hours we get to see

money federally

mr. Toole




was something we missed


yeah this this is the entrance to that

building that's the entrance to that

building so the White House's father

yeah I see where all these people that

is where the white house

Trump's house yeah you gotta cross him


alright this'll hurt if you sit on it so

dad don't use that

that's when they ran out of her

think it's 500

hiko some like that watched a lot of

YouTube videos


they were right

I'm dizzy all right we can walk this

walkway well unless you want to go


well we can make it to the Lincoln

Memorial we can hide from the rain



okay Lincoln Memorial flexing poof ah

Leo were wondering what's an itch

we can't fish here he'd be hidden Bob

and you transom so you can't put your

boot down and there's this pool of the

refreshment here the indc

okay let's go see Abe Lincoln hey wait I

got it all right I'll talk to you I'm

gonna talk to Abe

which I can see the guy fish

leads to the blossom tree deal

the cherry blossom tree yep because I

remember walking that thing and had

nothing but good thanks

that little put on people

yeah that's right fish right and look

how deep it is so if you go trolling

motor we got an inch

now here's all the cherry blossoms if

you'll notice this is September and they

are not first blossoms no blossoms

usually when it blossoms all the

blossoms are in this one inch pool pull

out all the ducks and it stinks like

sewage Oh Marsh

they both smell those like we're home

yeah the humidity the smells not too

many people jog and dairy blossom trees

were donated by Japan or China you don't



well it's one of them countries donated

this thing goes Japan cuz I thought that

was kind of screaming crater because

that was kind of their if they're

offering for the waters thought

and it's found arena sure yeah the other

people walk they walk yeah


the walked all the way over here to see

these two stone objects

now these were built by some Egyptians

way back and long century ago

all right where'd the Franklin D

Roosevelt and we'll walk a lot of miles

come see this man

no install this man nobody else

they got a bathroom would be nice to

nobody come see you by yourself

they don't know


although knows we gotta head back to

that pointy thing over there so we got

to make the loop around

that's my land more

all right it's 5:11 because that's

Eastern Time

it's hour ahead of our time I'm start

walking my lower back is killing me

all right taken to thank you they look

to opioid pills stop the pain see how

well they work anyway if I see one more


a waterfall

I from the Washington DC September 1st


once he Thomas Jefferson I'd seen you in

a while talked to a bunch of stuff

hey go to the right cross the route

it's taller than I remember

no we're not putting that in the house

but a pulse but I'm call porn




to survive



ya know it's up do you mean to grab it

is this 100% cotton watch

I'm bored another half

enough money to fix the sidewalk

flooding and sidewalk problems in my


so knows we're gonna head back to that

pointy thing trying to make it


Koryak necklace but he walked boss he's

a whole big loop around it because

anything to put on


from Washington DC fish

dictates different

I bring my boat next down a little raft

Erica default my little raft throw Laura

all we could have went Oh easy walking

chook chook chook chook all right better

remember that next time from a blow-up

wrap on the plane when we can do that



five minutes

way to make money right there the

federal brain in reserve

it's Arthur soon

just head back for


we're known the planet

she's gonna take us the same thing





food trucks


batteries repeat

my legs

I just making sure my ribbon mind

what does that bill

let's make it to the next event



this Department of Treasury and he's

alone there's a monitor

that's what that was

that's where I got exchanged my

all right on 17th straight we found I'll

back down

I am so




is it far no just said wobbles

that me things are closed or seemed like

anything that's close it's one those

holidays everybody is still working in

DC for tourism piece this is the Old

Town Trolley because you can take a look

at that I'm pretty sure it's not yeah

the different things about it that's a

whole different yeah all together okay

okay so that's for you for that now is

this a it's a tour or a guided I mean it

takes you to all the major spots that

you're going to walk to that you're

gonna walk to they'll take those spots

if you want to get off and take pictures

and walk around a little bit you can and

just wait for the next one to come by

and get back on it's just that simple

there makes a little bit easier for

people who don't want to do a whole lot

of walking or they get tired they got

some way to deal to get back and that

definitely picks up and brings you back

here at the hotel okay but it's not a

tour guide type deal it's just a trolley

it's just transportation right a

transportation but there's gonna be

somebody I'm probably a bit okay yeah I

think the signature toward the bike

tours that's when you have someone who's

really talking the whole time when

you're walking when you're right

and so how do we get one of those a

concierge gonna do that for you as well

okay it's beautiful at night to see us

make it even more it's better when you

can get out there and you're Charlie

late at night we do have night one too

but they've had another one that's

called a signature to earth and when he

talks to you I'm giving you a lot of

information but he'll repeat everything

all over again I'll tell you the

signature tour is little private and

more comfortable than a trolley okay

okay okay and you might give an air

conditioning to exact same yeah okay to

follow that but if not it's more

comforting okay I'm gonna answer as I

can before you tell me stop okay so how

would we get to mouth garden okay so

he'll talk to you about the mountain

trip and they can actually pick you up I

believe to get to you to mark Mount

Vernon yeah all right okay okay so it'll

be repeated so don't worry with the four

theater they are voice you can get

tickets and you can go pick up tickets

and there's a tour time for you to go in

for the four theater you can do those

things online or you can actually work

with the concierge and you can work with

you as well all right

either one of them that's there in the

morning they can do that for you go


what else good questions


long view to mine here in the answers

multiple times so really don't meet the

metro smart card if we're doing all of

this it's so unless okay there's another

system you saw over into us that

circulator will take you from Union

Station all the way down the gorge

channel for now on the dollar

a smart card you need that for no more

card is for the bus in that's right

that's all circularly is a totally

different system and let me get this

fire for you circulator I mentioned this

what I'm not burning you're interested

in wells anything else with the white

house tour but once a Monday ones that

no one's accusing one's alliances up the

White House and the Capitol okay so the

Capitol I tell people sometimes the evil

to the Capitol because it's a whole lot

easier and quicker to get there if you

are on the circulator for example the

circulators Club is Union Station you

station is just a couple blocks away

from the Capitol yeah

make sense and if you're okay with

walking from one to the other then you

can kind of take advantage of a

circulator if you really want to get on

the metro and do the metro and learn the

metro system you're by all means you're

more than welcome to but I'm I'm hoping

I'm giving you some stuff it's easy it's

not okay in the circulator you can get

on just a you can do cash you don't need

a ticket you know but the systems are

easy to understand because on your phone

it'll tell you exactly which train to

get on how many feet to walk the whole

nine yards

so that does come in handy for you and

I'll show that to you okay are they will

grab those things for you sure they have

a story here

take K okay we don't need to quarter

strip three blocks to camp

don't use that be